Casey Neistat Net Worth: How Much Is He Really Worth?

One of the biggest names on mainstream YouTube is Casey Neistat. There’s no doubt how much his immense talent, charming personality, and kind disposition have inspired a whole new generation of YouTubers to pick up a camera and give vlogging and filmmaking a try.

Casey Neistat has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He has over 12.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he started growing his audience before branching off to creative endeavors outside of the platform. 

Throughout his climb to fame, Casey Neistat has stayed humble, sharing his wealth where he can and bringing up a beautiful family.

He has been on quite the journey in his life, which he has shared quite openly with his massive audience.

Early Life

Casey Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, on March 25th, 1981. He grew up in a family between the lower and middle classes and struggled a bit in his early years. He was a little bit of a rebel in his younger years. 

Neistat dropped out of high school when he was 17 years old. At the same age, he had his first child with his girlfriend. He left home and moved into a trailer with his then-girlfriend and child. 

At one point, he had to go on welfare to keep his young family afloat while also taking any work he could find. His veracity and hard work could be seen even in his younger years and despite the harder times in his life. 

After the relationship changed, he moved to New York and started making films with his brother. He worked as a dishwasher and line cook in New York, making videos and movies with his brother and friends for fun.

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The first video project of Neistat’s that brought him some attention was a film called Ipod’s Dirty Secret in 2003. The film quickly got millions of views online, catapulting Casey and his brother into the spotlight. 

They continued creating a library of films that would be showcased online and in various festivals. In 2008, Casey and his brother sold a show to HBO, The Neistat Brothers, for $2 million. 

It wasn’t until 2010 that Casey uploaded his first YouTube video. Neistat started uploading videos of an informational nature on various topics that viewers found incredibly helpful.

In 2015, he started making vlogs, which he’s most recognized for today. He would offer glimpses into his life, filming daily vlogs for years.

For instance, he uploaded a vlog in 2016 snowboarding down the streets of New York during a snowstorm, which garnered him millions upon millions of views in just a day.


He continued making vlogs for years and became known for his unique filming style and ability to start trends rather than follow them.

How Much Does Casey Neistat Make On YouTube?

Casey Neistat has over 12.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 3.1 billion views. Casey Neistat has made approximately $15.5 million from ads appearing on his videos; this does not include affiliate income, sponsorships, and other business ventures.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Note: The above YouTube income estimates have been made using our YouTube Money Calculator. This considers the most important variables that affect how much a channel can earn, unlike other calculators that show vague and vast estimate ranges.

How Much Does Casey Neistat Make Per Month?

Casey Neistat generates around 5.7 million views per month on YouTube, worth around $28,500 in ad revenue.

In total, it’s estimated that Casey Neistat makes a lot more than this from his other business ventures, approximately $120,000 monthly from his various income streams.

Other Ventures

Casey Neistat has lent his knack for creating engaging content for several brands worldwide for various projects such as commercials and short films.

Given his ability to reach a wide audience, he has written and performed various motivational speeches and lectures to audiences around the world. He has worked with brands like Nike, Finn Jewelry, Samsung, and Google. 

He also worked with his friend Mike Hackett to create a video-sharing app called Beme, which he eventually sold to CNN for $25 million.

Unfortunately, the acquisition and proposed partnership with CNN to take the app to new heights didn’t work out, and it was shut down in 2017. 

Other ventures have included a podcast he hosted with his wife called Couples Therapy, which was launched in 2018 and ended in 2019. He also recently launched another project with Patreon’s Jack Conte known as 368, a collaboration space for creative folks who want to work on projects together. 

Casey continues making videos and short films, working on various other projects, and shows no signs of slowing down. He has collaborated with many other YouTubers and celebrities over his vast career. 

Real Estate

When Casey Neistat moved to California in 2019 with his family, they purchased a home in Venice, California, for under $3.7 million, selling it just a year later for $3.9 million.

He’s moved around recently, even spending time in Nevada, where he was one of the most successful YouTubers in Las Vegas, before moving back to NYC.


Personal Life

Casey Neistat is currently married to Candice Pool, who he married in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013.

However, before they were married in 2013, they eloped in Texas in 2005 before getting the marriage annulled shortly after.

He has two daughters with his wife, Francine and Georgie, and an older son, Owen, from his early relationship.

Notable Achievements 

When Neistat released his short film about Apple’s iPod in 2003, Apple took notice.

Given the movie’s attention, Apple ended up releasing replaceable batteries for their iPod.

Many other films produced before his YouTube career were shown in international film festivals worldwide. 

Neistat has also won numerous awards throughout his diverse career, including a Daytime Emmy, multiple Streamy Awards, and a GQ’s “Men Of The Year” award. 

Final thoughts on Casey Neistats net worth

Casey Neistat is one of the most highly respected faces to have put YouTube on the map as a video-sharing platform and a creative outlet. He is also responsible for launching a unique style of filming that has been an inspiration for not only fellow online creators but even mainstream media. 

Casey has also inspired people with his ability to create success, growing from humble beginnings to overwhelming success. He’s one of the most successful YouTubers, leading to many other career opportunities over the years. 

Casey Neistat has a net worth estimated at $20 million, primarily made from his YouTube channel and the various ventures that arose from his popularity on the platform.

Undoubtedly, he will continue to generate more towards his net worth in the years to come, as he’s still a favorite of millions of followers.

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