Neewer Chromakey Background Review: Top Choice for YouTubers?

As photographers and content creators, we understand the struggle of finding the right background that’s as flexible as our creative vision. This led us to test the Neewer Chromakey Background Review, a reversible green and blue backdrop that’s designed for versatility. Whether it’s live streaming, video calls, or portraits, switching between backgrounds has never been easier, especially with a supportive stand and a strong background clip included in the set.

The portability of this 5 x 7 ft backdrop is a standout feature. It folds down to a compact size that’s easy to handle, which simplifies transportation and storage—a huge plus for those of us working in different locations. Not to mention, its sturdy steel frame pops open rapidly and maintains a wrinkle-free surface. But, the product isn’t without its flaws. We’ve noted that the background clip, while practical, isn’t as robust as a horizontal bar might be, and some users mentioned inconsistencies in background smoothness.

Bottom Line

Our verdict? The Neewer Chromakey Background offers a versatile and portable solution for various photographic needs. The reversible feature and strong stand are valuable assets to both novice and professional creators alike. It’s a practical investment for those seeking an easy setup and consistent results.

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Neewer Chromakey Background: Revolutionize Your Visuals

Having tried numerous background options for our photo and video sessions, we’ve found the Neewer Chromakey backdrop to be a versatile and convenient solution. The dual-color design eliminates the need for separate green and blue screens, simplifying post-production for us. Despite the wide-reaching applications, from interviews to product photography, it’s not without its challenges.

One of our favorite features is the collapsible design which makes setting up and breaking down a breeze. However, an individual must pay close attention when folding it back up, as the steel frame can be vigorous. We appreciate its portability, collapsing down to a manageable size for storage or travel.

We’ve noticed that when properly lit, the backdrop provides a clean chromakey surface, but achieving an even lighting can be tricky on the smaller screen, limiting the movement of subjects. Additionally, the lightweight construction of the included stand may not instill the greatest confidence in durability, but it certainly contributes to overall portability.

Summing up, the Neewer Chromakey is quite adept at providing a professional backdrop for various scenarios. Through our usage, it became evident that while the convenience and functionality are impressive, attention to detail in set-up and lighting is key to making the most of this background system.

Sturdy and Collapsible Design: The Backbone of Reliability

Having put the NEWEER Chromakey Background through its paces, we’ve found the design to be both robust and convenient for on-the-go use. The steel frame integrated into the fabric ensures wrinkle-free performance and instant setup, which we found snaps into place quickly and maintains its shape, offering a taut surface that’s vital for consistent backdrops. The aluminium alloy stand impressed us too, as it provides a sturdy base yet remains light enough to transport without hassle.

While practicality is high on the list of priorities for any photographer or videographer, we did notice that the clip, although it functions adequately in securing the backdrop, doesn’t quite match the sturdiness of a horizontal bar option. Regardless, the combination of lightweight portability and reliable structure makes this product a solid choice for a variety of settings, from video calls to YouTube tutorials.

On the flip side, the collapsibility, while a strong suit, does come with a learning curve. Folding the panel back into its compact size needs a bit of practice; however, once mastered, this feature is a definite space saver. Overall, the NEWEER background strikes an excellent balance between durability and usability, making it a trustworthy option for creating professional-looking backgrounds in any location.

Portability: Effortless Setup and Transport

Carrying the backdrop from one location to another has been a breeze for us, thanks to its clever design that folds down neatly. We’ve found that even when we’re on the go, the popup system works like a charm, springing into full size in a heartbeat without any wrinkles to worry about, which is quite impressive for fabric this large.

We must mention the stand it comes with—it’s not only sturdy, but its aluminum construction ensures it’s light enough to transport without any strain. What has struck us the most is how the backdrop’s lightweight doesn’t compromise its durability; the steel frame embedded within holds up admirably during our shoots.

However, we did notice that although the panel itself is quite mobile, the support stand may not fit into the transport bag that is intended only for the backdrop. Despite this minor inconvenience, we often just carry the stand separately and it’s been manageable enough.

The clip that accompanies the package is a nice touch. It fastens to the stand effortlessly and secures the backdrop without the need for any extra hands. This feature really streamlines the setup process, making solo shoots a whole lot easier for us.

All things considered, whether we’re preparing for a quick video call or a full-fledged photo session, this backdrop system has proven to be quite accommodating. Our ability to lean it against a wall or door has occasionally saved us in locations where space is at a premium. With such an adaptable setup, we get more time focusing on the content and less on the logistics.

Strong Clamping Mechanism: Stability Made Simple

When handling backdrops for various projects, one aspect we’ve found crucial is the reliability of their clamping mechanisms. In our use, the included metal and plastic clamp of the Neewer Chromakey Background has proven to be quite effective. It offers a secure hold on the backdrop without the need for an assistant, streamlining the setup process considerably.

The clasp’s design is intuitive; attaching it to the support stand takes mere seconds, and it maintains a firm grip throughout use. This simple feature eliminates any concerns about the backdrop slipping or falling mid-shoot, which is a common issue with inferior clamps. Plus, its firm hold ensures the backdrop stays taut, preventing any unwanted wrinkles that could compromise the quality of your production.

