How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

Instagram’s vanish mode provides an added layer of privacy for your DMs. Turning on vanish mode makes your message disappear once it is read and the chat is closed. You no longer have to worry about snoopers if you use vanish mode on Instagram.

But you might not want to use it all the time, so how do you turn it off?

This is how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram DMs.
  2. Select the Conversation you turned vanish mode on for.
  3. Swipe up on the Conversation to switch vanish mode off.

You can also select the option to change vanish mode without swiping up on the conversation.

This article will explain in more detail vanish mode and a step-by-step guide to turning it on and off on Instagram.

How to turn off vanish mode on Instagram

Follow the steps below to turn off vanish mode from the Instagram app:

Step 1: Navigate to your DMs

On your Instagram feed, tap the messenger icon in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the Conversation tab.

Select The Conversations Icon In The Top Right

Step 2: Select the conversation you want to switch vanish mode off for

From the conversations you have had, select the Conversation where you want to switch vanish mode off and tap on the Conversation to open it. 

Step 3: Swipe up once the conversation is open

Once you have selected and opened the conversation, swipe up on your screen to switch off vanish mode. 

Swipe Up To Turn On And Off Vanish Mode

Alternative: Turn off “Vanish Mode” in the options menu

Alternatively, you can select the option of turning off vanish mode from the options menu if you cannot swipe on your screen.

Toggle Vanish Mode On And Off In The Menu

You will have to turn off vanish mode for each chat you previously have turned on. Turning off vanish mode for a single chat will not implement the function in every conversation. 

How to turn on vanish mode

You can use the vanish mode for specific chats and not for every conversation. The steps to turn on vanish mode are similar to turning them off:

Step 1: Open a conversation in your DMs

Firstly, you must head to your DMs by selecting the conversation menu from the top right corner. 

Then choose the particular Conversation you want to turn Vanish mode on for.

Select The Conversations Icon In The Top Right

Step 2: Swipe up to turn on vanish mode

Swipe up on the chat when you open the conversation you want to turn on vanish mode for.

When activated, you’ll see your conversation change and turn darker. 

Vanish Mode On Instagram Turned On

Alternatively, you can turn on vanish mode from the options menu

You can also go to the options menu by clicking the person’s name at the top of your conversation, which will provide you with different options. 

Tap on the option “Vanish mode” to turn it on. 

Benefits of vanish mode

Vanish mode is excellent if you are worried about people snooping about your DMs and trying to read your conversations with people. It provides a great way to talk to people freely while not being concerned about people invading your privacy by reading your conversation.

If you want to talk about sensitive topics that you don’t want to be constantly visible, then vanish mode is another excellent option.

It’ll keep your secrets safe.

All in all, vanish mode is useful for people keen on privacy.

If you are serious about privacy, you should always log out of Instagram and change your passwords regularly so your accounts stay secure.

Final thoughts on Instagram’s vanish mode

Instagram goes above and beyond to make its users feel at ease. Vanish mode is a fantastic addition to enhance the security of its users and provide an additional layer of security for sensitive chats.

It’s really easy to enable or turn off vanish mode, so we suggest utilizing it if you find that it improves your Instagram experience.


Why can’t I see vanish mode on Instagram?

If you don’t see vanish mode on Instagram, make sure you use the most recent Instagram version, which incorporates Messenger App functionality. If you don’t, try updating your Instagram app. Additionally, you cannot use Vanish mode for accounts you have never interacted with or in group chats on Instagram.

Do you get notified for screenshots on vanish mode?

If you take a screenshot on an Instagram chat with vanish mode, the other person will get a notification. This isn’t foolproof, though, as a user can simply take a photo with another device if determined.

Is vanish mode on Instagram permanent?

Messages sent in vanish mode are permanently deleted once the user leaves the chat. You can turn off vanish mode, and the messages you send will be permanent, and both parties can return and read them.

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