70 Manifestation Journal Prompts To Transform Your Life

A manifestation journal combines the current trend for journaling and the practice of manifestation. The benefits of journaling for your mental health are well-known, making it a popular self-help tool. However, journaling can also be a key to turning your thoughts, dreams, and beliefs into reality. 

Keeping a manifestation journal is a technique to consciously attract and create the circumstances that fulfill your life’s goals. If you’re unsure how to begin your manifestation journal, here are 70 prompts to get you moving on this exciting journey.

Manifestation Journal Prompts

10 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Self-Awareness

To manifest your life’s dreams, you need to be able to define what it is you want. This step is often more complex than we think, as many of us have vague ideas about the future.

Well-being coaches often guide you to mindful meditation to quiet the mind and achieve self-awareness. The manifestation journal is a tool to help with self-reflection.

Freewriting, sketches, doodles, and words can all form part of your manifestation journal. Use these prompts to start the process.

  1. I am happiest when …
  2. The changes I’d like to see are …
  3. The fears that are blocking the manifestation of my desires are …
  4. The excuses that hold me back are …
  5. If I feel that I am losing faith, I will …
  6. If I feel depressed, I will …
  7. Obstacles I face in trying to reach my goals are …
  8. I believe in myself because …
  9. I reach goals by …
  10. The supporters I can always depend on are …

10 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Visualization

To manifest your dream life, you must be clear on what that life looks like. Visualization is a technique used by manifestation coaches where you imagine a scene from your ideal future, whether professional, personal, or spiritual.

Use your journal to record these visualizations in the present tense, as if they are your current reality. Life coaches call this process “future scripting,” where you train your subconscious to believe you have already accomplished your desires.

Take three deep breaths and prepare to use these prompts to develop your visualization skills.

  1. What does your dream life look like?
  2. What do you need to have peace of mind and spirit?
  3. Describe your ideal job. What are you doing? How much money are you earning?
  4. What would your ultimate vacation be? 
  5. Visualize your dream home with a garden and a car in the garage. Describe the community around it. You might want to draw a picture as well.
  6. What kind of person is your soulmate? What qualities do they have?
  7. If your relationships were all perfect, what would that mean?
  8. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your life?
  9. What legacy do you want to leave?
  10. Describe the last years of your life. How do you feel spiritually, mentally, and physically?
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10 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Planning

Although some believe that you can manifest your future through affirmations, positive expectations, and self-belief alone, many spiritual and wellness coaches suggest that you must also put in the work.

Setting and working towards specific goals is a valuable approach. Once you have a clear visualization of, for instance, your work-related dream, you journal about achievable steps and goals that will direct your thinking towards positivity.

Check in with your goals periodically to see that you are progressing and that you still want to achieve the goals.

Try these prompts to help you set small and more significant goals for specific visualizations.

  1. What do you want to achieve, experience, or get this year/month/week?
  2. What are specific long-term goals associated with your particular visualization?
  3. Break the long-term goals down into short-term goals that will allow you to progress.
  4. Break down the short-term goals into even smaller, achievable goals.
  5. What obstacles are in the way of your dream? Are these self-created and self-sabotaging? Write them down and cross them out to reject them.
  6. What habits must you change to align with these goals?
  7. What negative thoughts and behavior patterns do you need to release to achieve your goals?
  8. What will help you to remain persistent and do the work to achieve the outcomes you want?
  9. Have you changed, and can you reflect these changes in your goals? 
  10. Do you need to set new goals as your destiny manifests?

10 Daily Intention Manifestation Journal Prompts 

Manifestation is not always goal-directed in terms of a career, a home, or a partner.

Many wish to manifest change in themselves, such as improving self-care, transforming negative behavior and thinking patterns into positive ones, or creating spiritual balance.

To set your direction for the day, wellness coaches recommend using morning journal prompts as part of manifestation journaling. This practice allows you to set daily intentions and is ideally done in the morning to start your day on the right foot.

  1. I will speak up instead of staying quiet when…
  2. I will share my thought processes with…
  3. If I encounter disappointment, I will stay calm by…
  4. I will say thank you…
  5. I will treat myself kindly by…
  6. If I feel overwhelmed, I will…
  7. I will be proud of myself if…
  8. I will refuse to accept…
  9. If I am struggling, I can always ask … for support.
  10. Instead of making … excuse, I will…

10 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Self-Reflection

Part of the manifestation process is to keep returning to self-reflection and being honest about your needs and values.

Manifestation will not be successful if you wish to manifest something that is not rooted in your unique truth and beliefs.

Life coaches recommend self-reflection to ensure that you are on the right manifestation path.

  1. Does this visualization of your future feel right and true to your values?
  2. What does choosing this manifestation and its associated goals mean for you?
  3. What will each goal achieve? Does each plan lead to another?
  4. Will the realization of this manifestation make you happy and fulfilled? 
  5. How will it change or improve your life?
  6. If this manifestation comes about, how will you feel about it?
  7. Will manifesting this dream harm you or others?
  8. What is stopping you from achieving your goals?
  9. Do you have any self-limiting beliefs that you need to release?
  10. Is an old version of yourself holding you back?

10 Positive Affirmation Manifestation Journal Prompts 

One of the fundamentals of manifestation is that negativity attracts negative results while positive energy draws positive outcomes to you.

While being positive is not enough to manifest your dreams, it is true that an optimistic outlook inevitably creates remarkable success.

One of the tools life coaches use to drown out the negative self-talk that sabotages manifestation is writing and repeating positive affirmations.

These are examples of positive affirmations which you can rework in your manifestation journal.

  1. I am worthy of love.
  2. I deserve to be heard.
  3. I open my mind and soul to goodness.
  4. I welcome my best self.
  5. I am successful.
  6. I have a powerful spirit.
  7. I have the capacity to achieve my goals.
  8. I welcome positive energy.
  9. I love myself.
  10. I am enough.
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10 Manifestation Journal Prompts About Gratitude

Once your dreams begin manifesting, it is vital to respond with gratitude and joy.

Keeping track of what you appreciate and are grateful for helps you to identify exciting changes, experiences, and events.

Expressing thanks is also calming and uplifting, promoting positive energy. Use these prompts to express gratitude in your manifestation journal.

  1. What are you grateful for that you didn’t have a year ago?
  2. What change in your life is worth celebrating?
  3. Describe a recent accomplishment, large or small.
  4. Journal about a lesson you learned recently that has made an impact.
  5. What negative experience have you had that you could reframe positively and are now grateful for?
  6. What did you do or say differently today that made the day better?
  7. How can you express gratitude to someone who supports and loves you?
  8. The best news I’ve heard is…
  9. I am so grateful right now for…
  10. I love sharing my life’s journey with…
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