How to Create the Best Pinterest Pins: 10 Tips for Viral Pins

Do you ever wonder how some Pinterest users seem to constantly hit the jackpot with viral pin after viral pin? Maybe it’s just dumb luck. Or maybe these power pinners follow a set of strategies to create the best Pinterest pins.

Sure, some may get lucky with a viral pin or 2, but the best way to consistently have your pins reach their full potential is to follow a few simple tips that will make your pins pop. That’s not to mean every pin will be a hit if you follow these tips, but you’ll be greatly increasing your chances of making it happen.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to create the best Pinterest pins, and the 10 best tips for viral pins. Including what factors go into making a great pin and how you can increase the chances of your next pin going viral.

1. Best Pinterest pin size and dimensions

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms in that it favors vertical posts as opposed to horizontal or square posts. Pinterest themselves recommends using pins with a ratio of 6:9. That relates to pin dimensions of 600 x 900. You can still post images larger than this, as long as they stick to the same image ratio. I.e. 1000 x 1500 is also 6:9 and these are the automatic pin dimensions offered by Canva.

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool and is very useful for creating a wide variety of social media content creation.

These aspect ratio rules should apply to your general pins, but you can also mix it up with slightly longer pins if it will work better with your composition. A lot of power pinners (myself included) create longer pins with the dimensions 1000 x 1800 and even 1000 x 2000 when I have longer content or when creating lists and infographics that just won’t satisfy the regular 6:9 ratio.

What not to do:

Horizontal or square images will not be seen on Pinterest, save those posts for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

2. Use an Image in your pin

Pins with images have a higher chance of being repinned and clicked on than a pin without any graphics present. By including an image, you can also express visually what your post, article, or link represents.

If you want to know how to create the best Pinterest Pins, then remember, a picture can say a thousand words. This is why pictures are perfect for creating curiosity and highlighting your pins.

3. Use Text on your Pins

Text lets viewers know exactly what they can expect from your post. You can also create curiosity and build a sense of intrigue through the good use of text in your posts. Stick to short sentences and phrases as too many words can be overwhelming and hard to read whilst scrolling.

By adding text to your pins on Pinterest, you’re also letting Pinterest’s algorithm know what your picture is about as the algorithm also reads text visible in graphics.

4. Use High-quality images

Image quality is important in all social media graphics, and especially so on Pinterest. Poor quality images will cause more people to skip your posts than anything else.

A good rule of thumb is to use uncompressed images when creating pins and if your pin is 600 x 900, make sure your image is larger than this (if it’s a full pin-sized image).

Great travel pin examples
The best travel pins are either only a picture of the place or a quick text describing the location.

5. Use Bold and Clearly Readable Fonts

When including text in your pins, make sure to clear and readable fonts. Script & calligraphic fonts can be very attractive; however, some can be quite difficult to read. Make sure you choose a font that someone will be able to clearly read whilst scrolling through their feed.

The best way to create readable fonts is by using bold and large fonts. In general, the bolder the better.

If someone needs to click on your pin to see what it says, they’ll just skip over it.

This improves the algorithm’s ability to “read” the text in your images and is a key factor in how to create the best Pinterest pins.

6. Use Red, Orange, and Yellow Colors

The colors red, orange & yellow are the colors present in the most repinned pins on Pinterest. This can have a lot to do with purchase psychology and peoples association of colors to feelings, but all you need to know is that red, orange & yellow are the colors that get the repins rolling.

Stick to warm colors & avoid warmer colors like blue, green & purple. This does not mean that your particular audience will prefer warmer colors. You may find yourself having better luck with cooler colors. It all comes down to finding the perfect balance with your audience.

Melyssa Griffin uses warm and cool colours with a great mix of contrasts on Pinterest
Melyssa Griffin makes great use of warm colors and shows how to use cool colors with contrast. Simple & Elegant.

7. Incorporate contrasting colors in your Pinterest Pins

Contrasting colors are a good way to make text, images and even cooler colors pop. Make your pins stand out by highlighting key points and bringing attention to important areas of your pin.

Contrasting colors catch the eye and are clearly defined. They do not have to be exact opposites, light vs dark for example, but they should be different enough to clearly see the variety of color and graphics. Pastel colors may be the last thing that you think of when considering contrasting colors, however, there is a good enough difference between light pink & a light yellow to create a great pin.

8. Compose your Pins well

Good composition means that your pins should be well organized. Your Images should clearly show what you’re trying to represent in your pin. The text in your pin should be well spaced out and be clear enough to read without difficulty. Any other graphics you use in your pin, like a background overlay, for example, should be evenly spaced throughout your pin.

The easiest way to maintain a good composition throughout your pins is to design them with center-align in mind. This means your text and graphics are located in the middle of your pin. It’s important to use images that present enough blank space for your text and graphics in these cases.

9. Be consistent with your Pinterest Branding

The process of branding is to create similar sets of pins that share similar qualities like font size, color, etc. Branding allows your audience to easily recognize your pins. This means that when you create a new pin, your existing followers can give it that initial push that can help it reach the realms of virality.

Hand Lugagge Only has a clear brand style on Pinterest
Hand Luggage Only makes great use of branding with a distinctive Pin style.

10. Create infographics for Pinterest

Whilst this may seem like it goes against some of the previous tips, infographics are some of the most repinned images on Pinterest.

The image dimensions can be quite long, which is acceptable as long as the top of the pin creates a sense of intrigue. This should be designed to get a viewer to open the infographic and view the entire pin.

Good infographics should present a good amount of information clearly and apart from the dimensions, they should follow the rest of the tips presented in this article.

You can create infographics using Canva. There are a number of useful templates to get started and a variety of elements to really make your infographics stand out from the crowd.

10 Tips to create viral pinterest Pins Infographic

Now that you know how to create the best Pinterest Pins, follow these 10 tips consistently to watch your Pins go viral.

Keep on testing new designs and once you’ve found a style that fits with your brand & your audience, keep ongoing.

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