179 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Inspire

Keeping a gratitude journal is a positive and transformative habit. Developing a joyful life means loving, appreciating, and being grateful for what you already have, for who is in your life, and for your life.

Expressing gratitude in writing through gratitude journaling helps us focus on what makes life worthwhile, even when we may feel life is not.

These 180 gratitude journal prompts will get you started in a new habit that will take you on a journey to a happier life.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

20 Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts

According to experts, writing in your gratitude journal at the end of the day helps you to reflect on all that happened. What made you happy this morning? This afternoon? This evening? It can be challenging as we initially focus on the nagging boss, the late bus, or the whining kids.

But experienced journalers promise you will find good and beauty in everyday life, especially if you journal daily.

Here are 20 daily gratitude journal prompts to get you started:

  1. What made you smile today? 
  2. What is one pleasure or luxury you enjoyed today that you longed for in the past?
  3. What funniest joke or action made you belly laugh today?
  4. What did you eat or drink today that sustained you, that you appreciated, or really savored?
  5. What is one positive thought you had about yourself today?
  6. How have you practiced self-care today?
  7. Did anything trigger negative feelings today? How can you reframe the event positively?
  8. Did you meet anyone new or exciting today? Who?
  9. What good news did you hear or get today?
  10. Looking around me, I feel grateful for …
  11. My favorite part of today’s schedule was …
  12. Today, I felt blessed to have enough money to …
  13. …made me feel happy when I was down today.
  14. Today, I said “Thank you!” to …
  15. What technology made your day more effective?
  16. What conversation did you have today that filled you with gratitude?
  17. Today, I am grateful for my body and health because …
  18. How did you cheer someone up today?
  19. What did you do differently today that made your day better?
  20. What are you planning to do differently tomorrow?

20 Self-Reflection Prompts

Gratitude journaling is often part of a journey to self-discovery, self-love, and self-care.

Reflecting on your accomplishments, skills, and positive attributes can be heartening, while considering how you overcame adversity is encouraging.

These prompts can kickstart your reflections.

  1. Make a list of 10 characteristics that make you unique. 
  2. Describe your most significant accomplishment in your personal life.
  3. Write about a professional achievement that you’re proud of.
  4. Name 10 things you love about yourself.
  5. Write about something you learned this week.
  6. Write about an experience you thought was a failure but taught you a lot about life.
  7. What do you have today that you wished for a year ago?
  8. What do you appreciate about your health?
  9. What is a mistake you’ve made that you’ve been forgiven for?
  10. What is the best gift you ever received?
  11. What random act of kindness have you carried out recently?
  12. What are you looking forward to in the next week, month, and year?
  13. What good habits do you have?
  14. Describe the best day you’ve had recently.
  15. What is the most beautiful compliment you’ve ever received?
  16. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Why?
  17. What relationships are you working on at the moment?
  18. What makes you happy about being married/single?
  19. If you could speak to your younger self, what would you tell them to be grateful for that they take for granted?
  20. What is going well right now in your life?
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10 Gratitude Prompts About Your Body

A large part of our self-esteem is based on our physical appearance. We tend to judge ourselves negatively and criticize our bodies for failing to meet unreasonable social expectations.

Gratitude journaling allows you to focus on why you love your body, how you appreciate it, and how you can nurture your health.

  1. I appreciate my body because …
  2. Which of your physical features is your favorite?
  3. I feel most beautiful when …
  4. What activities do you do to keep your body strong and fit?
  5. I’m grateful for each of my five senses because …
  6. Do your diet and eating habits improve your health?
  7. How has your body changed over the years?
  8. What physical ability, talent, or skill are you most grateful for?
  9. How have you recently cared for your physical well-being?
  10. How do you feel after a really great night’s sleep?

20 Prompts About Friends And Family

Tim Ferriss says that relationships are a good starting point if you are a beginner to gratitude journaling. Writing about loved ones, be they friends or family, can be a rich source of gratitude.

Reflecting on favorite memories of your parents, teachers, and best friends brings back happiness and can change how you feel today.

