10 Best Productivity Apps For Android

Productivity Improvement apps are workflow management tools designed to make daily tasks easier and more manageable.

This involves anything from creating, modifying, or storing documents, multimedia or organizing and arranging schedules, collaboration on work tasks, and setting up task lists.

Android-based smartphones make up around 70% of the market share worldwide; it’s no wonder many productivity apps are available for Android.

Here we list some of the best tools for decluttering and organizing a busy workload.

Best Productivity Apps For Android

Best Task And Time Management Apps


Trello markets itself as the ideal tool for advanced group project management. This free app is scalable, enabling users to create simple personal tasks such as shopping lists or to-do lists.

It is also beneficial for complex business- or work-related projects involving multiple participants.

Tasks are categorized by using a feature called Boards. These Boards allow the user to compartmentalize and work on any single task at a time without confusing assignments or information between different projects.

Business or private projects are easily kept separate, and collaboration with project team members or personal contacts is simple to manage.

An excellent app for the budget-conscious, Trello includes support for file management tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


With a clean, user-friendly graphical interface, TickTick facilitates easy customization of all your tasks and lists with convenient synchronization across all your devices. 

You can view, update, and prioritize your tasks on your mobile, laptop, or desktop without having to worry about manually changing them on your other devices.

Your landing page includes a dashboard with configurable widgets and a calendar displaying upcoming events and tasks.

The free version of TickTick includes most of the critical components. In contrast, the paid-up version adds more advanced features and customizable themes.


An award-winning free-to-try application, Profit.co is a highly granular task and workspace manager. This comprehensive app includes the best elements of an effective tool which is critical to successfully carrying out any project.

The task dashboard allows you to categorize all your tasks and schedules based on their priority level.

In addition, task team members get visibility based on their sharing privileges, and project stages or milestones can be moved or rescheduled based on actual outcomes.

Key milestones can be created and tracked, ensuring that a project runs smoothly and according to timelines. Profit.co is one of the best interactive task management applications for focus management and tracking.

Best Android Apps For Note Taking


One of the most popular notation apps available for Android, Evernote’s robust feature set allows for collating all note-taking formats and supporting informational pics, photos, videos, or audio clips.

Not just a simple text-based notebook, Evernote allows you to collect and store categorized content such as sketches and any digital attachments.

These sketches or diagrams support the notes and scheduled tasks or action points around a set of individual notebooks.

Unfortunately, the free version is somewhat limited. To make use of all the features, such as task management and syncing with Google calendar, you will need to upgrade to the Personal or Professional plans.

The paid-up plans also unlock more storage space and theme customization. But if you are on a tighter budget, you can find an Evernote alternative that fits your needs for free.

Google Keep

Included as part of the G-Suite package, Google Keep’s neat and easy-to-use colorful interface will appeal to those that prefer simplicity.

In addition, this application is excellent for those familiar with Google’s product suite, including apps such as Google Workspace.

Location-based reminders that alert you to a task or list are handy features if you’re the forgetful type. For example, share your shopping list and check off or add grocery items in real time instead of using separate communication apps to update the list while shopping.

Automatic syncing between devices such as computers and smartphones ensures that your list or note is continuously updated.

Best Collaboration Apps For Android


Chanty claims to increase productivity by 55%. Messages can be converted into schedules and assigned to task or project members. Due dates with periodic reminders ensure that responsible people keep to the program, ensuring that deadlines are met.

The unique Kanban view allows tasks to be neatly arranged in columns or rows and color-coded for easy viewing. In addition, with built-in video conferencing that supports up to 1000 delegates and up to 4K videos and audio resolution, meetings can be quickly arranged when required.

The free version supports up to 10 members with some limitations. The Business model unlocks all the features, making it a product of choice for over 75000 organizations, including Oracle, Nasa, and Salesforce.


With an impressive list of users such as Hulu and Coca-Cola, monday.com ticks all the right functionality boxes.

Essentially a project management tool, optimal collaboration and tracking of project milestones is a vital feature of this software.

The cloud-based platform with a solid leaning towards workflow optimization, monday.com is open-source software that allows users and developers to create their own applications.

Unfortunately, this level of functionality usually comes at a cost, and there is no free version.

Best Android Apps For Document Management

With the massive increase in international cybercrime, such as ransom attacks in recent years, it’s no wonder that organizations are investing heavily in protecting their valuable data.

Cloud storage is one such measure taken to secure data.


Onehub cloud service simplifies document storage by organizing files into Workspaces and limiting what invited users can see by defining their level of access. Unauthorized team members cannot view restricted files.

Datarooms is a feature where users can get on with their work without having to worry about securing their data. Via a web browser, files can be updated using drag and drop. Onehub takes care of the rest.

Audit trails allow detailed tracking of activity, accessible through highly detailed reports.

Onehub can be tailored to a specific look and functionality with excellent customization options, including personalized branding and themes. There are 4 editions available, with a 14-day trial for each of them.


Dropbox is an old favorite that has seen significant uptake in subscribers, reaching well over 700 million registered users by 2021. Initially, Dropbox focused on file storage for the general public to upload multimedia files such as photos and videos.

Since its inception, Dropbox has made some major acquisitions and increasingly focused its apps on corporate services.

Newer features include Mailbox, an email application, and a collaborative document editor, Dropbox Paper.

Content from Google apps or Microsoft Office can be stored alongside other traditional files and accessed from anywhere using different tools, like Slack, or a Slack alternative like Zoom, and on any device.

In addition, the secure distributed backbone uses administration tools for visibility and control.

Bitrix24 – Pick Of The Bunch

There are thousands of apps and tools available for productivity management and tracking. Most of them are capable of multiple tasks, but only some can do them all. Bitrix24 is one such app. 

Bitrix24 is a project management and business application available in five packages ideal for small, medium, or large enterprises.

In addition, advanced collaboration with complete sales and business process automation comes with the flagship Enterprise package at USD399 per month.

Fully automated and scalable with cloud storage of up to 3TB, Bitrix24 is strong on team collaboration.

It supports advanced functionality, including chat, HD video conferencing and recording, task management, CRM, a contact center, a website builder, HR, sales intelligence and marketing, and project management, and can be deployed across multiple branches.

Access to its source code means users can easily integrate their own customized applications into Bitrix24 and customize their experience.

With over 10 million subscribers, Bitrix24 has the most advanced and fully comprehensive business and workspace software applications available today.

If you’re not quite at the scale yet to afford this tool, many Bitrix24 alternatives do a great job for their specific purpose.

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