How To Clear YouTube History

How to clear youtube history

If you’ve ever been embarrassed after watching a YouTube video that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see, or if you just want to keep your online activity more private, this article will cover exactly how to clear your history on YouTube (both search and watch). You can clear individual videos/searches, bulk videos/searches within a … Read more

How To Change Your Age On YouTube

How to change your age on YouTube

YouTube has age restrictions to protect viewers from finding inappropriate content, but what happens when you accidentally put in the wrong age? Well, you need to change it. Luckily this is a fairly straightforward process, and you can be back to enjoying YouTube, minus the age restrictions, in no time. This is how to change … Read more

How To Change Language On YouTube

how to change youtube language

Are you an international YouTube viewer having difficulty navigating the website because you don’t understand the language used? This article will show you exactly how to change your language settings. Using a smartphone, you must change your device’s language to change the YouTube App language. The same is true for Smart TVs and consoles; however, … Read more

How To Block YouTube Channels

How to block youtube channels

Are you tired of seeing irrelevant or inappropriate YouTube channels appearing in your recommended feed? Whether it’s because of a specific YouTuber’s content, provocative language, or controversial views, there are many reasons why you may want to block specific channels from appearing in your YouTube feed. As a rule of thumb, you cannot “block” a … Read more

How To Play YouTube In The Background

How To Play YouTube In The Background

Tired of constantly having to keep the YouTube app active on your phone so that you can listen to your favorite song? Ever wished it was easier to play a video in the background while multitasking on your device or even when locking your screen? Well, there is good news for all YouTube viewers out … Read more

How To Block Ads On YouTube

how to block ads on youtube

Are you frustrated with all the pesky ads popping up during your favorite YouTube videos? Don’t worry; some simple steps can help get rid of those annoying interruptions and make your viewing experience so much smoother. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick guide on blocking ads on YouTube and ensuring your streaming … Read more

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos?

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos

Have you ever posted a video on Instagram and wondered who is watching it? You’re certainly not alone in this curiosity: millions of people post videos regularly, curious about how many are viewing them and who those viewers might be. Or perhaps you’ve watched a video and want to know if the creator knows you’ve … Read more

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

how to unblock someone on Instagram

Have you accidentally blocked a friend, relative, or colleague that you don’t want to be blocked from your profile? Don’t worry – it happens sometimes. In this article, we will go through how to easily unblock someone on Instagram so they can reaccess your profile. Whether you suddenly started receiving messages from them after having … Read more

How To Hide Followers On Instagram

how to hide followers on instagram

Instagram can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, follow your favorite celebrities, or even grow your business; however, it can also be a source of anxiety when you start worrying about how many followers you have. Whether it’s because you’re not keen on having the world know follows you online … Read more

How To Hide Tagged Photos On Instagram

How To Hide Tagged Photos On Instagram

If you ever wish there was an easy way to hide the embarrassing tagged photos of yourself on Instagram that friends and family keep posting (or those fake accounts that randomly tag you in those “You Won $1000” posts.), there is good news, it is possible. While it may be difficult to find on your … Read more

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram

how to find liked posts on instagram

Are you looking to find all of the posts that you’ve liked on Instagram? With many people spending more time than ever scrolling their feeds, it can be difficult to track what content is most meaningful and resonates with us. While you can’t see ALL of the posts you liked, you can still see the … Read more

How To Delete Instagram Messages

how to delete instagram messages

It’s easy to forget the mundane messages you send on Instagram. While not every conversation is memorable, it might be necessary to delete certain conversations for various reasons. If you’ve found yourself wanting to delete messages on Instagram, but aren’t sure how, this guide will show you step-by-step instructions so that you can easily manage … Read more

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram

Instagram is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and even strangers. But sending and replying to messages can seem daunting if you are new to Instagram or just trying it out for the first time. Never fear – in this article, you will learn how easy it is to reply to messages … Read more

