Journaling On iPad: Best 8 Apps To Use

journaling on ipad

Keeping a journal or diary is one of the best ways to remain calm, even when your world feels chaotic. However, you don’t need a physical journal to jot down your thoughts and feelings – there are plenty of fantastic journaling apps that can be installed on your iPad. You’ll love the following iPad journaling … Read more

Best Pens For Journaling For Every Type

best pens for journaling

Journaling is a great way to keep a track of your goals, achievements, feelings, and happenings in your daily life. Whether you bullet journal or keep a daily journal for yourself, using the correct pen could make all the difference. Of course, the perfect pen will have to be versatile, value for money, and comfortable … Read more

How to Start Journaling: A Beginner’s Guide

how to start journaling

The daily art of keeping a journal seems to be somewhat lost in the modern world that we live in, but the truth is that keeping a journal is an excellent way to destress, maintain mental health, and keep yourself focused on the intensity of modern life. If you want to start journaling but do … Read more

How To Bullet Journal Like a Pro

how to bullet journal

If you’re a fan of personal diaries, you’ll be an even bigger fan of bullet journaling. Instead of a traditional diary, bullet journals are completely personalized to you and contain multiple sections. They can take notes, track mental and physical health, and record long-term and short-term goals. In this article, we will cover how to … Read more

Benefits Of Writing A Journal

benefits of writing a journal

Keeping a journal is a beloved practice by millions of people internationally. This practice and the daily process is not only a good way to keep track of your life, but it also has several benefits that can significantly improve your daily life. Let’s explore and identify some of the benefits that come with keeping … Read more

65 Gratitude Journal Benefits

gratitude journal benefits

Gratitude journaling is an increasingly popular practice where you write down what you appreciate. Instilling the habit of being grateful for all you have and the people in your life has many benefits. Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal literally rewires your brain, improving your physical and mental health, and building your personal and … Read more

10 Best Bullet Journal Ideas For Beginners

Bullet Journal Ideas For Beginners

So you just bought your first journal. You open the cover and breath in that new book smell. Suddenly the reality hits you… you’ve never journaled before and have no idea where even to begin. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you figure out how to start bullet journaling, even if you’ve never done it … Read more

20 Best Bullet Journal Ideas 

bullet journal ideas

When creativity and practicality meet, you get a bullet journal, or Bujo for short. Your bullet journal journey is unique and personal, a process that brings you from planning to drawing. Bujos keep you organized and stimulate your imagination. Bullet journaling was the brainchild of Ryder Carroll as a method to orientate your past, present, … Read more

66 Journal Prompts for Kids to Spark Creativity

journal prompts for kids

Journaling is a great way to teach kids to write well and provides an excellent platform for practicing writing and communication skills. Creative thinking, imagination, story-telling, and critical thinking are all skills that kids can practice through journaling. Let’s explore some fun and creative journal prompts for kids to help them practice writing and develop … Read more

10 Best Morning Journal Prompts

morning journal prompts

Keeping a daily morning journal is a good way to make personal growth and an even better way to change the way you perceive your world around you and your daily experience. Journaling in the morning is among the best methods to approach journaling, but it can be challenging to find the right prompts for … Read more

179 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Inspire

gratitude journal prompts

Keeping a gratitude journal is a positive and transformative habit. Developing a joyful life means loving, appreciating, and being grateful for what you already have, for who is in your life, and for your life. Expressing gratitude in writing through gratitude journaling helps us focus on what makes life worthwhile, even when we may feel … Read more

70 Mindfulness Journal Prompts

mindfulness journal prompts

The practice of mindfulness is an intentional focus of attention on the present moment. You consciously direct your awareness to what is happening and what you are thinking, feeling, and doing right now. This non-judgemental observation makes you calm, relaxed and grounded. It also improves self-awareness and makes you attuned to your surroundings. You can … Read more

70 Manifestation Journal Prompts To Transform Your Life

manifestation journal prompts

A manifestation journal combines the current trend for journaling and the practice of manifestation. The benefits of journaling for your mental health are well-known, making it a popular self-help tool. However, journaling can also be a key to turning your thoughts, dreams, and beliefs into reality.  Keeping a manifestation journal is a technique to consciously … Read more

87 Journaling Prompts For Self Discovery

journaling prompts for self discovery

Knowing who you are at your core and shaping your life’s paths according to your values and beliefs help you lead an authentic life. Authenticity will typically guide you towards positive, intrinsically motivated, socially aware activities – and happiness. On the other hand, you might pay a high price for your self-ignorance, where you haven’t … Read more

20 Journaling Prompts For Self Love

journaling prompts for self love

Are you looking for guidance on how to start journaling, perhaps with some inspirational prompts for self-love? Journaling is a powerful tool for self-expression and emotional release, allowing you to explore your inner thoughts and feelings in a safe and private space. But sometimes, it can be difficult to write about loving yourself, especially if … Read more

63 Journaling Prompts For Mental Health 

journaling prompts for mental health

Journaling is a highly therapeutic technique that a lot of people use. And it’s beneficial if you’re struggling with your mental health. Many people may feel ashamed or are unable to share their thoughts, feelings, fears, and struggles with others. But when you feel restricted or alone, you can always rely on a creative outlet … Read more

17 Journaling Prompts For Healing

journaling prompts for healing

Journaling is a great way to explore our inner world and offers numerous benefits like reducing stress, processing emotions, and improving our well-being. Journaling is also great for healing and our mental health. Starting the healing process through journaling may initially seem intimidating, but we have a list of wonderful journaling prompts to help guide … Read more

130 Daily Journal Prompts To Inspire Your Writing

daily journal prompts

Keeping a daily journal is an incredible endeavor. This skill and habit is an excellent way to self-reflect, self-improve, and become mindful of every aspect of your daily life. Journaling is fun, immersive, and interesting, but thinking of a daily journal entry can be challenging. Let’s explore some of the best daily journal prompts to … Read more

67 Positivity Journal Prompts To Boost Happiness

positivity journal prompts

Therapists recommend keeping a positivity journal as a tool to help focus on the joy in your life. There are many benefits to this kind of journaling, including reframing negative experiences and moods and developing your ability to look for the positive. Journaling also retrains your brain to move from negative thought patterns to an … Read more

55 Journaling Prompts For Anxiety

Journaling Prompts For Anxiety

Anxiety can feel like an incredible burden at times. You constantly feel fearful, out of control, and completely helpless. When you feel these emotions, it’s normal to have exaggerated reactions. But finding calming techniques like journaling to help you quiet your mind and re-regulate your emotions and physical actions can help you improve your coping … Read more

16 Fun Journaling Prompts: Spark Your Creativity

fun journaling prompts

We often want to write but can’t find the time to do it. Maybe we are too intimidated by the endless blank pages in our journal, or we want every pen stroke to be perfect. Here are a few fun journaling prompts to get the ballpoint pen rolling. 5 Productivity Enhancement Prompts Have you ever … Read more