About David Woutersen

David runs the show here and founded Out Of The 925 in 2018.

Since starting online, he has managed to take multiple platforms (website, social accounts, etc.) from zero to millions of views through organic growth (and separate projects using ads).

He has over a decade’s worth of experience running successful businesses in the most diverse niches imaginable, from IRL professions like carpet cleaning, home renovations, and modeling to digital income streams like e-Commerce, content websites, and social media channels.

While he has a (sports) marketing degree, his tech skills landed him a corporate job as a social media coordinator. He left in 2021 to travel across Europe with his wife, newborn son, and two dogs.

Currently, he runs a portfolio of websites and other digital assets from an Airbnb in France.

He shares his experience with technology, online business, and digital marketing right here… minus the usual fluff and unnecessary jargon.

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David Working In Italy
David In Italy