How to use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow your Blog

Pinterest is a platform often overlooked when it comes to growing your blog, brand or website. It may not be as flashy as YouTube, Google or Instagram, but it can be just as, or even more effective! One of its best features is Pinterest group boards.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to use these Pinterest Group Boards to grow your blog, business, and brand.

How to use Pinterest group boards to grow your blog

Even if you’ve only visited Pinterest once, you have most likely noticed the visual dominance that is visible throughout the platform.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think of it like Google, but instead of being given web addresses when you search, you’ll see images in the form of pins. If we remove Google & YouTube, you’ll find Pinterest to be the next largest search engine on the planet!

Classifying Pinterest only as a search engine wouldn’t be quite right though. It has a smart feed, this means that whenever you log on, Pinterest presents you with a number of pins that you may like based on previous pins you have saved and clicked on in the past.

What does all of this have to do with Pinterest Group Boards? Well, to answer that we need to ask a few questions first.

What are Pinterest Group Boards?

Group boards are the same as normal boards, but instead of only having one person pinning to them, multiple users can post to Pinterest group boards.

The owner of the group board can add you and other contributors, and once you’ve been added you can start pinning to the board!

Most of these boards have a niche, or a theme, & a set of rules to follow when posting (i.e. max 3 pins a day). These rules are in place to make sure that the group board remains an attractive and successful board for Pinterest users. If you break any of these rules, well-run boards will normally either warn you or remove you from the board. Keep an eye on rules in order to continue contributing to successful Pinterest group boards.

You may run into some boards that are named collaboration boards, community boards, networking boards, etc. These are all just group boards using different terminology. They function all the same.

Why should I use Pinterest Group Boards?

Pinterest group boards can have many collaborators, and with the help of group boards, your pins can be seen by a much wider audience than they would normally.

These contributors often pin to a group board and then repin other pins from the board. This helps the group grow and it potentially puts your content in front of many more people.

The smart feed pushes your pins even further. If a user pins an image from the group board, the pins you are posting into the group board can also be suggested to them in their feed. Double win!

You need to make sure that you join relevant Pinterest group boards, however, as your pins will have a much higher chance of being suggested in niche boards compared to general and non-topic boards.

The main benefits of using Pinterest group boards

  • You’ll increase your repins.
  • Increase your followers.
  • Be seen by more Pinterest users.
  • Get more click-throughs.
  • & Your pins can rank higher!

Do Pinterest Group Boards really still work?

Pinterest group boards have undergone a lot of changes in the past, with an update putting a much larger focus on collaboration in group boards. You see, previously a lot of Pinterest group boards were just boards to drop your pins into, and then the groups’ followers would get them in their feed.

As you could imagine, this can lead to a lot of boards just being constantly spammed & giving the owners a hard time controlling it. A no-win situation for everyone involved. Sure, the board may have tons of followers, but the interaction rates were dropping.

Pinterest decided to change that though! Now collaborations on boards are the ONLY way to grow with group boards… And when you find some boards with active collaborators, Pinterest group boards can still be the best and fastest ways to get more repins, clicks & followers!

Pro tip: Trial Tailwind for free by clicking here. The scheduler will streamline your pinning and help you reach even more people. Tailwind Tribes is another feature to double down on your Pinterest growth.

What do Pinterest Group Boards look like?

They look identical to regular boards, except you’ll see a circle in the bottom left corner with a few of the group members’ profile images. In the image below, the board on the left is a regular board & the one on the right is a group board.

How to use Pinterest group boards to grow your blog! -

How to find and join Pinterest group boards: 4 Best Ways

Finding group boards can be quite easy… Finding group boards that will provide you with value and are accepting contributors is where it starts getting tricky! 😉

Let’s start with how to find them, I use 4 methods:

1. Search for group boards on Pinterest

This one is maybe the most obvious… It can also be the most effective though for some users in very niche fields.

Search for some board keywords in the Pinterest search bar, then hit enter. Once you’re given the results, click on the drop-down menu on the right saying All pins, select boards, and then peruse through the various boards below! You’ll get a mix of regular and group boards, so just keep on going until you’re satisfied.

