Asmongold Net Worth: How Much Is He Really Worth?

With over a million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and over 3 million subscribers on Twitch, Asmongold is a popular gaming and commentary YouTuber and Twitch streamer. As he has been popular for so long, it is no surprise that many people are eager to know how much he is worth.

So let’s break it down:

Asmongold has an estimated net worth of around $11 million. He has earned most of this through his YouTube channels, with ads appearing on his videos, merchandise, various brand deals, and sponsors, as well as his Twitch channel.

In this article, we’ll dive further into his net worth to give fans an inside peek at Asmongold’s YouTube and Twitch rise, as well as how he’s managed to build up this impressive fortune.

Who Is Asmongold?

Asmongold is a professional YouTuber and streamer known for his World of Warcraft content and online commentary.

His real name is Zack, with his full identity, not public knowledge. Online he is more popularly known as Asmongold.

The American streamer and YouTuber is from Austin, Texas.

As for his relationship status, Asmongold is quite secretive about his personal life and current dating status. He was previously in a relationship with fellow streamer Pink Sparkles.

Where Does Asmongold Live?

Asmongold still lives in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

The exact location of his home is unknown, and Zack is quite private with how he spends his money and possessions. When he does spend, he does it conservatively.

How Much Is Asmongold Worth?

Asmongold has a net worth of approximately $11 million.

He has over a million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and earns through YouTube ads, merchandise, streaming on Twitch, and sponsors.

Note: As Asmongold’s full identity is not public knowledge, this net worth estimation is based purely on his persona as “Asmongold.” It could be that he has many additional investments and larger assets tied to his real identity, which we cannot account for here.

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When Did Asmongold Start On YouTube?

Asmongold created his main YouTube channel on 9 December 2019. However, he started on YouTube on his older channel, “ZackRawrr,” before this.

To date, his most popular videos are on his Asmongold Clips channel, where he provided commentary on short clips from the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial in 2022.

His most viewed video is “Johnny Depp’s Team Starts CHEERING after Amber Heard Slips Up,” uploaded on 6 May 2022, and has gained over 12 million views already.

He has multiple videos with over 5 million views, all of which cover the Heard vs Depp court case.

How Much Money Does Asmongold Make On YouTube?

Asmongold has over 1.7 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and over 1.1 billion views. This equates to approximately $5.95 million from ads appearing on his videos and does not include merchandise, Twitch, sponsors, and his other business ventures.

Asmongold has several other YouTube channels; here’s a breakdown of how much he is estimated to have made with all of his channels:

ChannelNo. of ViewsAdSense Earnings
Asmongold TV1.19 billion$5.95 million
Asmongold Clips596.5 million$2.06 million
Asmongold Gaming6.2 million$31,000
Asmongold80.9 million$323,500
ZackRawrr30.8 million$154,000

All of these are the estimated amounts generated over the life of each channel and only the income generated from YouTube ads appearing on videos. Again, this does not account for other revenue streams, such as merchandise or sponsorships.

Asmongold has made approximately $8.5 million from YouTube ads from all his channels.

Asmongold Net Worth

Note: The above YouTube income estimates have been made using our YouTube Money Calculator. This considers the most important variables that affect how much a channel can earn, unlike other calculators that show vague and vast estimate ranges.

How Much Money Does Asmongold Make Per Month?

Asmongold is estimated to make approximately $350,000 per month in total revenue. This revenue is generated primarily through YouTube AdSense, merchandise, sponsors, Twitch, and other business ventures.

Asmongold generates approximately $340,000 from YouTube AdSense per month (depending on the number of video views received that month) across all of his channels.

The most recent month would’ve brought in this estimation and is broken down as follows:

ChannelMonthly ViewsAdSense Income
Asmongold TV44.1 million$220,000
Asmongold Clips32.3 million$112,000
Asmongold Gaming1.24 million$6,200

On his Twitch channel, he currently has around 128 active subs, according to TwitchTracker, which is worth at least $640 per month.

Like other streamers such as Quackity and Ranboo, Asmongold’s Twitch earnings were leaked between August 2019 and October 2021. In the leak, it shows that he earned just over $2.5 million, making him one of the best-paid Twitch streamers during that period.

He’s currently not as active as he used to be on Twitch.

Final Thoughts On Asmongold’s Net Worth

Asmongold is a successful YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has amassed an impressive fortune primarily from his World of Warcraft activities and commentary.

Asmongold has a net worth of around $11 million, and it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning. We can expect much more from this online gamer and internet entrepreneur.

As he continues to produce popular content, his popularity and fame will likely continue to grow.

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