  1. What is your happiest childhood memory?
  2. What is your most cherished memory of your mom?
  3. What is your most cherished memory of your dad?
  4. What memories do you love about your grandparents?
  5. What family traditions do you love?
  6. What was your favorite holiday to celebrate growing up?
  7. Do you remember any great family vacations?
  8. The craziest thing my best buddy and I did was …
  9. Write a thank you letter to the person who taught you the most in life.
  10. The best experience of my life was with…
  11. Write about a friend you can always rely on. 
  12. Describe someone who makes you very happy.
  13. Who is in your favorite photograph?
  14. What songs did you sing as a child that you sing with your own children?
  15. Explain a lesson that you learned as a child.
  16. How can you share your gratitude for your friends in the following weeks?
  17. What could you say to family members to express how much you appreciate them?
  18. Who has inspired you most as an adult?
  19. What do friends and family most love about you?
  20. Describe someone who has made your life better.
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P.s. Using journal prompts for children is a great way to help kids cultivate gratitude towards their loved ones and develop positive self-esteem, planning, and creative writing abilities (and much more).

10 Spiritual Gratitude Journal Prompts

Believing in God, a higher power, or the universe’s energy can add meaning, purpose, and belonging to your life.

Reflecting on your spiritual side and giving thanks is part of your gratitude journey.

  1. What do you love about the spiritual or faith community you belong to?
  2. Which spiritual practices or rituals are most meaningful to you?
  3. How does your religion liberate you or give you the freedom to be yourself?
  4. What does your faith community say about fear and facing the future?
  5. Do you believe in an afterlife? What will it be like?
  6. Which beliefs define you as a person?
  7. Who shares your spiritual journey with you?
  8. How have your beliefs or spiritual practices changed you for the better?
  9. How do you incorporate your beliefs into everyday life and routines?
  10. Write about a spiritual teacher, mentor, or pastor who has taught you the most.

10 Prompts About Children 

Children are a symbol of hope in the world. Are you grateful for your children, your grandchildren, or a beloved child of a neighbor or friend?

Of course, kids can be exhausting and annoying.

Still, they open our lives to unconditional love, caring, and an incredible sense of fun and exploration.

  1. The child I love most in the world is…
  2. When I look at my children, I am so grateful that…
  3. What everyday activities do you love doing with your children?
  4. Journal about challenges you’ve had with children and how they have made you a better person.
  5. How do children make you happy to be alive?
  6. What qualities do you see in your children that make you proud?
  7. What games does your family like to play together?
  8. Dreams and wishes for my children and grandchildren
  9. The greatest gift I can give my children is…
  10. What traditions do you want to start or keep in your family?

20 Gratitude Journal Prompts About Your Home 

Gratitude journaling about your home and surroundings can help you to appreciate where you live and what you own.

Do you love the house or apartment you live in? Is it the particular street or town? Do you have a favorite chair to sit in and drink your coffee, or love standing on the porch watching the sunset?

  1. What do you like most about your home?
  2. What do you enjoy about the town or city you live in?
  3. Describe your happy place in your house or garden.
  4. What have you bought recently that has improved your home life?
  5. When you walk into your home, what smell makes you feel welcome?
  6. Who do you love to see first when you walk through the door?
  7. What dish do you like preparing in your kitchen? 
  8. Write about an item in your home with a texture you love.
  9. What is your favorite way to pamper yourself at home?
  10. Make a list of 10 items, appliances, or services you have in your home that many people in the world don’t have or don’t have access to.
  11. What do you like about your neighbors?
  12. How do you like to spend time alone at home?
  13. How does being at home make you feel?
  14. I love it when… visits my home.
  15. My favorite room in my home is…
  16. I love sharing my home with…
  17. Write about your 10 most prized possessions. 
  18. Is your current home different from the home you grew up in? How is it better?
  19. Journal about the fun you, your friends, and your family have at your home.
  20. What item are you saving for to grace your home?
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20 Journal Prompts About Work

Work and our professional life fill many hours of the day. Even if you’re not mad about your job, it’s worth cultivating gratitude.

You may be thankful for the work itself, the financial rewards, and the friends you make of colleagues.

