Linus Tech Tips Net Worth (Linus Sebastian)

Linus Sebastian is the main man behind the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, the largest technology-related channel on YouTube.

With most videos exceeding a million views, Linus Sebastian has been launched into the public eye and many may be wondering, how much is he worth. 

Linus Sebastian has a net worth of approximately $50 million. He earns most of that money through ad revenue, video sponsors, affiliate marketing, and merch sales from his YouTube channels managed by his company Linus Media Group.

In this article, we’re going to look at how Linus built up this wealth and this company, as well as dive into his career and many successes.

Let’s get started.


Linus Sebastian is a YouTuber from Canada. He specializes in videos about technology. The videos include step-by-step guides on how to build a computer, reviews, and technical advice. 

He actively still hosts four YouTube channels (and features in others): Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit. 

The main channel, Linus Tech Tips was Sebastian’s first YouTube channel. Sebastian joined YouTube with Linus Tech Tips (LTT) in 2008. 

He is one of the most popular tech YouTubers on the platform today. Linus Tech Tips alone has over 14.5 million subscribers, and that number is steadily rising. It is the number one most-watched tech channel on YouTube. 

Linus Sebastian also founded and owns Linus Media Group, a corporation that helps manage the YouTube channels. Sebastian founded the group in 2013.

Early Life

Linus Sebastian was born in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He has two sisters named Isabelle and Emily. He also has two brothers named Asher and George. 

Linus Sebastian attended the Garibaldi Secondary School. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of British Columbia. 

Sebastian dropped out of the University of British Columbia a few years after joining the school. He said he preferred to spend time working on his computer and figuring out tech, and he decided to devote his time to those ventures instead. 

While he was still at the University of British Columbia, he got a job working for NCIX. NCIX was formerly known as Netlink Computer Inc. The company sells computers. 

After leaving school, Sebastian started working full-time for NCIX. He worked hard and impressed his supervisors and they promoted him. 

In 2007, NCIX put Linus Sebastian in charge of their technology video channel. This gave him a taste of content creation that inspired him to launch Linus Tech Tips in 2008. 


Linus Tech Tips had a relatively modest start on YouTube. It began mostly as an offshoot of the technology channel that he was running for NCIX. Linus focused on other work as well, so YouTube did not immediately become his full-time career. 

After leaving NCIX, Linus negotiated with the company to let him keep the channel as long as he signed a non-compete clause. 

In 2013, Sebastian created the Linus Media Group (LMG) as a way to devote more time and attention to content creation. The group employed Brandon Lee, Edzel Yago, and Luke Lafreniere. Today, the group is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada. 

The Linus Media Group also hosted the LTX expo. The LTX Expo was created to be a convention for technology-based content creators. 

The Linus Media Group has now created numerous channels that Linus Sebastian manages. Those channels include: 

  • Linus Tech Tips
  • Techquickie
  • Channel Super Fun
  • TechLinked
  • Linus Cat Tips
  • LMG Clips
  • ShortCircuit
  • They’re Just Movies
  • Mac Address

Linus Tech Tips is the most popular channel with over 14.5 million subscribers and over 5.1 billion views.

They’re Just Movies is the smallest channel, with around 120,000 subscribers and around 2.13 million views. This channel is fairly new compared to LTT though and has much fewer videos (around 125 compared to the over 5,700 videos present on LTT).

The most popular video on Linus Tech Tips is “Building a PC… using only”. The video has garnered over 21 million views.

Unlike many channels where some videos greatly exceed others in the view count, LTT has a very consistent viewership with most videos uploaded averaging around 2 million views.

Other Ventures

Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere host a podcast called The Wan Show. They have hosted the show since 2013. The podcast talks about news and updates happening in the world of tech. It is available on most podcast streaming platforms. 

The Linus Media Group has taken more of Sebastian’s time and the organization is starting to expand into more content creation. 

Sebastian currently serves as the CEO of the Linus Media Group and his wife Yvonne Ho is the CFO. Nick Light is the COO. 

While most of the channels managed by Linus Sebastian and Linus Media Group focus on the world of technology and electronics, Linus Cat Tips and They’re Just Movies are not within the realms of the tech space. 

Linus Cat Tips features videos about Linus Sebastian’s cats. The videos are short and mostly filmed in an at-home video style. 

They’re Just Movies used to be called Carpool Critics but has since been renamed.

The videos feature a small group of LMG employees who watch movies and then discuss them together. Linus only occasionally appears in these videos. 