Elgato Wave 3 vs Blue Yeti

elgato wave 3 vs blue yeti

Today, we’ll look at two popular USB microphones – the Elgato Wave:3 and the Blue Yeti. to do so; we’ll look at different comparison factors, including ratings, performance capacity, and more.  The Yeti and Wave 3 microphones are highly rated among customers with easy assembly and use, but the Yeti features multipattern functions and specific … Read more

Samson Q2U vs Blue Yeti

Samson Q2U vs Blue Yeti

Samson and Blue Microphones are some of the top choices when looking for a high-quality USB microphone for your professional audio endeavors. But when we compare these brands’ top products – the Samson Q2U and the Blue Yeti, which one is best? While both professional microphone options are high-quality with convenient features for podcasters, streamers, … Read more

MOTU M2 vs Scarlett 2i2

MOTU M2 vs Scarlett 2i2

If you are a producer, an aspiring audio engineer, or a musician recording your songs, a 2-channel USB interface is an ideal buy. But since there are so many reasonably priced options, it can be challenging to determine the best. Currently, two major options in the market are the MOTU M2 and Scarlett 2i2. Indeed, they are both excellent … Read more

Top 9 LinkedIn Competitors

linkedin competitors

LinkedIn is the most recognizable social platform for professional networking, and many believe it has no competitors. The fact that LinkedIn has such a wide range of functions and uses makes it difficult to match, but there are some viable alternatives to some of LinkedIn’s services. Competing with LinkedIn in all arenas is difficult, but … Read more

How To Make Money In One Hour 

how to make money in one hour

When times are tough, the tough find ways to make money fast. It is possible to make money in one hour, and we have put together some of the best and quickest ways to help you come up with what you need in record time. Our ideas mix old-school, online, and regular, and you should … Read more

How To Make Money As A 13 Year Old

how to make money as a 13 year old

Making money is challenging for all of us; however, generating an income at 13 years old was near impossible as it is illegal to get a job in most countries, leaving many to question if there is an appropriate way to generate some additional cash. There are many ways to make money without getting a … Read more

How Does DoorDash Make Money?

how does doordash make money

Doordash has revolutionized the food delivery industry. With its innovative approach to delivering meals to hungry customers, it’s no wonder that Doordash is one of the leading players in the field. But how does Doordash make money? DoorDash, or DASH as it has become colloquially known, is a food delivery app that makes money in … Read more

What Does CFS Mean On Instagram?

what does CFS mean on Instagram

ICYMI, IDK & IDC! TL; DR. If you’re wondering what all that means, here’s the translation: in case you missed it, I don’t know, and I don’t care! Too long; didn’t read! Yes, social media has its own language, consisting of slang and strange acronyms, which some folk may not understand. Here’s another one for … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Facebook And Facebook Lite?

facebook vs facebook lite

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with many useful features; it only makes sense that everyone wants to open an account, add friends, and share their life. However, Facebook is a large app, and you may have come across Facebook Lite. So, what’s the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite? Facebook lite … Read more

22 Best MacBook Pro Alternatives

best macbook pro alternatives

More and more manufacturers are producing high-quality MacBook Pro alternatives. In some aspects, these laptops can be just as good or even better than the original. Although the MacBook Pro is a great device in many circumstances, it does have its limitations in some cases. These alternatives are cheaper, run Windows (or Linux or ChromeOS), … Read more

What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

what mouse does shroud use

So, you’re looking for a new gaming mouse, and you figure that mouse that a pro uses is an excellent place to start. Surely, they are running only the best equipment out there. Or maybe you are a pretty solid FPS player, and an upgrade can take you to the next level, so what do … Read more

What Headphones Does Pewdiepie Use?

what headphones does pewdiepie use

Pewdiepie, aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is well-loved by his fans for being one of the most entertaining YouTubers of the last decade. When we aspire to make it big on YouTube, like Felix, it can help to look at their setup, particularly their headsets, because they often need the best to deliver good content. … Read more

What Camera Does David Dobrik Use?

