Best Ring Light for YouTube

Ring lights have become an indispensable tool for YouTubers and vloggers, casting an even, flattering light that reduces shadows and enhances facial features.

This type of lighting is especially beneficial for close-up shots commonly used in beauty tutorials, interviews, and product reviews.

Selecting the right ring light is crucial for achieving the desired quality in videos.

While traditional lighting setups can be cumbersome and expensive, ring lights offer a compact, versatile, and affordable solution.

Different sizes and light intensities cater to various filming environments and video types, making them a flexible option for creators across all genres.

When considering a ring light purchase, key factors to consider include light intensity and adjustability, color temperature range, size, and mounting options.

The ability to control brightness and color temperature allows for fine-tuning the lighting to complement the subject’s skin tone and the environment.

Size of the ring light impacts the portability and the kind of illumination it provides, while mounting options offer various ways to set up the light in relation to the camera.

Top Ring Lights for YouTube Creators

We understand the importance of good lighting for creating engaging and professional YouTube content.

In our search for the best ring lights, we’ve focused on features that matter most to YouTubers: color temperature adjustability, brightness levels, size options, and overall ease of use.

Whether just starting out or a seasoned content creator, our list is designed to help you find the ideal ring light to elevate your video production quality.

Sensyne Ring Light

We think the Sensyne Ring Light is a smart choice for content creators looking for a versatile and user-friendly lighting option.


Touch control offers precise lighting adjustments

The tripod is easily adjustable and portable

Comes with a handy Bluetooth remote


The tripod may lack stability at maximum extension

Phone holder might struggle with very large phones

After-sales service quality can be inconsistent

Illuminating your shots just got easier with the Sensyne Ring Light.

The touch panel made it effortless for us to switch between the three lighting modes and tweak the brightness to our preference, ensuring our YouTube videos looked professional.

Whether you’re filming in cool white light or a warm yellow tone, your footage will stand out with a clear, soft glow.

The versatility of the tripod stand impressed us, too. While it won’t hold up against the best tripods for YouTube, its versatility cannot go unnoticed.

It’s great not just for selfie-style content but also for sit-down interviews and instructional videos.

We could adjust the height quickly and without hassle, which is a massive plus for on-the-go shoots.

It’s relatively compact as well, helping us avoid cluttering smaller studio spaces.

What we appreciated about this ring light is the addition of the Bluetooth remote.

This small but mighty accessory allowed us to snap photos from afar without interrupting our workflow.

However, we did notice that while the tripod stand is general solid, it seemed a bit shaky when fully extended, something to keep in mind if your filming involves lots of movement.

JIOZER Ring Light Kit

If you’re seeking versatile lighting for video or photo content, this JIOZER Ring Light Kit stands out with its multifunctionality and ease of use.


Illumination is soft and flattering, highlighting the subject without harsh shadows.

Highly portable, making it ideal for creators on the go.

Dual-purpose design serving as both a selfie stick and a stable tripod.


Stability can be an issue when the tripod is fully extended.

Not the heaviest build, which might affect durability over time.

Locking mechanism for height adjustment could be smoother.

Our recent experience with the JIOZER Ring Light was pretty impressive.

The soft, wraparound lighting effect it provides instantly enhances the quality of the videos we shoot, giving them that professional touch.

Whether for YouTube tutorials or Zoom meetings, the difference it makes is clear.

The 10.2” LED ring projects a bright, even light that is quite forgiving on the skin, which our team values greatly for close-ups.

Traveling with this ring light has been a breeze.

Its compact size means it fits seamlessly into our equipment bag.

Upon reaching our destination, setting it up is straightforward, and we’re ready to shoot within minutes. This is a huge plus for content creators who often find themselves in different locations.

We’ve especially enjoyed the multifunctionality.

Having a ring light that doubles as a selfie stick, complete with a Bluetooth shutter remote, has been convenient for our quick social media updates.

The adjustable tripod stand, though slightly less stable at full height, has been reliable for our standard studio configurations.

Kaiess Ring Light Kit

We think this Kaiess Ring Light with Tripod Stand is an excellent choice for content creators looking for versatile lighting options and sturdy support for their devices.


Variety of lighting options and adjustable brightness cater to different shooting environments.

Stable and adjustable tripod stand enhances the versatility of shooting angles.

Includes a handy wireless remote for easy operation.


Not water-resistant, limiting its use to indoor settings or dry outdoor conditions.

Batteries for the remote are required, which may lead to additional expenses over time.

The fixed USB power source can limit portability if a power bank or outlet isn’t readily available.

Having recently used the Kaiess Ring Light for some video projects, I immediately noticed the ease with which I could set up the lighting to eliminate harsh shadows.

