8 Best FIFA YouTubers To Watch

Whether you know the game as football or soccer, the power of this sport has divided and united fans for years.

A common ground appeared when EA Sports brought the world the first FIFA game, which has since seen record sales and more than 23 editions.

Best Fifa Youtubers

1. DjMaRiio

Djmariio Is One Of The Best Fifa Youtubers

The number one YouTuber on this list is included for a good reason: DjMaRiio has the most YouTube followers out of everyone on this list, and he even does live shows on Twitch and Mixer.

The only downfall is that your understanding of his content will be limited if you do not understand Spanish.

DjMaRiio is a highly energetic FIFA YouTuber that uploads a video every 1-2 days. One of his videos from four years ago even features the Portuguese legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, doing some penalty shootouts with him.

He creates high-quality videos and has more subscribers than any other FIFA YouTuber on this list. If you want to learn from the best, you better start getting ahead in your Spanish.

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2. Matt HD Gamer

Matthdgamer's Youtube Channel

Matt HD Gamer is a laid-back FIFA YouTuber who creates many fun videos. 

He has extensive knowledge of the FUT variant of the game, his editing is spot-on, and he does not waste his viewers’ time. These features make Matt one of the most popular FIFA YouTubers to watch.

He might talk a bit too fast if you’re brand new to FUT, but he comes with a solid recommendation since he focuses solely on FUT. Matt will tell you who the best players are, which packs to open and explain the different aspects of FUT.

He does not just give tips as he plays, but by watching him, you will learn a lot more about building a solid team in FUT. He often references the players’ values and accurately judges the quality of a particular pack.

If you watch his videos, you’ll soon learn what to expect from each pack you open, including where to start without spending money (referred to as Road to Glory).

3. AA9 Skillz

Aa9Skillz Youtube Channel

Skillz is always exciting to watch. He draws you in with constant conversation and dramatic reactions. He also interacts with his viewers in a way that makes you feel like you’re in the game or sitting next to him.

Although that might be bells and whistles to many serious FIFA players, he speaks with the knowledge that matches the top tier of FIFA YouTubers in this article.

Skillz has a series of videos called SBC to Glory (like Road to Glory). The difference is that these SBC (Squad Building Challenges) rewards are the only players he can use in the starting line-up. 

Other entertaining content includes previewing specific packs and players that deserve your attention.

In August 2022, his house fell victim to severe water damage, and he couldn’t upload any videos. Luckily, that was a temporary setback. Skillz is back, consistently uploading content and competing for the top spot as a FIFA YouTuber.

4. AJ3

Aj3 Fifa Youtuber

AJ3’s channel is described as the ‘home of Squad Builder Showdown (SBS),’ as stated on his YouTube bio. In the SBS, AJ challenges a special guest to build a team in FUT within a limited time.

Following the interesting pairings, they compete against each other to determine who deserves the top spot.

His channel also features the Retro Squad Builder Showdown, in which AJ still challenges a guest but takes us back to a previous edition of FIFA. This feature adds a bit of nostalgia while accomplishing the same goals as the standard version of SBS: assisting players who are still on the earlier versions of FIFA.

Along with the throwbacks, AJ3 creates content based on the latest FIFA game keeps, which keeps him relevant and an excellent YouTuber to watch. The bonus of playing old and new FUT versions means AJ has a wealth of knowledge concerning this game mode.

5. TwoSync

Twosync's Youtube Channel

Breaking away from the standard individual YouTuber, TwoSync features two enthusiastic FIFA players co-hosting their videos. 

The hosts, Chris and Matt, have great chemistry that keeps their viewers coming back for more. These two YouTubers live in the same house, making their interaction even more comical.

TwoSync’s videos feature a mix of solo focus shots and YouTubers interacting, breaking the monotonous single-host style.

Although TwoSync’s videos come with a strong language warning, the lack of professionalism is not always a bad thing. Each video is casual and entertaining and keeps you guessing what they’ll get up to next.

6. Bateson87

Bateson87'S Youtube Channel

Bateson87 has been on YouTube longer than anyone on the list. He also has the most uploaded videos and two other YouTube channels dedicated to FIFA shorts and Road 2 Glory videos.

Bateson is an excellent FIFA YouTuber to watch when you want to learn different things concerning FUT.

For example, if you want to know what the best French or Brazilian team will look like in FUT, check out Bateson87. He likes building teams with these particular criteria.

He excels at drafts, which are always entertaining to watch. Or, if you like pack openings, you would also enjoy his videos.

7. BFordLancer

Bfordlancer's Youtube Channel

BFordLancer is a fun guy to watch, with his enthusiastic attitude and great content variety to keep you interested.

His videos include FUT drafts with creative criteria, like only one player per club, no chemistry, or only seeing the players’ hair as he picks. He even played Fall Guys to decide how many trades he could do before playing with a team.

BFordLancer reaches a big audience as he stays up to date with the latest FIFA game features and adds fun content to his platform for all football lovers.

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8. ZwebackHD

Zwebackhd's Youtube Channel

A favorite of many people is Zweback. He does not upload videos daily, but it is constant enough to be relevant and keep you engaged.

What makes Zweback unique is the array of videos about specific, individual players in FUT. 

This aspect of the FIFA game is excellent to focus on since very few YouTubers do. It enables viewers to stay informed on the great players in FUT, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Zweback then backs it up with the gameplay and a thorough test of these players. 

Like people reading up on the latest cars, a fantastic FIFA YouTuber will give you a detailed review of the greatest FUT players.

Final Thoughts On The Best FIFA YouTubers

Although there are many FIFA YouTubers, the eight we’ve highlighted in this article are our favorites and the favorites of millions of others.

Each one has its unique style and offers something different to viewers.

Whether you’re just starting with FIFA or playing for years, these channels will help improve your game or keep you entertained.

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