5 Ways To Share Links In Your Instagram Story Without 10k Followers

If you haven’t got 10,000 followers on Instagram, then it can seem like the link in your bio is the only option you have for getting people to visit your website, blog, store, videos, etc. In this article, I am going to share with you 5 ways to share links in your Instagram story WITHOUT 10k followers.

It’s very possible to share links without needing that many followers, we just have to be a little bit creative in order to make it happen.

If you are new to Instagram, then some of these methods may seem like too much work, but they’re actually a lot easier than they seem once you get started.

A quick background of links on Instagram:

  • In the early days, creators only had one option to link away from Instagram, the link in bio.
  • Instagram then released their Insta Stories and creators were able to place direct links in their stories. This is known as the “Swipe Up” feature and it is only available to creators that are either verified or have at least 10,000 followers.
  • In 2018, Instagram introduced a new feature known as IGTV, where creators can link externally without any follower requirements.

That last point is quite an important one and is the first way to share links in your Instagram Story without 10k followers.

As mentioned above, Instagram allows you to share external links in the descriptions of your IGTV videos.

What does this have to do with sharing links in your Insta story though?

Quite a lot actually, let me explain.

When creating a story, you have the option of linking to an IGTV video regardless of the number of followers you have.

This means that if you have a link you would like to share (even a YouTube link), all you need to do is create a short video with a Call-to-Action (CTA) to click on the title (so that your video description appears) and then to tap on the link (which is then in your video description).

You have plenty of options here. One way would be, if you do a lot of talking yourself on camera, you can create a video a little bit longer than 1 minute to get viewers excited to click. Another very simple way is to use Canva and just create a simple CTA pointing to the top left corner to get the link and then animate your Canva design so that it reaches the 1-minute mark and export it as a video.

Next, you’ll just link this IGTV video to your story and you’ll have the swipe up!

How to share a link in your Instagram Story without 10k followers using IGTV

Here’s the step-by-step method for you to follow:

  1. Create an IGTV video of a little over a minute in length with CTA to the title of your video.
  2. Upload the video to IGTV and add the link to your description.
  3. Post the video to your IGTV channel.
  4. Open your Insta Story.
  5. Add the content of your story (image, stickers, video, etc.).
  6. Click on the “link” icon at the top of your screen.
  7. Select “+ IGTV Video”.
  8. Select the IGTV video.
  9. Share your story with a swipe up without needing 10k followers!

This method is one of the easiest and it’s a great way to build a connection with those that actually want to connect with you.

The poll method is awesome because you can see exactly who wants the link and you’ve opened a line of communication with them that can lead to many more potential opportunities.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create a story and include a question like “do you want the link?”
  2. Add a poll sticker beneath that with two options.
  3. Let some time pass for people to see your story, a couple of hours at first, you can check back again later.
  4. Swipe up to see your story analytics and whoever clicked on the “yes” variant of your poll.
  5. Send those people your link (adding a personal message is an optional extra).
How to share a link without 10k followers using Instagram polls

Pro tip: Use the poll sticker to promote two different links in one story. If you want to share a guide for beginners or more advanced people. Then add these as two different options in your poll, and send the respective people the link most relevant to them!

This method is very similar to the poll method and works the exact same way, except this time the CTA is for them to reply to your story.

To make this as easy as possible for those that want the link, ask them to send either a common emoji or to send the word “yes”.

How to add a link to instagram story with a small account using the reply method

Even though this is very similar to the second method, it provides your audience with something different and they could be more inclined to send a message than to participate in a poll.

This is also a great way to advertise a discount without coming across as being pushy.

4. Use Instagram Story Ads to get the Instagram Story Swipe Up

So, this one isn’t a free option, but it will get you the swipe-up feature and can put your ad in front of the right people if you do your targeting well.

Now I don’t want to go into too much detail here as there are so many other variables that go into making a good Instagram ad, but this is an option that you can try starting out even with just $10.

If you want to give Instagram Story Ads a go, I recommend starting off with a small budget. Check out this detailed story Ads guide from Sprout Social to guide you through getting started.

Instagram stickers are a great way of making your Insta Stories more engaging. We’ve already discussed the poll sticker, another useful one to help share links in your Instagram Story without needing 10k followers is the “@mention” sticker.

This sticker allows you to tag anyone in your story, when someone then clicks on the sticker, they are then taken to that profile.

You can @mention your own account in your Instagram Story, and then people will be taken to your profile where your bio can have a short CTA that’s similar to what your Insta Story CTA was with an arrow or hand pointing to your link in the bio.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Replace your link in the bio with the specific link you want to use.
  2. Include a similar CTA as you will use in your Instagram Story, with a hand or arrow pointing downwards (towards your bio link).
  3. Create your Instagram story with CTA.
  4. Add the @mention sticker and type in your username.
  5. Shrink the sticker as small as possible.
  6. Open the sticker section again, search for a button or something similar, and then cover the @mention sticker with this sticker.
  7. Share your Instagram Story with an interactive button link that takes people to your profile where they can clearly click on your link.
Create a button on Instagram that takes you to your own profile with a CTA to your bio link

There you go, 5 ways to share a link in your Instagram story without needing 10k followers.

They may seem like a little bit of work at first, but once you’ve put them into practice, you’ll see how easy they are and you won’t need to concern yourself about when you’ll reach the 10,000 followers mark anymore.

Have you tried any of these Instagram Story hacks to add links to your Stories?

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