8 Best Apps For Organization

Organizing your life in a haze of business and never-ending tasks can be a nightmare. Essential documents are lost, and tasks are forgotten in a rush to complete the next as you try and stay ahead of your busy schedule.

Luckily, apps have been developed to solve these very problems. With these, you can forget about forgetting.

Best Apps For Organization

3 Best Information Organization Apps


There are better ideas than using the same password for everything. Still, using unique passwords for each account, you must sign into is virtually impossible. Typically it would be challenging to remember which password you need to use to log into specific accounts, but not with LastPass.

LastPass lets you store your passwords for different accounts in its secure database.

When you register a username and password with LastPass, it stores the data and fills it in automatically the next time you sign into a specific account. With LastPass, you can set secure passwords that would be impossible to remember without worrying.

LastPass lets you store sensitive information, organize it into folders, and even share it with people you trust. It offers analytics to asses your password hygiene and provides a score based on your passwords’ security.

You can also add an additional extra layer of protection to make it impossible for anyone to steal your information.


Keeping stacks of documents that make organizing your life a nightmare when searching for the correct ones is a thing of the past with Camscanner.

Camscanner’s most helpful feature is its scanning function, which lets you scan documents with your phone. After scanning a copy, you can edit it to look like a perfectly scanned page, which you can categorize, store and share on your phone.

Camscanner lets you print documents wirelessly from your phone, sync all your files across multiple devices, and edit PDF files. It has a text-recognition feature that can convert text from images to text you can edit and save.

Camscanner lets you create folders and organize essential documents, so you know exactly where to find them.

Camscanner takes the mess out of organizing your life so you can do what matters most.


Evernote lets you make notes, keep a schedule, and create to-do lists that you can use to stay on top of everyday tasks.

You can add images, audio, and documents to the items on your list to help you remember or keep important information together.

Sync all your information and lists across all devices so you can view them from home, the office, or on the move. You can create schedules with reminders for tasks so that nothing gets forgotten.

If you need to scan a document, Evernote has a built-in scanner that lets you scan and save documents on your phone.

You can save images with labels and descriptions, whether they’re scans or web clippings. If you need to make notes about the pictures you’ve saved, you can edit and customize them and store them in organized folders.

You can even connect Evernote to your Google Calendar to ensure you never miss an important appointment.

3 Best Organization Apps For Productivity


Todoist is one of those apps where your entire life can be stored in a single app, and you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering anything ever again. Todoist allows you to create schedules and to-do lists with reminders and notifications to keep you on track.

Todoist allows you to use natural language to set reminders and can even set recurring events on your calendar.

You can categorize events to separate work from family and friends. You can also set custom filters to decide how you want to organize your life.

Knowing what you need to do first is important too, so Todoist lets you set priority levels to get the essential things out of the way first.

You can add others to the event to help you coordinate when you set tasks. The app has a handy visualization feature that lets you see how well you managed to keep up during a specified period so you can optimize the future.

Toggl Track

If time management and monitoring are vital to you, Toggl Track is a fantastic way to track your tasks and the hours you spend on them.

Freelancers and small business owners are in particular need of an app like Toggl Track that lets you track the number of hours you’ve spent at work or working on a project.

With Toggl Track, you can plan projects, create accurate reports, and track payroll details all in the same place.

You can also create schedules for planning your day, week, or month and visualize your time usage to optimize your schedule and workday.

Integrate Toggl Track with other apps to automatically track how much time you spend on various tasks to see where you may be losing time.

For a detailed and accurate measurement of how your day is spent, Toggl Track is an excellent choice.


24me is an all-in-one app that keeps you organized and ahead of the curve with all your daily tasks. It has a personal calendar feature that syncs with your online calendars to ensure you never miss a thing. You can create to-do lists and notes and even add pictures to them.

The app lets you set meeting locations so you can get there quickly while it keeps you on schedule by monitoring traffic and your travel time.

Alternatively, you can select a navigation service to use. You can also make calls and invite others to future meetings via email from the app.

With 24me, you’ll have a list of everything you need to accomplish in one place. So birthdays, appointments, and meetings are unforgettable. Set the details of all your tasks, so you never forget again with reminders to keep you on track.

2 Best Looking Organization Apps


Any.do has one of the sleekest views for an organization app, with its minimalist design and smooth transitions. It’s easy to stay organized because everything from your calendar to your notes and to-do lists can be color coded to categorize tasks.

With Any.do, you can sync all your calendars to the app and stay updated with reminders. You can use Any.do on almost any device, and it syncs your data across all of them. So you can manage your life from anywhere.

The app even makes suggestions about which tasks to focus on and complete first.

You can set recurring tasks and reminders, along with event details to keep you on track. Any.do also uses vibrant colors to contrast different task categories so that you can easily see what your day will look like and how you should prepare.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the world’s most commonly used organization apps since many people already use Google. Google Calendar’s design is simple and elegant. It can be filled to the brim with events and appointments without looking cluttered.

It’s easy to add events, label them into specific categories, and add colors to make them easily identifiable.

With Google Calendar, you can sync any other calendars and events from different apps and software to give you a complete view of what’s coming up.

Share your calendar with others and branch out using any of Google’s other connected apps to easily manage your life.

You can add event details, create tasks and to-do lists, and even connect locations to your events so that Google maps can lead the way.

Google Calendar also lets you save webpages, images, and other essential documents with its notes feature so you can remember everything except the stress.

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