What camera does david dobrik use

If you’ve ever dreamed of producing amazing YouTube videos, your attention has likely been drawn to the impressive works of David Dobrik. His award-winning content and wildly popular vlogs have earned him millions of followers, leading countless aspiring creators to ask: what camera does David Dobrik use? For those looking for a bit of cinematic … Read more

What Microphone Does Markiplier Use?

what microphone does markiplier use

For those in the gaming and vlogging industry, the name Markiplier may be familiar. Markiplier’s fame comes from his recorded gameplay videos, podcasts, and vlogs as a well-known YouTuber and social media personality. To produce high-quality content, however, Markiplier needs the best equipment – so what microphone does Markiplier use for recording? Markiplier uses the … Read more

Best Equipment For YouTube Videos

best equipment for youtube videos

Creating high-quality YouTube content entails far more than just pressing the record button. So whether you’re a complete beginner looking to become more consistent with your content creation or be as creative as one of your favorite YouTubers, getting your hands on the right YouTube video equipment could make all the difference. So in light … Read more

Best Camera For YouTube

best camera for youtube

Are you an aspiring YouTuber looking to take your videos to the next level but unsure what camera to buy? As intimidating as it can be, finding the right camera for YouTube doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the ever-growing selection of cameras on the market today, you need a camera that provides … Read more

Best Lens For Vlogging: Top 6 Picks

best lens for vlogging

Whether you are starting as a vlogger or want to improve your current setup, knowing which lenses are the best for vlogging is an excellent way to create quality content. When deciding which to purchase, consider the focal range, lens weight, low-light performance, stabilization, image quality, and distortion. All these aspects are crucial for good … Read more

Best Vlogging Tripod: Top 9 Picks

best vlogging tripod

A tripod is one of the most central pieces of equipment for vlogging. It secures the camera in place and allows you to capture professional recordings with superior camera angles and effects. As a result, the tripod you choose is essential to your success as a professional vlogger. In light of that, what are some … Read more

What Cameras Do YouTubers Use?

what cameras do youtubers use

Are you wondering what cameras YouTubers use? Whether filming a Q&A video at home or vlogging a marathon on the run, YouTubers feel a lot of pressure to produce the best videos they can. To do so, they need the right equipment, including the right cameras. So, what cameras do YouTubers use? The camera a … Read more

Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

cheap vlogging camera

Getting started as a content creator can be challenging. From building a subscriber base to finding your online persona, voice, and niche – it’s a lot to take in. But what deters most aspiring vloggers is the price of equipment. After all, not everyone has thousands to shell out on top-of-the-range cameras. Luckily, with our … Read more

The Ultimate Content Creator Kit

content creator kit

YouTube has become the largest and most popular internet platform for sharing video content. It’s also an excellent method for people to express themselves creatively, advertise themselves or their businesses, and more. However, to become a professional YouTuber, you’ll need an adequate content creator kit. Investing in your overall content quality is vital to get … Read more

Best Stream Deck Alternative

stream deck alternative

Streaming has become a fantastic way to interact with people, showcase doing something you love, and even earn some money in the process. However, it can be a little complicated, and equipment like the Elgato Stream Deck help simplify things. But the Stream Deck is also expensive, so aren’t there better alternatives? One of the … Read more

Best Vlogging Camera For Kids: Top 7

best vlogging camera for kids

Most kids discover vlogging in their pre-teens or teenage years, but some kids as young as six want to start their vlogging career. Kids usually start a YouTube channel to vlog and compete with other vloggers; your child will need a vlogging camera that is easy to use, durable and offers excellent features. Best vlogging … Read more

What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?