2. Visit Profiles in your niche

Where better to find successful group boards than from power pinners that use them! Visit some Pinterest accounts in your niche and look at what group boards they’re apart of.

3. Use Group Board lists

Often a good way to start out. Pinterest group board lists can give you a large number of boards to apply to in a short space of time. A lot of these lists also only provide boards that are currently accepting contributors. You can find Pinterest group board lists by searching on Google, or even Pinterest!

4. Use

PinGroupie is a Pinterest group board directory. You’ll find over 40 000 group boards listed & you can filter them by keywords or category & you can sort them by the number of followers, pins, contributors, or the average number of repins.

In the screenshot below you can see some of the boards that come up when I give in a simple search for Pinterest tips.

How to use Pinterest group boards to grow your blog! -

What to look for in Pinterest Group Boards to Join

Once you’ve found some group boards, there are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to get the most success with them.

The first and foremost is that the Pinterest group board should be relevant to the niche you are in.

If the board has hundreds or even thousands of contributors, it may not be a very good board. This is because there can be so many people posting to the board that your pins will just get lost in the crowd and won’t return any real interest. It will also be much harder for the board owners to control what’s being posted and it can all stumble out of control quite quickly.

Similarly, you don’t want to be a part of a board with little to no active contributors. If no-one’s pinning then you won’t receive any benefit from that board anyway.

Good boards normally have a few rules listed in the description when you click on the board. Things like how many times you can post per day, what type of content to post, warnings, etc. If you then look through the board and they’re quite active, then you can try to join.

Avoid spammy boards & don’t pay to join group boards. Those will just be filled with spammers anyway.

The only real sure-fire way of gauging which boards are successful is to join them and see how they do for you. I audit my group boards every 2 or 3 months and leave boards that aren’t performing. If they don’t work, just cut them off and find new group boards.

How many Pinterest Group Boards should I join?

Pinterest has a limit of 500 boards per account, but that may be a tad bit much. 😉  This really all depends on how well the boards are working for you, how much content, posts & pins you create, and how much time you can dedicate to monitoring and contributing to boards.

I know some bloggers that have success with 2-3 Pinterest group boards, but then I also know some that have upwards of 30! I generally like to stick to around 10-20 group boards.

You may find success with more or less. It’s a very individual thing that you’ll have to trial and see what works for you.

How do I analyze my best performing Pinterest Group Boards?

There are 2 ways to analyze your group board performance; Tailwind Analytics & Pinterest Analytics.

The Tailwind method:

Open your Tailwind account > Insights > Board Insights.

Make sure only group boards are selected at the top and then you’ll receive an overview of how the group boards are performing. This overview is the board overall, not your pins in particular. To see how your pins are doing on a particular board. Go to Insights > Pin Inspector. Then select whichever board you want to analyze and you’ll see a list of the pins you’ve posted to that board with the clicks, repins & date you posted it.

Pinterest analytics methods:

Log into your Pinterest account, head over to Analytics in the top left corner, from the drop-down menu select profile.

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll have a list of the boards with the most impressions in the last 30 days.

Impressions are how many times your pin has been viewed by someone on Pinterest.

If you scroll back to the top you’ll see some options for clicks & saves. Here you can sort your boards by clicks and saves in the last 30 days (or by setting a custom date range).

Compare both clicks & impressions, and trial different styles of pins as not all boards have the same audience. A certain style may get a lot of clicks on one board and only a few on the others.

Pro tip: If you have a board with a good amount of impressions but doesn’t have as many clicks and saves as some of your other boards, try changing the style of your pins before you leave the board.

How to use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow your Blog – Summary

  • Pinterest group boards are boards where multiple pinners save to & repin pins.
  • Group boards can increase your reach dramatically.
  • Group boards DO still work. Double down with Tailwind Tribes for extra reach.
  • Boards with a small circle & multiple profile images are group boards.
  • Find group boards using search, profiles in your niche, board lists & PinGroupie.
  • Look for boards in your niche with a good amount of collaborators & have clear rules.
  • Join 10-20 group boards & then either expand or narrow it down from there.
  • Analyze your group boards with Tailwind and/or Pinterest analytics.
  • Trial different pin styles or leave boards that aren’t performing.

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