Ethan Klein Net Worth

Ethan Klein is one-half of the internet sensation couple H3H3. They have had a lot of success on the platform, which leaves people wondering what Ethan Klein and Hila Klein’s net worth is.

Ethan Klein’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. The YouTube sensation knows how to keep people subscribing, even after saying some controversial things. Ethan and his wife, Hila, are listed as one of the most successful couples on YouTube.

In this article, we’ll dive further into their net worth to give fans an inside peek at H3H3’s YouTube rise and how they’ve managed to build up this impressive fortune.

P.s. we’re going to focus on Ethan in this article, as he is more of the “face” of H3H3.

How Much Is Ethan Klein worth?

Ethan Klein’s net worth, along with his wife Hila, is estimated at $20 million.

The pair have earned a good deal from their YouTube channels and podcasts, as well as from the streetwear brand Teddy Fresh.

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Who Is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein is an American YouTuber from California. He created the YouTube channel H3H3Productions along with his wife Hila Klein.

Together they make the world laugh with their sketch comedy and reaction videos.

Ethan and Hila are Isralean-Americans, and Ethan mentions Isreal as his dream vacation spot.

The couple first met in 2007 and tied the knot in 2012.

They have made a name for themselves by developing several online channels. However, they started to catch people’s attention in 2011 when they launched their YouTube channel, H3H3Productions.

Hila Klein And Ethan Klein
Hila and Ethan Klein / Instagram


Ethan and Hila Klein are famous for H3H3Productions, where they would create satirical comedy videos. Since its launch, the H3H3Productions channel has accumulated over 6 million subscribers and around 1.5 billion views.

Their YouTube channel was an ongoing success, so to further the H3H3 brand, Ethan and Hila launched a podcast in 2017.

In 2020, the pair stopped uploading to their main channel to focus on the H3 Podcast and the channels around it.

The podcast has been a massive hit and features controversial interviews with celebrities and other internet sensations. The first episode featured Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty.

Currently, the pair has 4 YouTube channels, all with over a million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

How Much Money Does H3H3 Make On YouTube?

Ethan and Hila’s main channel, H3H3Productions, has over 6 million subscribers and around 1.5 billion views over the lifespan of the channel.

With 1.5 billion views, Ethan and Hila Klein have made around $7.5 million from YouTube Ads appearing on their videos on the h3h3Productions channel. This does not include the money earned from merchandise, sponsors, and other ventures.

Even though they haven’t uploaded a video since 2020, the H3H3Productions channel still generates views and revenue for the pair.

On average, the channel gets around 900k views per month, which generates approximately $4,500 per month for Ethan and Hila through YouTube AdSense alone.

The H3 Podcast is the new main channel for the popular pair. With around 3 million subscribers and almost one billion views, the podcast channel is one of the most successful on YouTube.

They share short clips from the podcast on the H3 Podcast Highlights channel, which also has around 1.6 million subscribers and over 870 million views.

Lastly, they have a more personal/vlog-style channel, Ethan and Hila, with around 2 million subscribers and over 300 million views.

Here’s an overview:

ChannelNo. of ViewsAdSense Earnings
h3h3Productions1.508 billion$7.54 million
H3 Podcast965 million$9.65 million
H3 Podcast Highlights870 million$3.045 million
Ethan and Hila301 million$1.5 million

Together, the various channels of Ethan and Hila have generated approximately $21 million in total from YouTube AdSense. This does not include sponsors, merch, and other revenue sources.

Ethan Klein Net Worth

Note: The above YouTube income estimates have been made using our YouTube Money Calculator. This considers the most important variables that affect how much a channel can earn, unlike other calculators that show vague and vast estimate ranges.

How Much Does Ethan Klein Make Per Month?

Ethan and Hila Klein are estimated to make approximately $500,000 per month in total revenue. This revenue is generated primarily through sponsorships, merchandise, and YouTube AdSense.

The H3 pair generates approximately $259,444 from YouTube AdSense per month (depending on the number of video views received that month). The most recent month would’ve brought in this estimation and is broken down as follows:

ChannelMonthly ViewsAdSense Earnings
H3 Podcast24 million$240,000
H3 Podcast Highlights4.4 million$15,500
Ethan and Hila110,000$550

Vehicles And Real Estate

Ethan and Hila have become synonymous with the commentary and podcasting genre on YouTube, transferring the wealth they’ve generated into various investments.

Most notable is their expanding property portfolio.

They have a property in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, that they purchased for $780,000 in 2017.

In 2018 they purchased a home in Encino for around $2.3 million. And the following year, in 2019, they bought a large estate in Bel Air in a gated compound for $9 million.

The large estate in Bel Air contains six beds and 7.5 baths and is spread over 7,500 square feet across multiple levels. With just over an acre of land, they have plenty of space to relax and enjoy their success.

In 2021, Ethan Klein splashed out on a Rolls-Royce Cullinan; starting at $350,000, it’s one of the most luxurious SUVs in the world.


Becoming one of the most popular YouTube couples worldwide, H3H3’s Ethan Klein has been able to participate in many collaborations and launch new channels and podcasts.

  • H3H3 Productions has launched several different podcasts: H3TV, H3 After Dark, Off The Rails, and Leftovers, all hosted on the H3 Podcast channel.
  • Co-hosted 42 episodes of a podcast called Frenemies with Trisha Paytas. However, the two fell out, causing Paytas to quit the podcast.
  • 4 Gold Play Buttons for channels with over 1 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Nominated for the Steamy Awards in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
  • In April 2020, Ethan and Hila hosted a 100-day $100,000 monetary giveaway to help support those in need during the pandemic.

Personal Life

Ethan and Hila Klein have been together since 2007. They married in 2012 and have two young sons, Theodore and Bruce, who were born in 2019 and 2022, respectively.

Ethan was born in California in 1985. He is the grandson of Leonard Katzman, a show-runner for the TV series Dallas.

Hila was born in Tel Aviv, Isreal, in 1987. In 2019 she became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

The couple currently resides in their Bel Air home.


Like most YouTube personalities, Ethan has been linked to a few controversies during his time in the spotlight.

Some fans of H3H3 weren’t impressed that Klein showed support for PewDiePie in 2017 when the creator was on the hot seat for some inappropriate nazi jokes that he had made.

In 2016, H3H3 was accused of copyrighting a video from MattHossZone. MattHossZone had claimed that the Kleins used 70% of his video and refused to take it down when he asked them. However, the judge ruled in favor of the Kleins, and they won the lawsuit on the grounds of fair use.

However, the Kleins did get into another copyright infringement in 2021 when Triller Fight Club II LLC sued the Kleins for $50 million in damages for using footage from a Jake Paul vs Ben Askren event. This case is still ongoing.

Ethan Klein has also received backlash for saying he hated BTS on-air and commenting on Joe Rogan spreading misinformation. 

Final Thoughts On Ethan Klein’s Net Worth

Ethan Klein is one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the world, along with his wife Hila.

The H3H3 duo has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Ethan and Hila have been able to amass this wealth through various entrepreneurial and online activities and investments, including real estate.

The pair have launched several successful podcasts and YouTube channels, and Hila runs a streetwear brand. They continue to be popular online personalities with a large and engaged following.

It’s safe to say that the Kleins are doing very well for themselves, and their future looks bright.

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