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Hi there. I’m David Woutersen.

Let’s grow your YouTube Channel with expert advice

David Woutersen

Together we’ll create a custom action plan to meet your needs

YouTube is constantly evolving and just creating awesome videos isn’t going to cut it.

In order to see success with YouTube, you need to have a strategic action plan to map out your success and know exactly what your audience wants to see.

This grows your subscribers, but also your active viewers, which together with your action plan, is the key to your Channel receiving exponential growth, i.e. Going viral.

I’m David Woutersen, a YouTube expert with over 4 years of experience helping channels like yours reach their potential. With my 1-on-1 consulting, we’ll establish a custom action plan to bring in more views, grow your audience, and achieve your overall YouTube channel goals.

If you’re ready to take your Channel growth seriously, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re just starting out, or already have an audience and want to take it to the next level, I look forward to talking to you and planning your success.

This is how it works

The first thing to do is schedule a consulting session from the form below. There you will encounter a few questions to help me prepare for our meeting and get to know your Channel and goals better.

Once I have this information, I’ll personally examine your channel and online presence extensively, covering everything from your branding, audience, SEO, metadata, thumbnails, competition, opportunities, etc.

Then in our Zoom video session, we’ll develop your custom success strategy and plan further along with answering any questions and providing any quick-wins I may find that you can implement straight after our call.

Once we’re done with our call, you’ll also receive a copy of the video, and within a week you’ll receive a PDF containing your custom strategy as discussed.

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