Beluga Net Worth: How Much Is He Really Worth?

With over 9 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, Beluga is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels of all time. As he has risen to fame so quickly, it is no surprise that so many people are eager to know how much he is worth.

So let’s break it down:

Beluga has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. He has earned most of this through his YouTube channel with ads appearing on his videos, as well as channel memberships and merchandise.

In this article, we’re going to dive further into his net worth to give fans an inside peek at Beluga’s YouTube rise, as well as look at how he’s managed to build up this impressive fortune.

Who is Beluga?

Beluga is a professional YouTuber known for his comedy Discord videos and memes.

The real identity of the man behind Beluga is unknown, while he has done a face reveal, we still do not know who the actual person is behind this rapidly growing channel.

What we do know is this was not Beluga’s first rodeo, in 2019 he created his first successful channel, an educational channel about lucid dreaming which reached a million subscribers.

He used this channel’s audience, along with a successful YouTube growth strategy to catapult Beluga from a couple of thousand subscribers to over 6 million within approximately 5 months.

In addition to his Explore Lucid Dreaming channel, the man behind Beluga has a third channel called Beluga Jr.

When did Beluga start on YouTube?

Beluga created his YouTube channel on 26 January 2017. It was only until 26 February 2021, however, that he uploaded his first video titled “It’s Mathematically Unlikely You Will Watch This”.

Prior to this, he had uploaded many videos to his then-primary channel, Explore Lucid Dreaming. This channel was started on 30 September 2017, with the first video going live on January 5th, 2019.

To date, his most popular video is “When a Hacker Finds Your Password…” uploaded on 14 July 2021 and has already garnered over 34 million views.

Other popular videos include his “When Your Phone is at 1%” video, with over 30 million views and his “When You Cheat in School Kahoot…” video which has gained over 23 million views since it was uploaded on 28 October 2021.

How much is Beluga worth?

Beluga has a net worth of approximately $6 million.

He has over 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and earns mainly through YouTube ads, channel memberships, and merchandise.

Note: As Beluga’s real identity is not public knowledge, this net worth estimation is based purely on his persona as “Beluga”. It could be that he has many additional investments and larger assets tied to his real identity which we cannot account for here.

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How much money does Beluga make on YouTube?

Beluga has over 9 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and over 1.6 billion views. This equates to approximately $5.6 million from ads appearing on his videos and does not include channel memberships, merchandise, and any other business ventures.

Beluga’s second channel (Explore Lucid Dreaming) has over 1 million subscribers and over 60 million views. This would generate approximately $600,000 from YouTube ads on his videos.

Beluga’s third channel (Beluga Jr.) has over 460k subscribers and over 14 million views. This would generate approximately $49,000 from YouTube ads on his videos.

From all of his channels, Beluga has made approximately $6.25 million from YouTube ads alone.

Beluga Net Worth

Note: The above YouTube income estimates have been made using our YouTube Money Calculator. This YouTube calculator factors in the most important variables that affect how much a channel can earn, unlike many that provide a large and vague range.

How much money does Beluga make per month?

Beluga generates around 75 million views per month on his main YouTube channel and these views are worth around $262,500 per month in YouTube ad revenue.

On his second channel, Explore Lucid Dreaming, he generates around 1 million views per month, which is worth about $10,000 per month from YouTube Adsense.

The third channel, Beluga Jr., generates around 500,000 views per month, which is worth about $1,750 per month from YouTube Adsense.

On the main channel, he also has channel memberships that cost $4.99 per month for viewers. In addition to that, he also has Beluga merchandise, as well as official Beluga Youtooz collectibles.

In total, it’s estimated that Beluga makes approximately $500,000 per month from all of his different revenue streams.

Final thoughts on Beluga’s net worth

The man behind Beluga is a successful YouTuber who has amassed an impressive fortune primarily from his YouTube activities.

Beluga has a net worth of around $6 million, and it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning. We can expect to see much more from this internet entrepreneur.

As he continues to produce popular content, it’s likely that his popularity and fame will continue to grow, and we’ll see him climb closer to some of the most popular YouTubers in the world soon.

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