10 Best Slack Alternatives

It’s easy to see why Slack is so popular these days. However, the paid monthly subscriptions are far too expensive for some, while others are looking for a self-hosted collaboration platform or unlimited message searches.

So, if you are searching for the best Slack alternatives that tick all those boxes – read on.

Slack Alternatives

Best Free Slack Alternatives

While there are numerous free-plan Slack alternatives on the market, the following free-plan options are currently the best option for teams on a tight budget.

Microsoft Teams

The  Microsoft Teams freemium option can accommodate up to 50000 instant chats and roughly 100 audio/video users, including useful integrations. This option is great for beginners.

And should you already have a paid up Microsoft 365 subscription, the enterprise Microsoft Teams version includes over 250 apps. However, deploying Microsoft Teams can be challenging, so make sure that you have a tech-savvy team member on hand.

Google Meet

Google Meet (formerly known as Google Chat/ Google Hangouts) is an excellent alternative for teams who use Google Workspace all the time and feel comfortable using their products.

Like Slack, it features video, audio calls, virtual, and breakout rooms. In addition, other standard Google Workspace capabilities like scheduling meetings, file sharing, delivering presentations, and sending emails are rolled up into one.

While it is true that Slack offers Google app integrations, using proprietary instead of third-party software is a game changer. This makes Slack far more efficient, especially if you are accustomed to using the Google suite.


Rocket.chat also deserves special mention as a customizable Slack alternative. It is open source, so you can create a tailor-made app with full ownership of your data. But the best part of Rocket.chat is that you can add all the useful features and custom-design them to suit your team’s business needs.

In addition to these standard features, you can opt for an instantly operational and full-featured option and use the outstanding global teams chat feature that translates discussions into more than 20 languages.

Rocket.chat also features end-to-end encryptions. Like Slack, it offers video, and audio calling, with file-exporting capabilities.

Best Paid Slack Alternative

Discord is mostly associated with the gaming world. However, this feature-rich app is a phenomenal business tool, especially if you are looking for a more affordable Slack alternative.

Discord has far more to offer than mere voice chats and live-streaming features used by gamers. For example, its file-sharing feature is helpful for project team discussions, and you can create subtopic business channels.

However, Discord’s most popular features include the push-to-talk voice chat capability, unlimited message history and storage, image and file sharing capabilities, and an instant search function.

Best Budget-Friendly Slack Alternative

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Slack, expressly designed for remote teams, look no further.

Flowdock was initially used as a collaboration platform for developers, but it became so popular that it was customized to meet the needs of businesses with remote global teams and project managers.

Like Slack’s “channel” feature, Flockdown employs threads to arrange conversations. The threads can also be color-coded. So, it is an ideal organizational system for remote teams with several topic-based group discussions instead of one-to-one chats.

Other value-adds include audio, and video calls, including screen-sharing features. You can also have private chats with the Flockdown one-on-one Flows option, enjoy unlimited integrations which can be customized, and have access to a shared business inbox.

Unlike other Slack alternatives, you can test-run Flockdown for free for one month to see if it is worth paying for.

If you opt for the paid version, the monthly basic package costs roughly $3 per user. In contrast, the more costly enterprise version includes added features like data encryption, SSO, and Flow—level access.

Best Task-Management Slack Alternative

Chanty is an ideal alternative to Slack if you are looking for a user-friendly chat app with essential features focused on task management. In addition, Chanty comes without all the added “bells and whistles.”

This AI-powered app has a simple interface, and practical features were designed as a tool to get things done and to keep your entire team on the right track.

The beauty of using Chanty is that the task icon takes center stage, so it prioritizes task allocations and timeous completions over day-to-day chats. And its team-book feature helps organize team tasks, files, and messages, stored in a central location.

Furthermore, Chanty has private and public communication tools, group video and voice capabilities, and several other third-party app integrations.

Best Slack Alternatives For Project Management


Hive is mainly used as a project management tool to generate, allocate, and follow up on assigned tasks. It also provides outstanding messaging capabilities.

The benefit of using Hive is that your team members will stay on top of their project deliverables, with access to in-built real-time chat features. Other features include one-to-one messages, group discussions, and integrated third-party apps.

Other practical Hive features include creating a private to-do list, assigning tasks to various team members, and monitoring their progress. Hive has a free plan and another paid monthly subscription that costs $12 per user.


Ryver offers similar chat features to Slack as it accommodates open forum group chats and private team discussions, including direct messaging capabilities.

What sets Ryver apart from its competitors is its task management capabilities. For example, you can create Kanban-type tasks in its messages interface and set reminders to follow up on specific tasks.

Ryver also facilitates video and audio calls which works optimally with five callers. In theory, however, it can accommodate a limitless number of users.

In addition to Ryver’s outstanding project management capabilities, it includes features like unlimited chat records, tasks, and personal boards. Enhanced capabilities include integrations with major third-party apps, and you can add SSO for additional security.

Best Secure Slack Alternative

Mattermost is the ideal project management and communication app for businesses that value privacy, and cyber-security, with value-adds like secure file sharing, multi-factor authentications, and more than 700 integrations with third-party apps.

You can choose between a server-compatible option on your operating system or access the app via your browser, smartphone, or a desktop web application.

Because Mattermost is an open-source app, you will have access to its source code and library, including its server APIs for customizations.

While Mattermost offers private and public chat options and unlimited search options to find specific messages, it does not include a group videoconferencing facility.

So, if there is a need for a video offering tool for team meetings, Mattermost would most likely not be a suitable alternative to Slack.

Best Slack Alternative For App Management

There’s no doubt that switching from one app to another to chat, view your calendar, and you’re to-do-list can be exhausting! In addition, this can be distracting and cut down on your productivity level.

RingCentral Video, previously known as Glip, is the perfect solution and a central hub for all your apps. As a result, you don’t have constantly multitask on various platforms. But most importantly, it fosters team collaborations and aids productivity, so you can focus on getting stuff done.

While its most outstanding feature is app management, the app also features access to team communications and free messaging capabilities.

Additionally, RingCentral Video has 20 customizable integrations. You can have group meetings and video calls with simultaneous access to your task management and project management apps without constantly multitasking.

While RingCentral Video per-user subscription prices are not the most cost-effective, it could be a suitable alternative to Slack. Especially if a central hub for all your apps is essential.

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