16 Fun Journaling Prompts: Spark Your Creativity

We often want to write but can’t find the time to do it. Maybe we are too intimidated by the endless blank pages in our journal, or we want every pen stroke to be perfect.

Here are a few fun journaling prompts to get the ballpoint pen rolling.

Fun Journaling Prompts

5 Productivity Enhancement Prompts

Have you ever felt the urge to be productive in everything you do? Would you feel more satisfied if you could check off a couple more things on your to-do list daily?

Cornerstone University explains that a productive person can do more in less time.

Here are a few prompts to keep you productive.

1. Hey, That’s A Great Idea

Start writing down your ideas. They can be enormous, or they can be minuscule.

It doesn’t matter. Just start putting them down as they pop into your head.

2. I Wouldn’t Write That

Think back to the last blog post you read or the most recent book you devoured in your favorite reading chair.

Did you like it? Did you enjoy the words you read, or did you find the writing style tedious and unfulfilling?

Write down some things that you wouldn’t write yourself.

This is a fun prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Imagine you worked in a fortune cookie factory and had to come up with each fortune that some eager restaurant-goer would love to find.

Remember to keep each fortune short and to the point. 

You know you’ve succeeded if you make yourself laugh or come up with something you’d want to keep as a daily reminder.

4. If I Was An Author

We aren’t all Shakespear, but what if you were? If you were an author, what would you write? Would you write an epic fantasy novel filled with dragons and castles?

Would you write an intricate murder mystery set in the 1920s? Or would your imagination lead to the future where technology has advanced so far that it seems like magic to people living in the 21st century?

Let your imagination run wild as you see yourself receiving praise and accolades for your most recent book.

Female Author Writing In A Book Through A Window

5. If I Couldn’t Fail, I Would

What would you do if life only had ups and never downs? Consider the perfect world where you couldn’t ever fail. 

Write down a few things you would like to do if you couldn’t fail. 

Don’t think too hard. Just start writing things down, fill a page or two with all the things you would do if you didn’t have a fear of failure looming over your head.

7 Life Appreciation Prompts

Life is a mystery. We don’t always stop to appreciate how beautiful it could be. 

We spend all our time staring at a screen or rushing from one meeting to another. 

Let’s write down some things that will make us take in this precious gift we have—having trouble? Try one of these prompts and see if it sparks something inside you.

1. What Just Happened

Write down everything that happened in the last hour or two. Don’t go too far back into your day. 

Focus on all you have accomplished in such a short time, and appreciate how well you are doing.

If you haven’t done anything of note in the last hour, expand your timeline to include your morning or the day before, and find a few things you’re proud of doing.

2. What I Would Change

A great man once said: “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” More valid words have never been spoken. 

Write down a few things about your life, environment, job, or any other aspect of your being you would like to change if you could.

3. Who Would I Be If “Blank” Didn’t Happen

We are all a byproduct of our life experiences. Take a moment to look back and write down a few key events that have defined who you are today.

These experiences could be positive; they could be hurtful. We all have things we would sooner forget than give credit to, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make us who we are today.

Female Silhouette Thinking

4. You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened At This Hotel

This prompt might seem limited at first glance, but hold on. Please give it some thought. 

Write down a factual or fictional account of something that happened at an actual hotel you visited or a fantasy one that only exists in your mind.

5. My Earliest Memory Is

Youth is wasted on the young. We all know this is true. How often have we thought back to our early developmental years? 

Try looking back into your childhood and see if you can find your first memory. Perhaps it could be a smell, a sound, something you saw?

How wonderfully simple the world was back when we were little. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time there again, from time to time?

6. If My Shoes Could Talk, How Many Stories Would They Have?

Fun fact: Your shoes have traveled further than your car! If they could talk, which words would they choose? 

Would your hiking boots tell a different story from your stilettos? 

What would their voice sound like?

7. When I Was A Child

This prompt is about your favorite activities to do when you were younger. Were you biking around the neighborhood with your friends until the street lights came on? 

Were you building a rocket ship out of spare cardboard boxes to join Neal on the moon? 

Write down some things your parent had to drag you away from kicking and screaming. 

4 Passion Prompts

We often speak to our friends, family, and colleagues about work and share our experiences, but we don’t often get to discuss our passions. 

Let’s write down a few things only we love.

1. I Remember The First Time I Fell In Love

Love makes the world go round. Do you remember the first thing or person you loved? Think back to when the butterflies first hatched in your stomach. 

Recall the moment that fundamentally changed your life for the better.

Love is one of our most powerful emotions. It can give a mother the strength to lift a car. It can give a husband the drive to commit to doing whatever he has to do to provide for his family. 

It can form friendships that last a lifetime, through thick and thin.

2. Songs I Have Committed To Memory

Were you a punk? A metal head? Maybe a connoisseur of classical music? Studies have shown that music has a significant impact on our mental health. 

It can calm our busy minds, energize us, inspire us, and even recreate tangible core memories within our very being.

Write down all the songs that had an impact on your life. Think about the pieces of music whose lyrics still give you goosebumps.

Female Listening To Music

3. “Blank” Was My Hero

We all looked up to someone when we were younger. It could be a parent, a superhero from a comic book, a teacher, or even your local baker. 

Start writing about who your hero was and what they did to inspire you.

4. If I Could Write A Bedtime Story, I Would Write About “Blank.”

Whether you are a parent or not, it doesn’t matter. Try your hand at writing your own bedtime story. Imagine your writing for a children’s book publisher. 

What can you write that would bring a child comfort and peace of mind after a long hard day of playing with their friends?

Journaling is not just for adults; kids can also benefit from this therapeutic practice.

If you’re looking for fun and engaging journaling prompts for your little ones, our collection of journal prompts for kids is just what you need.

These prompts are designed to inspire creativity and encourage self-expression while providing a fun activity for kids to enjoy.

From writing about their favorite foods to imagining life as a superhero, these prompts will spark your child’s imagination and help them develop their writing skills in a fun and exciting way.

So grab a notebook and pen, and let the creativity flow!

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