Productivity Desk Setup

A productive workstation can make the most significant difference in your life, and your desk setup greatly influences your workflow.

Post-pandemic has left many of us working from home, meaning that your desk at home is your new office, and it might be time to make the most of it by setting it up to maximize productivity.

Productivity Desk Setup

Choose An Ergonomic Desk And Chair

Ergonomic is the keyword here, meaning something gets designed for efficiency and comfort.

Your desk and chair are arguably the most critical aspects of your desk setup besides your computer or laptop because they can make or break your productivity.

An Ergonomic Work Desk

As you know, people vary in length, so an adjustable desk is advisable. Your desk should be at the correct height to have your computer rest at eye level, preventing you from bending over while working, which could cause severe back issues.

Your screen should be in line with your chest, and when you type on your keyboard, your arms should be in line with the ground.

Since you might be working many hours, sitting for long may be unbearable, and to solve that problem, you can opt for a standing desk instead. Your screen should remain equal with your chest when standing, and your arms still need to be parallel while typing.

An Ergonomic Chair

There are endless office chair options on the market, so you’ll need to test a few before picking one. A good office chair has lumbar support, which curves to support your spine.

The depth of the chair needs to be three fingers between the end of the seat and the overhanging part of your knees, while the height should be adjustable so you can rest your feet on the floor.

Good Lighting Is Key

The lighting you work in has a significant psychological effect on you. Studies have shown that light intensity can influence our emotions.

Natural lighting positively impacts a person’s well-being, so if you can, you should set up your desk near a window or anywhere with natural lighting and add a desk lamp to your workspace for evenings.

Natural light influences circadian rhythms, which is our bodies’ biological clock, so with natural light, you can wake your brain to be productive. Sometimes you must work late to complete a project; therefore, artificial lighting is equally important.

You should avoid fluorescent lighting because it strains your eyes, and has adverse psychological effects, so we suggest using LED lights instead.

Colored lights also influence your emotions, so you can have some fun playing around with light and find a color that inspires you that you can set up around your desk for night-time work.

Make sure your desk area is always well-lit when working along with your colored light.

Breathe In Fresh Air

The air quality you surround yourself with can affect your energy levels, mood, and mental clarity.

Nobody likes to sit in a stuffy room all day, and a study has shown that well-ventilated workspaces boost cognitive function, so facts show that air contributes to your productivity.

The space you work in should be well-ventilated with fresh air from a window, or you can use an air purifier.

Did you know that scents also contribute to productivity by making you feel energized? You can make your desk area smell lovely with incense, essential oils, or scent diffusers if you’d like to benefit from aroma-enhanced energy.

Organization Helps A Ton

A clear and organized desk equals a clear and organized mind.

Try only to keep your essential things on your desk, including your desktop or laptop, mouse, keyboard, headphones, speakers, stationary holder, and notepad. You can opt for a desk with drawers to store non-essential items you need away from your work surface.

If you need to access documents often, you can keep a file holder on your desk and store your papers in a flip folder. Another great option is to set up shelving by your desk to hold books and other items you might need while working, keeping everything tidy.

Once you’ve completed your hard day of work, be sure to declutter your desk of the things you used throughout the day, so when you start working again, your desk setup is fresh and ready to go.

Make Your Desk Space Your Own

Your desk setup may need to be tidy, but it doesn’t need to be boring. Although it’s best to have only a few things at your desk, decorations will lighten the mood of your desk setup and make it a place you want to spend your time.

A great rule of thumb is to choose three personal items to avoid clutter.

What items are suitable to decorate your desk? You can have an ornament, a photo frame, a souvenir, or a happy little house plant to be your desk buddy.

Researchers have proven that plants boost your mood when working, and a low-maintenance succulent or cactus loves the indoors.

Consider Your Technology

Your technology needs to be orderly to get the most out of work. Your laptop or computer screen should be between 20 and 40 inches away so that you don’t hunch over or cause strain to your neck, and a monitor arm could solve this issue.

If your mouse causes discomfort, it may be time to purchase an ergonomic one that fits in the palm of your hand, primarily if you use it often for professions like graphic design or engineering.

If you work with many tabs and windows open, you can have two monitors instead of one to ease your workflow and boost productivity.

It also helps to keep your cables neat and tucked away, opting for wireless technology where possible.

Minimize Distractions

If you can set your desk up in a place that is away from outside noises and a separate room from your family or housemates, it would be best to do so to avoid any work distractions.

To maximize productivity, you should prevent disruptions at all costs, so it’s a good idea to keep your desk away from TVs and entertainment areas.

You can’t always avoid noise by desk placement, but you can invest in some noise-canceling headphones for a peaceful day at work.

With noise-canceling headphones as a desk tool, you don’t need to worry about your neighbor’s dog, their lawnmowing day, or your children playing in the background.

Keep Your Goals At Arm’s Length

Working hard is always for something. Whether your reason is for family or saving up to buy something spectacular, your motivation should encourage you to get through the day.

Since burying yourself in work can make you lose sight of things, it helps to have something on your desk set up to remember why you do what you do. Even Homer Simpson has a photo of his daughter at work to motivate him.

Your reminder will streamline your productivity, and it could be something simple like a gift someone gave you or an inspirational quote pinned to your wall.

You can also create a vision board compiling your goals and inspirations, which you can view daily to gear you toward success.

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