Best Pens For Journaling For Every Type

Journaling is a great way to keep a track of your goals, achievements, feelings, and happenings in your daily life.

Whether you bullet journal or keep a daily journal for yourself, using the correct pen could make all the difference.

Of course, the perfect pen will have to be versatile, value for money, and comfortable for all your journaling needs.

Best Pens For Journaling

1. Fine Liner Pens

If you like making your journal as colorful as possible, why not add some beautiful fine liners to your collection? Although fine liners come in packs, you can choose from a pack of 6, 12, or 24, with their prices varying. These packs will include loads of colors, depending on your decision. 

Fine liner inks have vibrant colors that will leave every page colorful and stand out. Fine liners won’t skip when you write; their ink will dry quickly, resulting in no smearing. 

You won’t have to be concerned about them bleeding through your paper, although you might be able to see the colors from the other side if you’re writing on thinner types of paper. 

Ultimately, fine liners are popular amongst journalers who like to do calligraphy, sketches, or doodles in their journals. Fine liner’s ultra-fine tips are ideal for precise sketching and detailing in journals!

2. Refillable Ink Pens

If you use your journal daily, a refillable luxury pen might be what you need! Once the ink in a refillable pen runs out, you can replace it! Although a luxury pen will be a larger once-off payment, it will save you money and time from going to the stationary store and buying a new pen in the future. 

Their refillable ink is also cost-effective. Refillable pens come in a fountain and ballpoint, which is an excellent feature if you know you prefer some types of pens over others. 

Refillable pens usually have an elegant metal barrel, allowing for a comfortable and sturdy grip. They often come with a removable cap, so you won’t have to worry about their ink drying.

3. Sharpie Pens

Sharpie pens are the perfect mix between affordability and quality. They are high-performance click-style pens and have a sleek design. These pens have the properties to become your favorite pen for your daily journaling. 

While many become confused with sharpie pens and markers, markers will not write as smoothly as sharpies, and they can bleed through pages. Sharpie pens have a bold and smooth writing style, and their finer points will allow you to create clearly and legibly in smaller spaces with sharp and smooth line finishes. 

In a journal, it’s crucial to find types of pens that will not smear across your pages, and with sharpie’s quick-drying ink being both fade and water-resistant, you will receive a high-quality writing instrument at an affordable price.

4. Multi-Ink Pens

Why settle for only one type of journaling pen when you can have one that contains three to five colors? Multi-ink pens have been around for what seems like ages, and there’s a reason why they remain popular.

When you use a multi-ink pen, you simply click between the different color refills. These colors are generally blue, black, and red, but some pen types do contain more extravagant colors, such as green, pink, yellow, or even purple! 

Multi-ink pens are especially great for journaling since you can use them to make different sections on one page. They usually have a felt tip or metal rollerball tip and will easily write across your pages without smearing.

5. Fountain Pens

If your journaling mainly consists of writing, a fountain pen is a must-have! Fountain pens provide their users with a much easier writing experience. 

Fountain pens are created with a sturdy brass barrel, matte finishes, and polished accents that can add sophistication to your journal! Fountain pens will come with a converter, cartridge, and carrying case. Who wouldn’t be in the mood to journal with this pen? 

If you choose a fountain pen to journal with, pair it with a journal with fountain-pen-friendly paper to prevent the pen from bleeding through pages.

6. Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens can be closely compared to markers but have a thinner felt tip. These pens are especially popular for pen and ink drawings, and if you’re an artist who likes to practice some drawings in your journal, you can use them to create darker and thicker shapes and lines. 

They usually have a cap to prevent their tips from drying out, and you can use them to mark important things in your journal.

7. Ballpoint Pens

You have undoubtedly heard of a ballpoint pen before, as they are the world’s most popular and commonly used writing instrument! 

These pens will glide across your pages with their brass or stainless steel tips. They use oil-based or dye-based ink and come in various colors, sometimes refillable. They are the best pens if you’re a quick writer and journal often. 

They can have a remove, click, or twist cap, and if you’re a journaler on a budget, you’d be happy to hear that you can buy them in bulk for around 25 cents a pen!

8. Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are similar to ballpoint pens but use more vibrant water-based ink. For journaling, a rollerball pen will make your words and lines permanent without the likeliness of smearing across pages or bleeding. 

A rollerball pen’s ink is also darker in general, resulting in an eye-pleasing print. For creative journals, rollerball pens will be perfect, as they are available in various colors and at a very cost-effective price.

9. Calligraphy Pens

If you like calligraphy and perfectly shaped letters in your journal, you may enjoy a writing tool used specifically for calligraphy. 

Although they won’t write as easily and quickly, calligraphy pens work with ink cartridges you need to dip in ink bottles. Calligraphy pens look similar to fountain pens but have metal tips that are either pointed, round, or flat. 

Depending on how you want your words to look, calligraphy pens have interchangeable nibs for thinner or thicker lines. Keep in mind that only using a calligraphy pen for journaling may not be possible, but it could be used to create diversity!

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