NFS on Instagram

Social media is a world of its own in many ways, especially regarding the language people use. Sometimes the slang can get out of hand. Some slang could be next to impossible to determine whether you’re a new or existing user. Like if someone comments “Smt” on one of your posts or NFS. So, what … Read more

10 YouTubers That Live In Brighton

youtubers that live in brighton

YouTubers are highly influential, and though you mostly see them through your screens, there is the chance of seeing them in person. You can find popular YouTubers in places like New York or California, but you can also find them in the charming British city of Brighton. 1. Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)* Pewdiepie, born … Read more

6 YouTubers That Live In Arizona

youtubers that live in arizona

YouTubers populate the globe, and fame is not localized to any specific place. If you’re an Arizona resident looking for some local inspiration, there are plenty of great channels local to Arizona. 1. Collins Key Let’s start with arguably the most popular YouTuber in Arizona. He almost hits the top 50 most Subscribed YouTubers in … Read more

7 YouTubers That Live In Las Vegas

youtubers that live in las vegas

Las Vegas has become quite a popular place for YouTubers and influencers to move to. This is mainly due to better, safer living conditions, lower cost of living, and lower income taxes than they had in California. The result is that we now have many great and famous YouTubers living in Las Vegas. So, who … Read more

9 YouTubers That Live In New York

youtubers that live in new york

In 2006, a year after YouTube started, the term YouTuber was coined. It would launch the craze of internet personalities becoming stars in their own right, and you know what they say… If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, so let’s look at some popular YouTubers that made it … Read more

10 YouTubers That Live In Texas To Follow

youtubers that live in texas

Texas, home of The Alamo, The Texas Longhorns, BBQ, and NASA. As the second largest state in America, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is also the place that several highly ranked YouTubers call home.  Being so rich in culture and diversity, the YouTubers in Texas cover various interests and genres for your … Read more

Best Recording Software For YouTube

Best Recording Software For YouTube

YouTube is one of the best sites to publish your videos, whether you are an avid gamer or content creator who wants to make a living out of your passion. That said, getting your hands on some of the top recording software for YouTube is one of the critical resources needed to support your YouTube profession. … Read more

How To Start A Podcast On YouTube

how to start a podcast on youtube

Podcasts are fun to listen to and easy to get information on topics you’re interested in. But, with so many content creators flocking to YouTube, video podcasts have slowly grown in popularity. By adding a visual element to podcasts, users can now choose to watch their favorite creators speak about the topics they love and … Read more

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?

Why does youtube keep pausing

As the world’s largest video streaming service, YouTube is generally a well-oiled machine that just works. Yet some complaints and problems pop up from time to time. One of the most common problems is that YouTube keeps pausing automatically. So, why does YouTube keep pausing, and more importantly, how can you fix it? There are … Read more

Why Can’t I See Comments On YouTube?

Why Can't I See Comments On YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to connect with other people through video. You can share your passions and knowledge with others or watch the latest music videos. But something that always bothers me about YouTube is that sometimes there seems to be no way to see comments on videos. So, why can’t I see comments … Read more

35 Vlog Ideas For YouTube

vlog ideas

Either you want to start vlogging, are new to it, or are a seasoned vlogger searching for fresh ideas to keep your YouTube channel trending and on the go in our fast-paced world. Below we have an array of different and unique vlog ideas that you can use as is or spark creativity in you. … Read more

What Is a Super Chat On YouTube

youtube super chat

If you are a creator on YouTube, the platform offers many opportunities to earn an income. Like affiliate links in your descriptions, video sponsorships, and advertising on your videos, Super Chats are another way to earn directly from your audience, but what is a Super Chat on YouTube exactly? Super Chats provides a platform for … Read more

What Does Unlisted Mean On YouTube?

youtube unlisted videos

If you’ve spent some time creating content on YouTube, you may have heard the term “Unlisted.” In some instances, this can be a useful feature, but what does unlisted mean on YouTube, and when does it make sense to use it? When a YouTube video’s visibility setting is changed to “unlisted,” it’s no longer available … Read more

What Are YouTube Browse Features?

youtube browse features

YouTube’s Browse Features are essential for views on your YouTube videos. They often account for the most views on a channel, but what are YouTube browse features exactly? YouTube Browse Features are a set of features that make up the most common sources of traffic for YouTube Channels. A few of YouTube’s Browse Features include … Read more

What Are Impressions On YouTube?