The light’s adjustability allowed me to quickly switch between warm and cool tones depending on the time of day and the specific look I was aiming for in the video.

The 10 brightness levels gave me fine control to match my environment’s ambient lighting.

The upgraded tripod stand that comes with this ring light brought convenience to my shoots.

Its extendable height meant I could switch from desk-bound product demos to full-scale fashion shoots with ease.

The tripod’s locks were quick to flip, and the base provided a sturdy foundation, ensuring my setup didn’t wobble or tip over mid-shoot.

Another aspect of this ring light that made our experience smoother was the wireless remote control.

I particularly liked the freedom it gave me to start and stop recordings without needing to be near my phone or camera.

Not having to edit out the bits where I walked to and from the camera to hit record was a real time saver.

Remembering to keep the remote’s CR2032 batteries handy is a small but important detail for uninterrupted use.

MACTREM Ring Light

If you’re in search of a reliable and effective lighting solution for YouTube content creation, we believe this MACTREM Ring Light could be just the right pick due to its versatility and ease of use.


Enhanced visual appeal for videos and selfies

Customizable lighting with multiple brightness levels and color temperatures

Convenient USB power option and broad phone compatibility


Limited water resistance capabilities

Phone tripod may lack sturdiness

Some may find the light less bright than expected

When we unboxed the MACTREM Ring Light, right away, the straightforward setup process allowed us to get started quickly.

We noticed the ring light offers a significant improvement in visual quality – our test selfies exhibited that coveted angelic eye effect, and the adjustable brightness meant we could fine-tune the lighting to our exact preferences, which is essential for creating professional-looking YouTube videos.

Our experience with the different color temperature settings demonstrated a clear capacity to adjust the mood of the lighting.

Whether we needed cooler tones for a product review or a warmer glow for a makeup tutorial, this feature proved to be quite useful.

Moreover, the USB power source added a layer of convenience, as we could plug the device into various USB devices, ensuring our setup remained mobile and adaptable to different shooting locations.

Weilisi 12” Ring Light

After extensive use, we can confidently say this ring light is a worthy investment for content creators looking for versatile lighting.


Broad lighting options with variable brightness cater to different moods and settings.

Its 72” stable tripod gives you peace of mind, knowing your setup is secure.

The inclusion of a USB power option and Bluetooth remote offers hassle-free operation.


May require additional weight for the base to enhance stability under certain conditions.

Light intensity may not satisfy professional needs for very bright settings.

While it offers many hues, shifting between color modes can feel less intuitive for some users.

When we unboxed the Weilisi 12” Ring Light, the setup process was straightforward, with all components fitting seamlessly.

It’s immediately obvious that this light is designed to accommodate a wide array of uses, from standard video calls to the more demanding requirements of makeup tutorials and YouTube content creation.

During our testing, we found the variety of lighting modes to be its standout feature.

Whether you’re aiming for a warm glow or a cool, daylight effect, the ring light adjusts with ease.

This flexibility has given our videos that professional touch we were looking for, all without necessitating a complicated setup.

The durability and height of the tripod are exceptional, making it simple to adjust the ring light to the angle that best captures your content.

Moreover, the power source’s compatibility with USB ports ensured we could easily set up our shooting space without being tethered to a wall socket.

Overall, the Weilisi 12” Ring Light has become our go-to for creating content with a touch of professionalism.

Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, it has performed beyond expectations and provides excellent value for its price.

Buying Guide

Youtuber Using A Ring Light Applying Make Up

Understanding Ring Light Sizes

We need to consider the size of the ring light, as it impacts the diffuseness of the light.

Large ring lights typically offer softer light which is desirable for most video contexts.

Evaluating Light Quality

The color temperature of light is measured in Kelvin (K), and for YouTube videos, we want a light that offers a range of 3200K (warm) to 5600K (cool).

This ensures our videos can have a natural look, regardless of the time of day or indoor lighting conditions.

Adjustability Features

Adjustability is crucial. We look for a ring light that offers:

  • Dimming capabilities: This allows us to control light intensity.
  • Color adjustment: To match the ambient light or create a certain mood.

Assessing Mounting Options

A good mounting system is vital.

We ensure the ring light comes with a sturdy mount compatible with different cameras or phones.

Checking for Power Options

Battery-operated ring lights offer portability, while AC-powered options provide uninterrupted usage.

Depending on our shooting location, we choose accordingly.

Additionals and Accessories

We always check what accessories a ring light comes with. This includes carrying cases, stands, or remote controls, which can be quite useful for video production.

By considering these factors, we ensure that we acquire a ring light that meets our YouTube content production needs.

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