30 Brilliant Tips to Master Pinterest Today

For many Pinterest is a platform that seems to be covered in mystery. If not mystery, then we can be safe saying, it’s covered in DIY projects and delicious recipes.

At least, that’s what it can seem like, when in actual fact, a lot of the businesses, brands, and people using it, like myself, know that Pinterest can be one of the best sources of traffic (and I mean major traffic!) to your website or blog.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some top tips that will take you from Pinterest newbie to being confident that you can master Pinterest today.

Some Quick Pinterest Stats

  • 322 million Monthly Users.
  • 87 million US-based Users.
  • 71% of users are female.
  • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.
  • 50% of Pinterest users earn at least $50k per year.
  • 10% of Pinterest users earn at least $125k per year.
  • 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is great for bloggers

If those statistics weren’t reason enough…

Pinterest is different from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. I like to think of Pinterest as being a Picture Based Search Engine. In this way, it’s far closer to Google or YouTube.

Social networks use a timeline, so if you post something to Instagram for example, it will be seen by your audience and it may be found by some new fans. After a few hours though, or if you have a really successful post, days, your post will be lost in the feed and won’t garner much attention at all.

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Pinterest however, is completely different. Pins that are months, maybe even years old, can be found in search or discovery. Pins that you’ve pinned months ago, can suddenly gain traction and send thousands of people to your website.

Pinterest users are also far more likely to click through to your website than on other social media networks that focus on keeping the user on the platform. This means more traffic, which can mean more subscribers to your list, customers, clients, and followers.

30 Brilliant Tips to Master Pinterest Today

1. Change to a business account

If you have a business account, you’re given access to Pinterest Analytics and more.

These can help you see what’s working, what’s not and you can track just about everything that’s happening on and around your profile.

It’s also free, so what do you have to lose?

2. Connect via Facebook

Pinterest is very sensitive when it comes to spam. You may have noticed receiving emails if you log in from a different computer or if you forget your password, etc.

By connecting with your Facebook account, you’re allowing Pinterest to log in with Facebook. You can do this by going to your ‘settings’ and adding social networks near the bottom.

3. Use Keywords in your profile name

If your website or blog is about fitness, travel, parenting, etc. Don’t be shy to include it in your profile name. Pinterest users can search for Pinners just like they can search for Pins, by including a few keywords in your profile name, you’re increasing the chances of being found.

4. Use Keywords in your descriptions

A lot of people use descriptions like ‘Cool’ or ‘I need to do this!’. This wouldn’t matter as much on other platforms, but as Pinterest is a search engine, the description is one of the most important aspects of being found.

Always use relevant keywords and phrases and try to work them into readable sentences. This way your pins will climb their way up to the top.

5. Use Keywords in your board names and descriptions

Another way to be found in search is to effectively keyword your boards and their descriptions.

Avoid using vague terms and cute names, check what’s the most relevant keywords and use them in your board names. Use the same or relevant terms in your description to increase your searchability.

You can edit your boards by clicking on the “Edit” button next to your board name.

6. Categorize your boards

This will increase the chance of your pins being found and also increase your chances of getting followers on your account.

You can choose your group category whilst editing your boards and always pick the most applicable category available.

7. Keep your profile organized

An organized profile will attract users to follow your account.

If your profile seems to lack any direction or is all over the place, people viewing your profile may not be as enticed to follow you and look at some of your boards and pins.

You can organize your profile by naming your boards clearly and dragging them around to arrange them in a sorted manner.

8. Create board covers so your profile is more attractive

Another aspect of keeping your profile organized is to use board covers to make the board topics clearer. You create board covers easily using Canva.

Create a square image that you want as a cover. Upload it to whichever board you want it to be the cover of. In the board editing options, you will come across a “Cover” option, click on “Change” and then select the pin that you uploaded for your cover.

9. Include your Website address on your profile

Add your website address to your profile and confirm your site. This will add your profile picture to all pins saved from your site which is good for your branding.

By including your website on your profile, you will also add another direct link to your website.

10. Follow people in your niche

By following people in your niche you’ll find relevant pins to repin, you’ll see what is working for other people and how they go about their Pinterest accounts.

You will also be suggested similar accounts to follow in your niche.

11. Follow individual boards

To keep your feed tidy, and to only be shown relevant pins, you can follow and unfollow individual boards.

One of the great things about Pinterest is the ability to follow all of a profile’s boards, which is what happens when you follow someone, or to follow boards individually.

You can do this by going to a profile and then by following each board that you have an interest in.

Another feature that tidies up your account. Featured boards should be the main 5 boards in your profile, these show at the top of your profile when someone clicks on it.

You can set your featured boards by going to your account settings, you should be able to find it at the bottom of the “Profile” section. You can pick up to 5 boards, and these will then carousel at the top of your profile when someone comes to view it.

13. Add Pin It buttons to your website

Pin It buttons are a great way of letting visitors share your articles.

These appear when visitors hover over your images and can be easily installed with plugins like Social Warfare, Grow, etc.