  1. Who is a mentor or leader who inspires you professionally?
  2. What do you love about your job?
  3. What have you learned recently at work that you’re thankful for?
  4. I am grateful for my colleague/s… because…
  5. How can you show your gratitude at your workplace?
  6. How is your professional life better than it was a year ago?
  7. What do your colleagues appreciate about you?
  8. Write down five skills that you bring to your profession.
  9. When did you help someone at work solve a problem?
  10. What is your favorite part of your workday routine?
  11. Journal about a challenge you faced or an obstacle you overcame in your professional life.
  12. What are you looking forward to in your career?
  13. A critical life lesson I learned at work is …
  14. Write about a time a colleague helped you out.
  15. Have you had colleagues who have become friends?
  16. What do you enjoy about your daily commute?
  17. How does modern technology help you in your work life?
  18. Does your work-life balance need improving?
  19. I am most proud of…
  20. What are you looking forward to at work this week?

10 Prompts About Hobbies 

Hobbies and sports make us feel happy, creative, and productive. Often, memories of friends and family are bound up with our hobbies.

Consider how much time you make for hobbies and whether you should devote more time.

  1. What is your favorite hobby? Why?
  2. List five pastimes that you love.
  3. Write about how spending time in nature makes you feel.
  4. Make a list of 10 skills you learned from your hobbies.
  5. Journal about special friends you share your hobbies with.
  6. What would you do on a perfect day?
  7. My favorite way to exercise is …
  8. What activity would you love to spend more time on?
  9. When I do… I slow down and am calm.
  10. What do you enjoy about journaling?

10 Gratitude Journal Prompts About Pets

Many of us regard our pets as family and know how important they can be for our well-being. Pets offer unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship.

Spend some time writing about a beloved pet.

  1. Write about your favorite pet, past or present.
  2. Describe your pet’s unique qualities. 
  3. Any everyday experience with my pet that I take for granted is …
  4. Everyone should have a pet because …
  5. What is your most treasured memory about a pet you had in the past?
  6. What is the cutest photograph you’ve taken of your pet?
  7. My pet makes me laugh when …
  8. What is your favorite animal to observe in the wild?
  9. Describe your daily routine with your pet.
  10. Journal about how you chose your pet.

10 Prompts About Art, Music, Books, And Movies

Arts and media surround us and can be a source of inspiration. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by information or guilty for relaxing in front of Netflix, reflect on how music, words, stories, and images have improved your life.

  1. What is your favorite song? Why is it meaningful to you?
  2. What movie has meant something to you?
  3. List your top five books and why you love them.
  4. What is a quote that inspires you or makes you happy?
  5. I would love to spend more time reading/watching/listening to …
  6. An artist, actor, or author who always inspires me is …
  7. What about your culture or the culture of your community inspires you?
  8. What social media channels do you enjoy and appreciate?
  9. Is there a TV show you love watching because it makes you laugh?
  10. Journal about how listening to music is integral to your life.
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10 Gratitude Journal Prompts About Vacations

Some of our happiest memories and experiences come when we slow down, take time out, and travel.

Thinking back on vacations during busy working weeks can bring us peace and appreciation for the rhythms of our lives.

  1. My favorite place to visit is …
  2. My happiest vacation memory is …
  3. Who would you love to treat to a vacation of a lifetime?
  4. The best meal I had on vacation was …
  5. What vacation photographs or souvenirs are precious to you?
  6. Where did you go for the first time recently?
  7. Write about a vacation experience that challenged you physically or mentally.
  8. Do you prefer to relax and be lazy on vacation or keep yourself busy with sightseeing and activities? Why?
  9. Do you think vacations and time off work are essential to your life?
  10. Who is your favorite vacation companion?

9 Seasonal Gratitude Journal Prompts

The seasons form the backdrop to our lives, ebbing and flowing with changing routines, holidays, celebrations, and activities. Focussing on what each season brings and how we can appreciate them can be enriching.

  1. What season do you love the most? Why?
  2. How does your daily routine change in each season? What changes do you love?
  3. What smell do you associate with each season?
  4. What sounds do you enjoy in the different seasons?
  5. Make a list of foods you like to eat in fall and winter.
  6. Make a list of foods you like to eat in spring and summer.
  7. What is your most cherished holiday or celebration in each season?
  8. What is the weather like today? Describe it positively.
  9. What was your most memorable birthday?
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