8 Best Apps For Planning

When you rely on your brain to remember your schedule, staying on top of your tasks can be difficult. You even risk forgetting important upcoming events. 

However, with one of the stellar planning apps on this list, you’ll be able to effectively manage your schedule and decide when to complete each task.

Here are eight of the best planning apps that you should know about.

Best Apps For Planning

Google Calendar (Best Free App)

In recent years, Google has crafted a phenomenal suite of apps to simplify your life, including Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Drive.

However, many people are still unfamiliar with Google Calendar, one of the best free planning apps available today. With this app, you’ll spend less time planning your life and more time enjoying it.

The stellar Schedule View feature gives you a concise overview of your schedule. With the integration of other Google services like images and maps, planning your schedule has never been this easy.

For instance, events from your Gmail are automatically added to your schedule – including flight, hotel, concert, and restaurant bookings.

With smart suggestions for titles, places, and people, filling in your calendar is a breeze. While this planning app offers all the features you’d expect, there’s another fantastic feature: your schedule is stored online, which means you’ll never lose your schedule.

If you want to use this free app to start planning, you can install it by visiting Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Todoist (Best Paid App)

If you’re looking for a planning app to help you organize your life and work, you’ll love what Todoist offers! As soon as you start using this task-managing and to-do list app, you’ll feel yourself become less anxious and more focused and organized.

While Todoist is free to start using, Pro and Business users will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

With a Pro subscription, you’ll have up to 300 active projects with 25 collaborators per project. While a free account is limited to 5MB file uploads, 3 filters, and 1-week activity history, Pro users can upload 100MB files, use up to 150 filters, and see an unlimited activity history.

You get all these features and more with a Business subscription, including a nifty team inbox.

If you’re looking for a planning app that supports higher project limits and advanced features, you’ll love what Todoist is capable of.

To make it even better, users can easily upgrade and downgrade their Todoist account as they see fit. This wonderful app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Focus Keeper (Best iOS App)

The team at Focus Keeper believe that time management is key; if you can manage your time properly, you can get anything done.

With the built-in Pomodoro timer, you can motivate yourself to stay focused in 25-minute bursts. Focus Keeper will also help you boost your productivity by giving you insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

Many people aren’t aware that work interruptions can lead to burnout. Focus Keeper helps you avoid burnout by re-training your brain to effectively get tasks done.

With this customizable time management and planning app, you’ll be able to implement techniques that help you get more out of your day.

Ultimately, that’s why Focus Keeper is considered one of the best iOS planning apps.

Any.do (Best Android App)

With all the features built into Any.do, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best Android planning apps available today.

With this platform, you have all the tools needed to plan! You’ll be able to manage your daily schedule, assign and collaborate on tasks, and create customized workflows. If you work in a team, you’ll be able to onboard everyone in seconds.

To help streamline your productivity, you’ll be able to chat with others in real-time and integrate your favorite tools. Any.do can be your daily planner, your project management app, and even your go-to platform for chatting and collaborating.

If you want to organize your life in one robust app, you can install Any.do by visiting Google Play.

Notion (Best Teamwork App)

Notion is a brilliant planning and workspace app built for productivity and teamwork! It’s no secret that many people associate teamwork with chaos.

Luckily, Notion is the perfect solution for teams to connect, plan ahead, and work on projects together. With the fantastic customization features, each team member can build the workflow they want.

Essentially, this means you’ll be able to adjust Notion’s workspace to suit your needs. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping elements to your dashboard, website, document, or system.

There’s also a diverse ecosystem of creators providing inspiration, support, and resources for fellow members. It’s no wonder more than a million global teams use this app to plan ahead and streamline teamwork, including Pixar.

With a platform that’s built for endless uses across all teams, what’s not to love?

Serene (Best Minimalist App)

If you’re looking for a minimalist planning app that helps you stay focused when it matters most, you’ll absolutely adore what Serene has to offer.

The team behind this app firmly believes that multi-tasking is a myth and that single-tasking is the secret to productivity – which is why the app prompts you to plan your day around clear and concise goals.

By helping you carve out the necessary time to focus on your work, Serene promotes productivity and helps you work more effectively.

When you start a work session, the app will tell you what you should be working on and how long you have to complete the task. Serene will also help you during work sessions by blocking distractions to help you get everything done.

ClickUp (Best Productivity App)

There are countless reasons that ClickUp is described as the best productivity app. Not only will ClickUp help you plan your schedule, but it will also help you get all your work done on one platform.

This app allows you to plan, track, and manage any task or project. With the real-time chat feature, you can stay in touch with team members and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

ClickUp allows you to set personal goals so that you remain on top of tasks. You’ll also be able to customize this platform to suit your needs.

More than twenty views adapt to your needs as you use ClickUp’s platform. No matter which tasks you need to complete, you’ll be able to get all your tasks done on this brilliant all-in-one app.

Monday.com (Best Integrated App)

If you’re looking for an advanced planning app that’s capable of advanced integrations with other apps, you’ll love the features offered by Monday.com.

Whether you’re a team of one or 2000, you’ll be able to expertly plan your schedule with this software. However, if there’s one thing that sets this planning app apart from others, it’s the seamless integration with other platforms.

After all, what better way to plan ahead than by having a comprehensive overview of the different platforms you work on?

Once you’ve joined Monday.com, you’ll be able to integrate accounts from Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Slack, Zoom, Teams, LinkedIn, and more. With this dynamic productivity app, you’ll be able to plan your schedule and complete it.

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