67 Positivity Journal Prompts To Boost Happiness

Therapists recommend keeping a positivity journal as a tool to help focus on the joy in your life. There are many benefits to this kind of journaling, including reframing negative experiences and moods and developing your ability to look for the positive.

Journaling also retrains your brain to move from negative thought patterns to an attitude of optimism. Starting a positivity journal is an excellent step for your mental health.

Let’s look at some prompts to help you get started.

Positivity Journal Prompts

10 Inspirational Positivity Journal Prompts

One of the essential aspects of positivity is focusing on what inspires you, brings you joy, and makes you feel optimistic.

These prompts help you to explore how you think about positivity.

  1. What is always guaranteed to put you in a good mood?
  2. What is your favorite way of cheering others up?
  3. Do you think of yourself as an optimist? Why or why not?
  4. What is your morning mantra? If you don’t have one, create one.
  5. How does your attitude or intention for the day influence how it turns out?
  6. Who is the most positive person you know? How do they make you feel?
  7. Who inspires you? Why? Write a list of people who inspire you in each area of your life: professional, personal, spiritual, etc. Consider what qualities they have that you admire.
  8. Journal about a difficult time or obstacle you overcame and how you managed. What did you learn from this time?
  9. What does “choose faith over fear” mean to you?
  10. Journal about the best piece of advice you’ve ever received.
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15 Self-Care Positivity Journal Prompts

Self-care is both a physical and mental activity. You can care for and pamper your body through a bubble bath or massage.

You can improve your mental health by journaling.

Therefore, keeping a daily positivity journal is an act of self-care and a wonderful tool recommended for self-help.

  1. Today I permit myself to …
  2. What positive statement do you need to hear right now?
  3. What positive emotion do you feel when you’re optimistic?
  4. List five things you can do to bring yourself joy.
  5. What random act of kindness have you given or received recently?
  6. Where do you feel safest and most comforted?
  7. I can show myself more love by …
  8. Write down three worries or challenges you’re facing now. Write down an action that you could take to resolve each of them. 
  9. I make healthy choices for myself by …
  10. What expectations should you let go of? For yourself? For others?
  11. I forgive myself for…
  12. How do you manage negative emotions? How can you reframe or manage them better?
  13. What negative thinking patterns do you typically have? Rewrite them as positive patterns.
  14. What can you do to immediately lift your spirits?
  15. I feel most peaceful when …

15 “I Am” Positivity Journal Prompts

Making positive “I am” statements develops self-esteem by reinforcing all your best qualities and those you aspire to.

Reflecting on your positive attributes is not conceited: it is a form of self-discovery, a way of getting to know and love yourself. You can use these statements as affirmations to repeat daily.

Try to write down five sentences for each of the following prompts.

  1. My most fantastic character traits are …
  2. I am proud of myself for …
  3. I inspire others by …
  4. I choose joy when …
  5. My greatest strengths are …
  6. I believe in my skills and abilities to …
  7. I create a safe and secure space for myself by …
  8. I am worthy of respect because …
  9. I help others by …
  10. I can change the world for the better by …
  11. People’s first positive impression of me is …
  12. I am a good friend because …
  13. I deserve to be loved because …
  14. My most significant accomplishments are …
  15. My biggest talent is …
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15 Positivity Journal Prompts About Gratitude

Focussing on what you appreciate helps highlight the positive and what makes your life meaningful and worthwhile. 

Research shows that regularly journaling about what you’re grateful for builds contentment, improves your mental and physical health, and makes for a happier personal and professional life.

So if you want to incorporate the benefits of a gratitude journal into your life, here are some prompts to help get you started.

  1. Journal about five things you’re grateful for today (as small or big as you like).
  2. Write a thank you letter to someone who was kind or helpful to you this week. You can keep it private in your journal or share the letter.
  3. What was the best day you’ve had recently? Why did you love it?
  4. Journal about five things that make you laugh and smile.
  5. What was some good news you heard today?
  6. What gives your life purpose? 
  7. Write a thank you letter to someone you never thanked for support in the past, such as a teacher, friend, or neighbor. You can keep it private in your journal or share the letter.
  8. What do you love about nature and the outside world? How do you spend time in nature?
  9. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? How did it make you feel?
  10. Journal about your happiest memory or favorite past experience.
  11. What lessons are you grateful for? Write a letter to your past self encouraging them with this lesson.
  12. Think of a beloved friend or family member. What do you appreciate most about them? Give them a call or go for coffee.
  13. Write down five things you love most about your spouse or partner. If you’re single, what qualities would you love most in a partner?
  14. What is your favorite activity or hobby? 
  15. My favorite place is … because it makes me feel …
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12 Positivity Journal Prompts About The Future

Journaling with gratitude helps you to focus on the past and present. 

Positivity journaling also allows you to explore your hopes and dreams for the future.

This kind of journaling is beneficial if you feel pessimistic about your future plans or cannot imagine your life in the years ahead.

  1. Journal about dreams you have for your future and how they could be fulfilled. Be as realistic or unrealistic as you like.
  2. What’s on your bucket list? Think about what you’ve always wanted to do and how you can try something new soon.
  3. What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with?
  4. What would you like to change about your current life? Write about positive changes you’d like to make.
  5. How do you feel about waking up in the morning? How would you like to feel?
  6. My heart is open to …
  7. What are you excited about and looking forward to in the near future?
  8. What can you do to add more fun to your daily life?
  9. I will make today/this week/month/year count by …
  10. Write down three goals you have for the coming months or years. For each goal, what are three positive steps you can take toward it?
  11. What is going really well in your life right now? Journal about how you want to continue this positivity in the future.
  12. Who do you want to be a year from now? Describe that person.
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