NELK Net Worth: How Much Are They Really Worth?

With 7,700,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, NELK is a popular prank YouTube channel. As they have risen to fame at such a quick rate, it is no surprise that many people are eager to know how much they are worth.

Let’s break it down:

NELK has an estimated net worth of $10 million. They have earned most of this through their popular YouTube channel, with ads appearing on their videos, as well as other possible revenue streams, like merchandise, various brand deals, sponsors, and other business ventures.

In this article, we’ll dive further into their net worth to give fans an inside peek at NELK’s YouTube rise and how they have managed to build up this impressive fortune.

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NELK Overview

Subscribers 7,700,000
Net Worth $10 million
Based In United States
Monthly Income $296,487

How Much Is NELK Worth?

NELK has a net worth estimated at $10 million.

They have 7,700,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and can earn through YouTube ads, merchandise, sponsorships, and other business ventures that can arise thanks to their increased fame.

Other YouTubers and similar prank YouTube channels worth watching include Rémi GAILLARD and Jack Vale.

When Did NELK Start On YouTube?

NELK created their YouTube channel on 06.07.2010.

To date, their most popular video is “Coke Prank on Cops,” uploaded on 13.01.2015, and has already garnered over 49,366,000 views. These YouTube views would be worth an estimated $246,830 from YouTube AdSense alone.

Other popular videos include their “The Most Savage Pranks of 2018!” video, with over 16,659,000 views, uploaded on 01.01.2019, and their “Coke Prank on CORRUPT Mexican Cops” video, which has gained over 14,045,000 views since it was uploaded on 04.07.2017.

How Much Money Does NELK Make On YouTube?

NELK have made an estimated $6,635,000 from ads on their YouTube videos. This excludes other possible income streams, like merchandise, sponsors, or other business ventures. They have over 7,700,000 subscribers and over 1,327,000,000 views, which is how they can earn this much.

These figures are an estimate taken over the channel’s lifetime and don’t consider potential revenue that may have been earned on videos that have been removed, unlisted, or set to private.

Nelk Net Worth

This estimate has been made using our YouTube Money Calculator. This considers the most important variables that affect how much a channel can earn (such as audience, niche, and many other factors), unlike other calculators that show vague and vast estimate ranges.

How Much Money Does NELK Make Per Month?

NELK is estimated to make approximately $296,487 per month in total revenue. This revenue is generated through all of their business ventures and monetization measures, not just YouTube AdSense.

NELK gets approximately 32,943,000 views per month on their channel, which is worth $164,715 from YouTube AdSense.

Here’s an overview of how much NELK is estimated to earn from YouTube Ads for different periods.

Earnings Per Year: $2,004,033
Earnings Per Month: $164,715
Earnings Per Week: $38,434
Earnings Per Day: $5,491
Earnings Per Hour: $229

How Much Does NELK Make Per Video?

On average, NELK gets around 4,624,000 views per video; based on their channel content and audience, this would generate an estimated $23,120 per video from YouTube AdSense (excluding other income sources like sponsors, affiliate commissions, memberships, etc.).

For sponsorships, NELK can earn around $138,720 per video. As they get around 4,624,000 views per video on average, with a sponsorship fee of $30 per 1000 views, they can earn $138,720 per video.

Final Thoughts On NELK’s Net Worth

NELK is a successful prank YouTube channel that has amassed an impressive fortune primarily from their YouTube activities, showing that earning big while doing what you love is possible.

NELK has a net worth estimated at $10 million, and it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning. We can expect much more from this online entrepreneur.

As they continue to produce popular content and make videos on their YouTube channel, their popularity, and fame will likely continue to grow.

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