They’re Just Movies is also available as a podcast. 

How much money does Linus make on YouTube?

Linus Tech Tips, the main channel in the Linus Media Group lineup, has over 14 million subscribers and over 5.7 billion views. These views have earned Linus Sebastian approximately $57 million from YouTube ads alone over the course of the channel’s lifetime.

This does not include the revenue generated from merchandise, the many sponsors on almost every video, the affiliate sales, and other income sources. This also does not take into account how much money Linus has made from his other YouTube channels.

Here’s a breakdown of how much Linus has made with all of his channels:

ChannelNo. of ViewsAdSense Earnings
Linus Tech Tips5.7 billion$57 million
Techquickie690 million$4.83 million
TechLinked343 million$2.401 million
ShortCircuit263 million$2.63 million
Channel Super Fun134 million$1.34 million
LMG Clips96 million$672,000
Mac Adress17 million$170,000
Linus Cat Tips11 million$61,600
They’re Just Movies3 million$24,000

All of these are the estimated amounts generated over the life of each channel and only the income generated from YouTube ads appearing on videos. Again, this does not account for other revenue streams such as merchandise sales, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.

From all of his channels, Linus has made approximately $69 million from YouTube ads alone, with his total revenue from YouTube-related activities surpassing $100 million once other income sources are taken into consideration.

While this is a substantial amount, it should be noted that this is not what Linus would be netting as he has a large team of staff that needs to be paid, and indications show that LMG does pay quite well.

How much money does Linus make per month?

Linus Media Group is estimated to make approximately $4.86 million per month in total revenue. This revenue is generated primarily through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and YouTube AdSense.

In 2020, a video was uploaded to Linus Tech Tips discussing how much the company makes, and how they earn their income. While the exact figure was not released, the following graph was shared breaking down the income:

Linus Tech Tips Income Breakdown

The Linus Media Group generates approximately $1,264,024 from YouTube AdSense per month (depending on the number of video views received that month). The most recent month would’ve brought in this estimation and is broken down as follows:

ChannelMonthly ViewsAdSense Income
Linus Tech Tips90 million$900,000
TechLinked8.52 million$59,640
Techquickie9.8 million$68,600
ShortCircuit13.2 million$132,000
LMG Clips9.85 million$68,950
Mac Adress2.08 million$20,800
Channel Super Fun1.6 million$12,800
They’re Just Movies147,000$1,176
Linus Cat Tips10,500$58

As we have this figure, and the portion of the income from each revenue stream is most likely similar to 2020 still, we can estimate that the LMG generates approximately $4.86 million per month and close to $60 million annually.

This is only revenue though and doesn’t take into account the salaries of the approximate 50 employees of LMG, as well as the general company running costs, taxes, infrastructure, etc.

Personal Life

Linus Sebastian has been in a long-term relationship for over a decade. In 2011, he married his girlfriend Yvonne Ho. Yvonne Ho now also serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Linus Media Group.

Sebastian and Ho have three children: one son and two daughters. 

Sebastian’s accounts have been hacked several times. In 2011, there was a public, prominent hacking that ended with the hacker blackmailing Sebastian. 

In 2014, fellow tech YouTuber Austin Evans lost his home in a house fire, and Sebastian was one of the many that helped raised funds and donated to help rebuild.

In 2020, Sebastian briefly toyed with the idea of retiring, but he has since changed his mind and continues to make content, with plans of greater expansion in the tech research space.


Linus Tech Tips is considered the most-watched technology channel on YouTube.

With billions of views on the channel, it has become one of the most popular places for people to learn about building computers and technology news.

All 9 of the Linus Media Group channels have received silver 100,000 subscriber YouTube Play buttons, while 4 of the channels (Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, ShortCircuit) have received golden play buttons for reaching 1 million subscribers.

The main channel, Linus Tech Tips, also received the diamond play button for reaching 10 million subscribers in 2020.

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

Final thoughts on Linus Tech Tips’ net worth

Linus Tech Tips is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with more than 14 million subscribers and over 5.7 billion views. The Linus Media Group has grown to include around 50 employees, and it keeps growing.

Linus Sebastian’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, with the majority of it being generated from his YouTube endeavors, owning and operating Linus Media Group.

As you can see, Linus has found success in more than just running a single YouTube channel, and has developed his channel into a sizable business.

All in all, Linus Sebastian is a huge success story and an inspiration to anyone looking to turn their passion into a career.

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