youtube impressions

Many would-be YouTubers fail early on because they do not understand some of YouTube and Google’s terminology, like the phrase “impressions.” Numerous factors affect your performance on YouTube, and you need to understand what they mean to grow your channel. The number of impressions is one of these factors. So, what are impressions on YouTube? … Read more

How To Get Sponsored On YouTube

youtube sponsorship

With the surge of online content creators, it’s not unusual to start thinking about a career as a YouTuber. But making money off your videos isn’t as easy as recording and uploading. Instead, most creators get most of their money through sponsorships. But how do you get sponsored on YouTube? Here’s how to get sponsored … Read more

How Long Can A YouTube Video Be?

youtube video length

Some YouTube videos are incredibly long. The record for the longest video ever recorded on YouTube was 596 hours and 30 min (or almost 25 days) long. Yet many people experience problems when trying to upload a considerably shorter video.  Why is this, and how long can a YouTube video be? YouTube changed the maximum … Read more

How Much Data Does YouTube Use?

how much data does youtube use

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social media streaming platforms, with hundreds of millions of users streaming videos daily on their smartphones alone. You are probably one of them wondering how much data this platform uses and how you can lower it. We’ll tell you.  The data usage for YouTube will vary based … Read more

What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube?

copyright claim

Any YouTuber will know that creating content is hard work. Sometimes you spend hours looking for that perfect song or clip to add to your video, but the result is always worth it. Sometimes, though, the result is bad news: a copyright claim from YouTube. This doesn’t always spell disaster, but what does copyright claim … Read more

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

promote your channel

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet, and we live in a day and age where we can easily spend more than six hours on our mobile devices daily. With the increase in social media sites and creators on them, it is becoming ever more important to know how to optimize … Read more

9 Best YouTube Competitors To Watch

YouTube competitors

YouTube, purchased by Google in 2006, is still the most popular video-sharing platform. As of 2022, it has a market capitalization of over US$180 billion and has localized interfaces in 108 regions and countries. However, with critics of YouTube seeking better privacy and unique content, many have moved to other platforms to share their videos. … Read more

6 Best YouTube Conventions To Attend

YouTube conventions

YouTube conventions have become very popular in this day and age. No longer is it just film and music conventions celebrating their respective craft, but also online content and its creators. YouTube conventions celebrate the platform’s digital content and its beloved creators. These conventions celebrate content creators, video game streaming, the art of content creation, … Read more

Best Gifts For YouTubers And Vloggers

gifts for youtubers

Content creators are becoming commonplace in the job market nowadays. And with so many young and aspiring YouTubers, a new gifting market is popping up. From gaming creators to beauty gurus and lifestyle vloggers, it’s hard to narrow down what gifts to get for your YouTuber friends. So, when looking for gifts for YouTubers, having … Read more

5 Fortnite Video Ideas For YouTubers And Streamers

fortnite video ideas

Fortnite is an online game that has been around for about five years; it has amassed a massive following both in terms of active players and content creators or streamers who make a living uploading videos about their favorite games to the internet.  Would-be vloggers and streamers looking for video ideas regarding Fortnite may wonder … Read more

10 Best Rocket League YouTubers To Watch

best rocket league youtubers

Since the game Rocket League was released in July 2015, people have been surprised and delighted by the concept of cars bumping a ball. It is an innovative game with a surprising origin, but it has also risen in popularity due to online communities and platforms dedicated to the game. 1. Musty In 2016, aMustyCow flicked … Read more

13 Best Black YouTubers To Watch

best black youtubers

In the black YouTube community, it has become popular for men to post content like reaction videos, vlogs, comedy skits, and music videos. On the other hand, popular black female YouTubers tend to focus on posting content regarding makeup, wellness, fashion, travel, and lifestyle tips. While those are what you tend to find, there are … Read more

19 Best Asian YouTubers To Watch

best asian youtubers

Asian YouTube channels have exploded in popularity over the past few years. From make-up tutorials and workout videos to music and comedy videos, these Asian creators are mainly delivering content that is both accessible and appealing to English speakers worldwide. Here are some of our favorite YouTubers that just happen to be Asian. These are … Read more

