Best Work From Home IT Jobs

With recent developments across the globe, companies are now better understanding how cost-efficient and effective working from home can be. With this being understood, openings for remote job positions in any field are increasing day by day, and this includes the IT field.

It’s not just companies though, even people have found new ways to make money while working from home, either due to being laid off or the added convenience of remote work.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re someone who has IT-related skills and wants to work from home either as a virtual employee or a freelancer, this article is for you.

Here are the best work from home IT jobs actively looking.

Database Administrator

You can apply for a database administrator job remotely either through a remote job offering or by freelancing.

Database administrators are responsible for the efficiency of databases. 

They create and optimize systems for businesses to securely store various types of data.

Either clients’ information, shipping records, or the business’s financial information. Also, they ensure that this data is accessible for those authorized only.

Software/Application Developer

The ability to code is a skill in very high demand all around the globe. Businesses need someone to develop their applications and software to survive in the online world.

As a software/application developer, you might develop applications such as games, a company’s navigation applications, or even databases used in a company’s internal operations.

The opportunities for this highly in-demand skill are endless. Since the majority of businesses either have already established their online presence or are looking forward to it.

You can be employed by a company, work project-based, or become a freelancer.

Web Developer

This job is similar to software/application development. Instead, it’s for websites. As I mentioned, businesses must bring their presence to the online world, or else they’ll die.

Hence, web developers are in high demand to create and maintain websites for businesses.

They are responsible for the websites’ technicalities; adding new features, fixing a bug problem, improving performance, increasing capacity which reflects on the website’s speed and hence, traffic.

You can work as an employee, project-based, or freelancer.


If you acquire any IT-related skills, you can monetize on that skill by instructing others. It doesn’t have to be rocket science.

If there’s any IT-related skill you have no matter how simple you think it is, someone out there is trying to learn it.

You can create your own online courses and sell them on platforms such as Skillshare and Teachable, among many others, or create YouTube videos.

If you don’t want to appear in videos, you can screen record the process and do a voiceover.

The only downside for this is that it takes time to build an audience.

Internet Security Specialist

Also known as information security analysts, these specialists are responsible for the security of a company’s network and software. They are responsible for establishing security standards, protecting the company’s databases, and monitoring for any potential cyber threats. 

This job is in high demand since companies currently heavily rely on their databases to secure information, often sensitive, and communicate with each other. 

Best Work From Home IT Jobs


If you’re familiar with any programming language, there are a lot of opportunities out there for you. Programmers are responsible for the writing of codes that allow applications and software to function as needed. 

You might get mixed up between programmers and software developers. But, they’re not the same.

Programmers are responsible for turning programs designed by developers into instructions a computer understands.

Basically, they’re a translator for computer languages.

Website Tester

Although this job doesn’t pay much, it’s a good way to earn some extra cash from home.

If you’re someone who understands the basic functionalities of a website and has some extra time to spare, you might want to consider this role.

Website testers basically test websites for others by evaluating how fast the website is, how well the features are functioning if the usability and design need to be improved, and provide overall feedback on the website.

Information Technology Analyst

Information technology analysts play a vital role in businesses.

They are responsible for the maintenance of systems, upgrading the systems for better functioning, revising features and adjustments based on data collected from end-user experience.

They analyze data such as time spent and consumer behavior, and accordingly, adjust organizational technology for businesses.

They can also get data from specifications provided by clients and businesses and create solutions.

Quality Assurance Testers

Quality assurance testers are technology specialists or software engineers who have a degree in computer science, software design, or engineering.

These technicians evaluate the performance of software products to check if they’re created per industry standards and if there are any errors. 

These specialists are needed to check the quality of gaming systems, software products, and mobile applications.

Hence, they are in high demand and have endless opportunities to seize. 

Final thoughts on working from home in the IT Field

The huge advancement in technology and broadened mindsets toward the digitalized world have made it possible for anyone to land a job without leaving the comfort of their home.

There has been a misconception that remote jobs don’t pay well like physically working in an organization, but this is nowhere near the truth.

Organizations have realized the benefits of employing workers virtually such as the accessibility to an increased skillset from any part of the globe, decreased costs since they no longer pay transportation allowance or basic utility costs, and the increased productivity of employees.

So, if you have an IT-related degree, or have mastered an IT-related skill, there’s an opportunity for you everywhere.

The aforementioned jobs can be performed in several ways; either through securing a stable job position in a company, working on a project basis, becoming a freelancer, or even starting your own businesses where you provide those skills for businesses and clients from all over the world.