14. Join group boards

Another way to share your content (and to find other awesome pins) is by using group boards. These are Pinterest boards where multiple people can contribute pins. You will need to be invited to boards from the creators or a board contributor, but they normally give instructions to join in the description at the top of the board.

Group boards are great because you can put your pins in front of other people, which can result in increased repins, clicks, and more followers. Just follow your Pinterest Analytics and leave any group boards that are not performing as well as you believe they should.

master Pinterest today

It can be quite tricky to find good group boards, but pingroupie.com is a great resource to find group boards, you can enter search terms, sort by followers, pins, contributors, etc. & it’s free.

15. Pin your own stuff

If you’ve got blog posts, opt-ins, freebies, courses, etc. Pin it all.

Create specific pins for each page and get pinning.

Pinterest is a great place to promote your own content and great pins are often repinned by fellow users.

16. Pin other people’s content

That being said, pin and repin other’s content as well, this adds some diversity to your boards, can increase your profiles authority presence.

This can be especially important at the beginning when Pinterest isn’t quite sure yet if your website is spammy or not.

By repinning others’ content, you’ll also build goodwill, creating friendlier communities and that pinner might even return the favor.

17. Use Vertical 6:9 ratio images

Pinterest is a vertical platform, remember to keep your pins vertical.

The ratio of 6:9 is what Pinterest recommends, and it’s best to stick to these dimensions or thereabouts so that none of your images will be cut off.

An example of a 6:9 ratio is 600 x 900 pixels, these are also the dimensions recommended.

18. Pin and repin consistently

Pinterest rewards accounts that pin consistently and every day. Set a certain number of pins that you want to share each day and then stick to that number or thereabouts.

How many should you pin? Well, there are plenty of successful pinners that pin from 10 all the way up to 100 per day.

Depending on how much content you have, I’d stick to a lower number for now.

19. Space out your pins

Spacing out your pins isn’t quite as important as it used to be, now that Pinterest uses a smart feed.

I would still recommend spacing out your pins, however, as Pinterest likes to see regular activity on your profile and to see that you’re online.

20. Use a pinning scheduler

We can’t all be on Pinterest all day though, we have to get some other work done some time right? This is where Pinterest Schedulers come in, these allow you to pin to a specific board at a certain time without having to be online yourself.

When choosing a scheduler, we only recommend using Pinterest-approved programs, which is one of the many reasons we use Tailwind.

Tailwind allows you to schedule months and months into the future, it will automatically analyze your account to see what the most active and best times are to pin to your profile, plus a bunch more.

21. Always Clickthrough

This might not seem necessary if you’re just pinning images to a specific board, but even then, I always click through.

Whenever you pin spam or broken links, your account gets negatively graded by Pinterest. Plus, you really should know exactly what you’re pinning to your profile.

22. Include Images in your Pins

Images are an important part of getting repinned. Images perform better on Pinterest, this just goes back to what I mentioned earlier, Picture Based Search Engine.

Tall images in the ratio 6:9 are the best for Pinterest, using Canva you can either cut them to fit in that size or shrink them down and fill up the blank space with helpful text.

23. Include Text in your Pins

Use clear and concise text that helps a viewer understand what a pin is. It’s best to use bold and bright colors that are clear to read whilst scrolling. A lot of people do not go through the extra effort to click on a pin if the wording is too small.

Canva is one of the easiest tools to use for this, it’s also free and can be used for a number of other graphic design tasks for your social media and website.

24. Save pins to read later

If you’ve got some time to spare and are looking to use it productively, you can save pins that seem interesting for a later read.

This will save you time searching and you can continue with what you were doing before. I would still click through to make sure it is what it says it is though.

25. Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide a whole heap of extra information on your pins automatically.

These pins also tend to perform better than regular pins. It’s quite a painless process to enable, here’s an easy guide to help you on your way.

26. Take advantage of secret boards

Secret boards are just that, secret. Only you can see these boards (or contributors if you have a group board).

Secret boards are cool because you can use them for a whole range of things, from storing personal pins, saving pins to pin later to other boards, or as your list of pins to read later if you do not have an applicable board for them.

27. Create a ‘Best of’ or ‘Your Site’ Board

This is a home for only your content. These are great for when people are visiting your profile and want to see what you’re all about. Everything is in one place for their perusal.

I recommend including this in the featured area and you can even have it sorted as the first board that appears on your profile.

28. See what’s being pinned from your website

By typing in the following URL: http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com …replace the ‘yourdomain.com’ with your actual domain.

You can see what images are being repinned from your website. This can help you see what area people are pinning from, which images, etc.

29. Create a ‘Favourite/Recommend Bloggers’ Board

This one is sort of a mix between building goodwill, finding things to read later, and saving posts to pin later. Here you can save some of your favorite bloggers and pinners pins.

People will see these pinners and maybe they’ll relate to your brand and you can gain another follower.

30. Take advantage of the seasons

Great pinners schedule their pins around the seasons that are coming.

If you have Christmas content or some posts that may be relevant to Christmas, you can go as far as creating special Christmas-related pins for your articles or posts.

Just remember to have them posted well in advance of the dates.