12 Famous Old YouTubers: Where Are They Now?

famous old youtubers

Many YouTubers have had their channels for a long time, and some have stopped making videos altogether and moved on to other projects. Let’s examine some popular YouTubers, their channels, and why some quit YouTube.  We will see what they have done to keep their channels popular and how long they have managed to keep … Read more

12 Best Reaction Channels On YouTube

best reaction channels on youtube

If you’re looking for entertainment, you should check out reaction channels on YouTube. These channels feature YouTubers reacting to all sorts of things, from hilarious videos to crazy news stories. These can cover various topics, so it’s best to find creators that match your interests. 1. React If you’re looking for great reaction channels on … Read more

18 Best Fashion YouTubers To Watch

best fashion youtubers

When it comes to fashion, YouTube is an endless source of inspiration. There are countless fashion YouTubers regularly making content.  Each of these YouTubers tends to focus on a different component of the fashion world. They have each managed to create their own niche with a good following. 1. Justine LeConte Justine LeConte is a … Read more

9 Best Makeup YouTubers To Watch

best makeup youtubers

YouTube is filled with the most creative makeup creators. Makeup YouTubers provide entertainment through tutorials, product reviews, and discussions regarding the latest beauty trends. The top makeup YouTubers also guide you on the dos and don’ts of makeup artistry. 1. James Charles James Charles is an American YouTuber who began his career by working as … Read more

19 Best Prank Channels On YouTube

best prank channels on YouTube

There’s something about watching someone else get pranked that’s so darn satisfying. Maybe it’s because we can all relate to being on the receiving end of a prank, or perhaps it’s because we enjoy seeing someone else’s misfortune. Whatever the reason, prank videos are viral on YouTube. And there are plenty of channels dedicated to … Read more

13 Best Fitness YouTubers To Watch

best fitness youtubers

Are you looking for the best fitness YouTubers? There has been an increase in the number of YouTubers creating fitness content recently. However, not all YouTubers deliver the same content quality, which might make you wonder which offers the best fitness advice. So, who are the best fitness YouTubers? 1. Natacha Océane Natacha Océane is … Read more

10 Best Basketball YouTubers To Watch

best basketball youtubers

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. People love to watch and play it. But who should you watch if you’re new to basketball, just want to get better, or be entertained? 1. JxmyHighroller JxmyHighroller, also known as Jimmy Highroller or Grayson Anderson, lives in Washington. He started his YouTube career … Read more

7 Best True Crime YouTubers To Watch

best true crime youtubers

Although true crime shows are insanely morbid, there is something equally as fascinating about them. YouTube is a great treasure trove of true crime content, and these YouTubers cover what the main broadcasting channels do but with a few unique twists. If you’re looking for some quality true crime videos, which channels are then worth … Read more

12 Best Rust YouTubers To Watch

best rust youtubers

Rust is a game that’s been steadily increasing in popularity since it was first released in 2018, mainly due to YouTubers who stream while playing Rust. These Rust YouTubers are responsible for greatly increasing and maintaining the game’s popularity. But with so many people streaming and publishing Rust content, which Rust YouTubers are worth watching? … Read more

9 Best Call Of Duty YouTubers To Watch

Call of duty youtubers

Call of Duty is the best and most well-known first-person shooter game in the world. However, it can be a real challenge. Luckily some talented gamers take their gameplay online. Some players show their achievements, while others provide helpful tips and tricks in their videos. As a result, there is plenty of content to consume … Read more

8 Old Minecraft YouTubers You Can’t Forget

Old minecraft YouTubers

Since 2011, there have been many Minecraft YouTubers rising in popularity. Sadly, some are not active online anymore, whereas others peaked and then lost viewership for various reasons. However, Minecraft is still played and loved by many, making many channels relevant today. 1. DanTDM Daniel Middleton (The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM) is a British YouTuber … Read more

