Why YouTube SEO is the best way to grow your YouTube Channel in 2022

Ever since YouTube started, there have been a number of different ways to grow a channel and build an audience. In 2022 it’s no different, this year YouTube SEO is the best way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

It doesn’t matter if your channel is new, small, niched down, niched up, large, you’ve been doing this for a while now or are just getting to the terms and jargon. YouTube SEO is the ONLY reliable way to actually get viewers to your videos and to grow your channel.

You may create some of the most engaging videos that people will love to share, comment, and subscribe to, but how are these viewers actually going to find your content in the first place? YouTube is not going to just start magically suggesting your content to viewers, YouTube needs context and needs to know WHO should be watching your videos.

This is where YouTube SEO comes in hand. Search Engine Optimization, or YouTube optimization if you prefer. By implementing YouTube SEO, you’re telling the YouTube bots/algorithm exactly WHAT your video is, WHO should be watching it and WHY that person will enjoy watching it.

Once YouTube knows all this, it can start that magical process and your videos will start bringing in the views, subscribers, and you can start making money with your YouTube Channel.

Still not convinced? In this article below, I’m going to share with you 9 reasons why YouTube SEO is the best way to grow your YouTube Channel in 2022 and in the months and years to come.

YouTube seo is the best way to grow your YouTube channel

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1. Ranking your videos for SEO brings in a consistent flow of views.

Unlike normal videos that bring in a lot of views as soon as you upload them and then slowly die down never to be seen again, videos that implement YouTube SEO consistently bring in a consistent flow of traffic, for weeks, months, and even years to come.

This is because when utilizing SEO in your YouTube videos, you’re tweaking them to perform best for things that people are actually searching for and you’re not relying on your subscribers or the off chance that your video may go viral.

Think of this for a second; if you have 100 or 1000 subscribers, if you’re not optimizing your videos, the most views that video will most likely get is 100 or 1000, and not all your subscribers will watch it, so it’ll probably be far less than that. Sound familiar?

Now think of what would happen if your video appears in search results for even a small term that any channel could rank for. This could be a search that 1000 people do every month. EVERY MONTH. Now let’s say 50% of those people watch your video, that’s 500 people every month that could be subscribing to your channel and watch even more of your videos.

Let’s keep looking at that example. If you’re optimizing your videos, you won’t ONLY be trying to rank for just ONE search term, you’ll be trying to rank for FIVE, TEN, maybe even more. Think about that for a moment, how many more views and viewers you can bring to your channel with YouTube SEO.

Imagine your video appears at the top of YouTube search results for something more popular. A search term that brings in 10,000 views per month, or even 100,000!

This is all possible with YouTube SEO and the best thing about it is that these can be VIEWS PER MONTH. So, your videos will consistently bring in new viewers to your channel and they can turn into subscribers and maybe even customers.

I use & recommend TubeBuddy for all things YouTube SEO & to find the perfect keywords that my videos should be able to rank for. The free browser extension is IMO the best YouTube tool to grow a channel, and it’s free.

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2. YouTube SEO allows you to become an expert in your field.

Do you know what happens when people start to see the same channel or person at the top of the search results on a particular topic? Positive association happens.

This means that people start associating you, your channel, your business, etc. with a particular topic/niche/field and you turn yourself into an expert. No degree required.

If your channel’s videos appear in many searches relating around your field, viewers will automatically start building a “relationship” with your channel, even if they haven’t watched one of your videos. Because they’ve seen your content so often, they may start thinking that this channel must be an expert in this field and your opinion will be held with just a little bit more importance (which can then also be leveraged for sponsorships and partnerships).

YouTube SEO to get more subscribers

3. By optimizing your videos around specific topics, your viewers will be more likely to turn to subscribers.

YouTube SEO is not only about making videos on one particular topic but by focusing on a particular field/topic, it can really help your YouTube optimization endeavors.

Let’s make another quick thought experiment.

If a viewer interested in cooking finds two cooking videos from two different channels, which one do you think they’ll be more likely to subscribe to?

The viewer clicks on the channel page of channel A and finds; some cooking, some video gameplay, random vlogging, DIY tutorials, and how to change the starter motor on a 1994 Toyota Corolla.

The viewer also heads onto the channel page of channel B and finds the following; recipe guides, recipe ideas, guides for cooking during the holiday, and more cooking-related content.

Which channel is the cooking interested person more likely to subscribe to?

