What this site is about…

My name is David Woutersen, founder of Outofthe925.com. 

Having launched in late 2018, the goal of this website is to share information about social media, blogging, and creative businesses, as well as how to create financial freedom for yourself through monetization of your traffic, side hustles, remote work, and making money online.

I believe that great content deserves to be seen, and a lot of people give up far too soon because they do not see progress being made quickly enough.

I’ve had many flops and failures, having started with eCommerce in about 2015. I tried blogging without much success at that time as well, this wasn’t until I decided to get started with YouTube and other social media platforms.

This was what really started to tick for me, and I started creating content, getting thousands of views with a brand new YouTube channel. I moved over to Instagram and to Pinterest and had similar results with new accounts doing the things I write about on this blog (and also then really digging into website content and finding the answer to that as well).

While doing all of this I was doing freelance social media work, as well as consulting (and building a house, and finishing my master’s diploma in Sport Management).

Eventually, I moved to a corporate job but after working as a social media coordinator/strategist for a large outdoor platform for a while, I left to follow my own passion for building websites and helping others escape their 9-5 as well.

David working in Italy
Mandatory photo working on a laptop on a balcony. This was in the south of Italy, was mostly a holiday actually…

With over 5 years of hand-to-hand experience working with all kinds of internet platforms, I have a knack for getting to know branding and content quickly and providing a tailor-made strategy and plan, to achieve real organic growth.

This is what happened when I put this into practice right here:

Hockey stick growth

My goal with this site is to help you achieve progress on your social media growth, YouTube growth, blog/niche/content/affiliate website growth, and online income, faster and more efficiently… While reaching heights you didn’t even believe were achievable in the first place.

The main topics covered on Out of the 925:

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