How To Edit Instagram Posts

How To Edit Instagram Posts

Everyone on Instagram wants the perfect post and an aesthetically pleasing profile. So if you are cringing over a caption, forgot to tag a friend, or accidentally chose the wrong picture; your post may still be salvageable. This is how to edit Instagram posts: Open the post you wish to edit   Press the three … Read more

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions

how to clear instagram search suggestions

Instagram automatically suggests certain accounts, locations, etc., based on your search history, which can be annoying sometimes. If you are tired of these suggestions, you can put a stop to them right now. This is how to clear Instagram search suggestions: Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the search bar.  Tap … Read more

How To Search Filters On Instagram

How to Search Filters on Instagram

Instagram’s story filters help us get one step closer to that “perfect” photo we’re all after. Filters are a great way to enhance your photos and make them look their best. But with thousands of Instagram filters, how do you search for the one you want? This is how to search filters on Instagram:  Open … Read more

How To React To Messages On Instagram

How To React To Messages On Instagram

Reacting to messages has been a feature that has been available on Facebook and Whatsapp for a while now, so it’s about time that Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more) brought this over to Instagram as well. Rather than sending texts or emojis as a message, you can now react to … Read more

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

how to turn off vanish mode on instagram

Instagram’s vanish mode provides an added layer of privacy for your DMs. Turning on vanish mode makes your message disappear once it is read and the chat is closed. You no longer have to worry about snoopers if you use vanish mode on Instagram. But you might not want to use it all the time, … Read more

How To Tag Someone On Instagram

How to tag someone on Instagram

From tagging your best friend in a meme to mentioning her under the reel of her favorite actor, Instagram is a fun place to share content with your social circle. There are many ways and places to tag/mention users on Instagram. This is how to tag someone on Instagram in a post. Open the Instagram … Read more

How To Unfollow On Instagram

how to unfollow on instagram

For many people, late-night scrolling through Instagram is their favorite part of the day. It is perfectly normal to want to filter your feed so you only see the posts you enjoy. Unfollowing someone on Instagram means their posts, reels, and stories will no longer appear on your Instagram feed. This is how to unfollow … Read more

How To Change Your Instagram Password

how to change your Instagram password

Instagram is a social media platform used by 17-18% of the world’s population. It is like a digital diary for most people that contains their data. Like other social media apps, Instagram also faces a few security concerns. Therefore, changing your Instagram password every few months is recommended to protect your personal information, much like … Read more

How To Log Out of Instagram

how to log out of instagram

Leaving your Instagram account logged in on your family computer, sister’s iPad, or friend’s laptop is never recommended. It is unsafe to leave your accounts open in the hands of whoever picks up the device next, which is why you should always log out of your accounts when not in use. This is how to … Read more

How To Find Contacts On Instagram

How to Find Contacts on Instagram

Setting up a new Instagram account can be frustrating at the best of times. Looking up your friends on Instagram can be a difficult task. However, Instagram has addressed this problem with a feature that syncs the contacts on your phone and recommends profiles for you to follow.  This is how to find contacts on … Read more

How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story

How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story

People love to document their every move, which explains Instagram’s ever-growing popularity. Instagram now allows you to add multiple photos to an Instagram story to share multiple memories quickly. Here’s the short version of adding multiple photos to an Instagram story: There are three in-app methods to share an Instagram story with multiple photos. The … Read more

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

How to pin a comment on Instagram

When you share a post on Instagram, and someone leaves a thoughtful comment worth seeing, you may want to make it more prominent when others view the comments. This is where pinned comments come in. A pinned comment will stay at the top of the list no matter how many new comments are added. How … Read more

How To Embed a YouTube Video On Facebook

How To Embed a YouTube Video On Facebook

Social media posts with embedded YouTube videos can attract a larger audience and increase user retention. When you embed a Youtube video in your Facebook post, users are likely to read it because of the attached media, even if they weren’t going to do so in the first place. However, if you’re having trouble embedding … Read more