However, it’s worth noting that despite the clamp’s practicality, some users have experienced issues with the background’s flatness and the clip’s sturdiness. While we found the frame robust and the fabric to have good tension, some have reported waviness or striping in their backgrounds, indicating that proper setup and lighting are crucial to achieve optimal results.

In summary, the clamp is just a small component of the Neewer Chromakey Background, but it plays a significant role in maintaining stability and ease-of-use. Despite a few reports of minor issues, the overall functionality and practicality it imparts have made our experience with this product more efficient and hassle-free.

Dual-Sided Functionality: Blue and Green Versatility

Our experience with the Neewer Chromakey Background has shown us its practicality for a variety of settings, whether we’re creating YouTube tutorials or capturing professional portraits. Its two-in-one design offers a blue and a green side, giving us the flexibility to change the background color depending on the subject matter or to better suit post-production needs.

Switching between the blue and green sides is remarkably straightforward, providing us with two background options in one product. This versatility is particularly useful for visual effects work, allowing adequate contrast for different hair colors and costumes.

Transporting this background to various locations is a breeze—it folds down compactly and the included carrying case makes it convenient to take on the go. We also appreciate its lightweight build; it doesn’t add much weight to our gear despite its size when unfolded.

We’ve noticed that some backgrounds tend to wrinkle, but the Neewer’s robust frame helps maintain a smooth, crease-free surface, which is critical for a professional look.

While the background panel itself is sturdy, we’ve come to realize that using the strong metal and plastic clamp is essential to keep it upright without needing an extra pair of hands. The aluminum alloy stand that comes in the package supports the background well and adds to the overall functionality of the set without sacrificing stability.

Overall, the dual-sided Neewer background is a very practical tool for creators who need quality and versatility. With its ease of use and dependable construction, it’s an asset in any content creator’s toolkit.

Pros and Cons


Our experience with the Neewer 5×7 ft reversible green/blue background has been noteworthy for its ease of use and versatility. The robust steel frame and the ability to maintain its shape without wrinkles has made our photoshoots and video sessions a breeze. We were particularly impressed with its dual-sided functionality, allowing us to switch between a green or blue screen according to our project needs.

  • Ease of Setup: We found setting up the background to be quick and straightforward, popping into place in seconds.
  • Portability: Its ability to fold down to a compact size of 65x65x3cm made it highly convenient for us to transport to various locations.
  • Sturdy Stand: The included aluminum alloy stand provided exceptional strength and stability during use.
  • Multi-Function Clamp: The metal and plastic clamp efficiently held the panel in place without the need for an assistant.
  • Wide Application: Truly a boon for our YouTube tutorials, live streams, interviews, and portrait photography, the Neewer background reduced the hassle of carrying separate screens for different projects.


However, with every product, we also encountered a few drawbacks. It became apparent that the screen size can limit the movement in front of the camera, demanding careful attention to the distance between the subject and the screen to avoid crowding.

  • Screen Size Limitations: For activities requiring wider angles or expansive body movements, the screen may fall short.
  • Stability of Clamp: While the clamp was useful, its construction wasn’t quite as solid as we would have preferred when compared to a horizontal bar.
  • Learning Curve for Folding: Initially, we faced challenges folding the background back to its portable size, requiring a bit of practice.

Despite these minor issues, the Neewer background has provided us with a reliable and functional tool for our various multimedia endeavours, and we believe its benefits have made a positive impact on the quality of our work.

Customer Reviews

Having recently had the chance to use the Neewer Chromakey Background, we found that the overall sentiment from customers is quite positive, with a 4.3-star rating out of over 1500 reviews. This dual-sided background serves well for both video creations and live streaming with its reversible green and blue sides offering versatility for different needs.

When well-lit, customers have reported achieving great results, though a few noted the importance of maintaining a minimum distance to avoid shadows due to its relatively small size. However, this does mean that space for movement in front of the background can be limited. Some users experienced issues with the black background appearing wavy rather than solid, which may not be ideal for everyone’s needs.

On the practical side, many appreciate how easy it is to set up and take down, highlighting its convenience for creating professional-looking backgrounds in any setting. It’s particularly beneficial for virtual meetings, with an ample size and supportive tripod for coverage.

Despite its many advantages, there are some downsides mentioned. A few customers faced challenges with missing pieces such as the clip to attach it to the tripod, or with a rod that sprang out unexpectedly. These are points to consider if durability and reliable assembly are top priorities.

In summary, our experience aligns with those who find the Neewer Chromakey Background to be an overall handy and effective tool for video and streaming purposes, provided you’re mindful of the potential for minor quality concerns.


After weeks of using the Neewer Chromakey Backdrop, we’ve noted a lot of positives and a few downsides. The dual green/blue sides offer excellent versatility for various projects, from video calls to live streaming. Setting up is a breeze, and the portability of the panel is a major win for creators on the move. We also appreciate the large size, which provides ample background coverage.

On the flip side, while the frame is sturdy, there have been minor issues with the clip not being as robust as a horizontal bar might be, potentially affecting its longevity. Additionally, despite the backdrop’s clean appearance, some users may have to practice folding it back up, which can initially be a bit tricky.

Despite these points, the backdrop holds up as a professional tool for its price point. In our experience with virtual meetings and content creation, it’s been nothing short of a utility asset. Overall, its convenience and quality make this Neewer backdrop a solid green screen for YouTube and video.

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