4. Channels that perform good YouTube SEO practices have more engaged viewers.

I could do thought experiments all day, but I’ll leave it out here and just get straight to the point. 😉

If your YouTube videos are optimized well around a particular search term, the viewers who find your video will be far more engaged in the content. This is because it was something they ACTIVELY searched for. As opposed to stumbling upon and then MAYBE engaging with by watching, liking, commenting, subscribing, etc.

5. YouTube SEO brings in very targeted viewers

Again, when your videos are optimized around a very specific subject, you attract very specific viewers.

This means that, for example, people who are searching for ‘best gaming monitors in 2020’ and find your review video, will be far more likely to click on a link and make a purchase because they are probably in the market for a new gaming monitor.

Whereas viewers who just stumble across your video on their home page may still be interested, but they most likely won’t be actively looking to purchase a new monitor.

This means that by using YouTube SEO, you can get the right people to the right products or services that you may be selling or affiliated with. Great for business and making money on YouTube.

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6. Videos optimized for SEO can appear in Google Search results.

YouTube SEO and YouTube Optimization doesn’t just stop on YouTube… Even if the name may suggest that. 😉

Google and YouTube are really close, you could even call them family, their parent company (see what I did there?) Alphabet keeps them under the same umbrella and that has some great implications for your YouTube videos if you’re implementing YouTube optimization.

You see, when you search for something on the world’s largest search engine, Google, a lot of the time the first results are videos. And these aren’t just any videos taken from anywhere across the web. They’re YouTube videos. They can be your YouTube videos.

So, let’s go back to that first thought experiment I made earlier with a search term getting 1000 searches per month. What if this same search term had 2000 searches on Google and your video happens to appear right there at the top?

That’s right, even more views, and all that you’ve done is optimize your videos well.

Google search results can also be an even better way of getting very targeted viewers who are interested in your products or business. These viewers could just be looking for that video confirmation that the product they want to buy will fulfill their requirements, and this is where your video and links come in.

7. An optimized YouTube channel means your videos have a better chance of going viral.

I’ve already talked down going viral, mainly because if you’re just posting and hoping, it’s extremely unlikely to happen… Think lottery number unlikely!

By optimizing your YouTube channel, however, you’re actually improving the chances of your videos going viral, and then having the rest of your channel’s videos reap the benefits of the extra views.

This is because the algorithm will be more likely to spread your content like wildfire if your videos have been optimized well. When a video on a well-optimized channel goes viral, this is huge because the channel as a whole can go viral and bring in millions of views not just to that one particular video, but the rest of the channels related content.

8. Channels that perform YouTube SEO best practices have a higher chance of being suggested by YouTube.

The “S” in SEO could very well stand for “Suggested” as it could for “Search” …Although the “E” wouldn’t make much sense in “Suggested Engine Optimization”.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and whilst YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and YouTube SEO is very much about getting videos to the top of the search results, it’s not all that it’s about. YouTube has a variety of great features that can bring in extra views and one of the most powerful is appearing in suggested videos.

Suggested videos could be in the up next bar when watching a video, or just YouTubes recommendations when you log onto YouTube.com.

Remember at the beginning when I told you that by implementing YouTube SEO, you’re telling the YouTube bots/algorithm exactly WHAT your video is, WHO should be watching it and WHY that person will enjoy watching it.

Well, this is extremely useful in terms of suggested and recommended videos. YouTube wants to keep people on the platform, and by knowing WHAT your video is and WHO wants to watch it, YouTube can then push your content to those people in the form of suggested and recommended videos to keep them on YouTube.

Isn’t that amazing?!

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9. YouTube SEO is the safest way of guaranteeing your YouTube Success.

Having a video go viral on the off chance is about as likely as winning 6 figures in the lottery. Making videos and hoping that they take off, whilst not having a massive following or investing thousands in YouTube ads, is not going to bring you much success or subscribers and you’ll quickly find yourself disillusioned with YouTube life.

Like most things in life, you need a plan in order to be successful, and this is what YouTube SEO is. Your plan to succeed. By implementing YouTube SEO, you are putting your videos in front of the eyes of people who want to watch them and with hard work and determination, you’ll achieve success on YouTube.

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Now that you know why YouTube SEO is the best way to grow your YouTube channel, are you going to take action? The first step to getting a million views is to get your first, and that goes for subscribers as well!

If you have any questions or answers to my thought experiments, drop them in the comments below.