How To Tag a Group On Facebook

How To Tag a Group On Facebook

Facebook has taken leaps in connecting people around the world. You’ll find multiple groups for sharing memes, advertisements, jobs, news, announcements, and information worldwide. And, if you want your post to connect to a group you made or any other group, you can use the tag feature available on Facebook. How to tag a group … Read more

How To Create A Facebook Group

How To Create A Facebook Group

With almost 3 billion registered users and 400 signing up every minute, Facebook has become the most popular social media platform. Most of the time, people communicate and connect with more than one user at a time. Groups are exactly the feature Facebook has employed to cater to these needs. But how do you make … Read more

How To Delete a Post on Facebook

How To Delete a Post on Facebook (1)

We’ve all been in situations where we accidentally posted something we didn’t mean on Facebook. Putting your life on display on social media can be nerve-racking. However, you always have an undo option if you post something you don’t want anymore. Here’s how to delete a post on Facebook. To delete your Facebook post: Your … Read more

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

In today’s day and age, technology is at the forefront of our lives. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are all the rage, with everyone having an account. Many of these platforms are connected, so posting on one means posting on many. But what if you don’t want them to be connected? To disconnect … Read more

9 Best Pokémon YouTubers

Pokémon youtubers

Many Pokémon YouTubers host various channels that will delight, entertain, and educate you if you are a game fan. However, few are considered the best in the Pokémon community and have many subscribers to support their popularity. 1. Folagor03 The most successful Pokémon YouTuber in terms of subscribers is Yoel Ramirez (aka Folagor03) from Spain, … Read more

18 YouTubers That Live In Florida

YouTubers that live in florida

Florida is a popular place for YouTubers to live. Many famous ones have chosen to make their home in the Sunshine State, and for a good reason – it has plenty of perks to offer content creators. Florida is a great place to film videos and take pictures, from its beaches and theme parks to … Read more

12 Best Lifestyle YouTubers

lifestyle youtubers

If you need inspiration for a better, more fulfilling life, you may consider following some lifestyle YouTubers. Generally, when starting a YouTube channel, we’d recommend picking a specific niche, like a hobby, for you to make videos. Still, some people have found success by vlogging about their daily lives. 1. Sarah’s Day Sarah’s Day is … Read more

8 Best FIFA YouTubers To Watch

best FIFA youtubers

Whether you know the game as football or soccer, the power of this sport has divided and united fans for years. A common ground appeared when EA Sports brought the world the first FIFA game, which has since seen record sales and more than 23 editions. 1. DjMaRiio The number one YouTuber on this list … Read more

Shure SM7B vs Blue Yeti: Which Is Best?

Shure SM7B vs Blue Yeti

Today, we’ll comprehensively compare the Shure SM7B and Blue Yeti microphones for recording, streaming, and other audio uses. Although they’re both high-quality microphones, we want to determine which one is more worthwhile for who.  The Shure SM7B is a durable, wide-range frequency XLR microphone ideal for musical vocals, radio, and TV voiceover recordings. The Blue … Read more

How To Make A Playlist On YouTube

how to make a playlist on youtube

There are millions of videos on YouTube, and sometimes you need to save them for later or keep them organized neatly in one place. YouTube has a useful feature built-in for this very purpose: YouTube playlists. YouTube playlists are a handy feature to organize a bunch of your favorite videos. You can create a playlist … Read more

How to Make Your Friends List Private on Facebook

How to Make Your Friends List Private on Facebook

Privacy has become one of the most significant concerns on Facebook. No one wants their Facebook activity on display anymore, especially when you don’t know who can see your data. Facebook has understood this need and started to provide ways to certain features, like hiding your friend list. How to make your friends list private … Read more

10 Best Sims 4 YouTubers To Watch

best sims 4 youtubers

Playing The Sims can be a significant time sink. If you’re meticulous about creating houses or the appearance of your Sims, you may spend upwards of an hour putting everything up before letting the simulation begin. You may, however, watch some of the best Sims 4 YouTubers if you are short on time or want … Read more