14 Best Optinmonster Alternatives

There are a lot of lead capture and opt-in plugins and services out there. Optinmonster is one of the industry leaders when it comes to these types of tools, but it can be quite expensive.

In this article, we will be looking at 14 of the best Optinmonster alternatives on the market.

1. ConvertBox

ConvertBox is a very similar tool to Optinmonster and is just as easy to use. It comes with a wide range of templates and integrations, as well as A/B testing and detailed reporting.

One of the main benefits of ConvertBox is the feature-rich platform and the once-off fee. While it isn’t the cheapest alternative we suggest here, it is one of the most feature-rich.

If you need a popup and call-to-action generator for the long term, then ConvertBox’s once-off fee makes it a great Optinmonster alternative. You’ll find a number of ConvertBox pop-ups on this site, so if you’re looking to see how it is in the wild, visit some more pages. 😉

Key features

  • Mobile editor
  • Multi-choice and multi-step forms/funnels.
  • Built-in timers
  • A/B Testing
  • Referrer detection
  • Site activity detection
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Quiz scoring triggers
  • Progress bars and analyzing screens


ConvertBox is available for a once-off fee of $495, including use on up to 10 websites and up to 250,000 views per month.

If you need more, you can upgrade on the checkout page for $95 more, making a total of $590 once-off, which allows you to use ConvertBox on up to 50 sites with up to 500,000 views per month. This is a great option if you’re doing client work or have a large portfolio of sites.

P.s. They say they’re in “early access” now, so this price could go up in the future.

2. Convert Pro

Convert Pro - One Of The Best Optinmonster Alternatives

Convert Pro is a powerful lead capture tool with many features, including pop-ups, slide-ins, welcome mats, and exit intent forms. It also integrates with all of the major email marketing platforms, meaning you won’t have to migrate your list and can hit the ground running.

Unlike Optinmonster, Convert Pro is a WordPress plugin, and you’re not limited to the number of sites you can use it on, or the number of page views your forms and pop-ups receive.

You can do almost everything you do with Optinmonster using Convert Pro, and the plugin nature means you can manage everything directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Key features

  • Mobile editor
  • Complete customizability
  • Exit-intent and timed triggers
  • A/B Testing
  • Referrer Detection
  • Site activity detection


Convert Pro is available as a standalone plugin or a bundle with Astra Theme and other Brain Force products.

Convert Pro alone costs either $99 annually, or you can grab a lifetime deal for $399; this allows you lifetime access to updates, and you only have to pay once.

The Bundle is also available for an annual fee of $249/year or a lifetime deal of $699.

3. OptiMonk


OptiMonk positions itself as a tool for eCommerce sites, but its intuitive popup building tools can be used for all sorts of email list building and call-to-actions for a wide variety of different types of sites.

OptiMonk has some fun and interesting features that will engage your site visitors and these can lead to better conversions.

When compared to Optinmonster, OptiMonk is very similar and the pricing suggests the same. We do think that OptiMonk has a more user-friendly interface though.

Key features

  • Exit Intent triggers (including mobile)
  • Advanced targeting
  • Spin the wheel and scratchcard options
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Countdown timers
  • Multi-variant quizzes


OptiMonk has a free plan that allows up to 15,000 monthly views and use on one site. You are limited with some of the features, like no A/B Testing for example is not available on the free plan and you will have to get one of the paid plans to use it.

The paid plans start at $29/month and are broken down as follows:

  • Essential – $29/month or $290/year – 30,000 page views – 2 domains
  • Growth – $79/month or $790/year – 100,000 page views – 4 domains
  • Premium – $199/month or $1,990/year – 500,000 page views – 10 domains

4. Kadence Conversions

If page speed is your top priority, then Kadence Conversions could be the ideal Optinmonster alternative for you.

Kadence theme is one of the fastest loading themes available for WordPress and the Kadence team has kept that logic with their popup/call to action plugin, Kadence Conversions.

Built with the native WordPress editor, it’s lightning-fast and won’t slow down your website.

As this is WordPress dependent, you will need to have a site built with WordPress in order to take advantage of it.

Key features

  • Lightning fast
  • Exit intent triggers
  • Scheduling
  • Useful upsell features
  • Repeat visitor triggers


Kadence Conversions is available individually, or in a bundle with the entire Kadence collection.

Individually, Kadence Conversions costs $69 for the first year and renews for $89/year thereafter. With Kadence Conversions, you’re not limited to a certain number of views and you can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

If you want to bundle, the full Kadence Bundle costs $199 for the first year and renews at $219 per year thereafter.

5. Hello Bar

If you have just started a website, or are generating around 5,000 page views per month to your site, and want to test the waters of popups, then Hello bar has an excellent free plan to suit your needs.

It’s not just useful for its free plan though, with useful features to help convert your visitors, it is a good alternative to Optinmonster and many of the options on this list.

It may not have all of the features of some of the other tools, but it has all of the right ones to convert visitors into subscribers or to lead them to an offer.

Key features

  • A/B Testing
  • Yes/No questions
  • Advanced targeting
  • Compatible with most website builders


Hello Bar has a free plan that allows up to 5,000 views per month and unlike most free tools, you can use A/B testing in the free plan (albeit only 1 live test at a time).

For more popup views, and more features, there are 3 paid plans available:

  • Growth – $29/month (or $288/year) – 50,000 views per month
  • Premium – $49/month (or $492/year) – 150,000 views per month
  • Elite – $99/month (or $996/year) – 500,000 views per month

6. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a powerful WordPress plugin that is compatible with basically all of the email marketing tools available. It has a number of powerful features that will increase your email subscriber count and lead more people to the pages and products you want them to see.

Thrive is a part of the Thrive Suite, which is a bundle of WordPress themes and plugins from Thrive. Most notably in the Suite, you will have access to Thrive Quiz builder, which allows you to build high-converting quizzes easily to maximize your subscriber growth.

For anyone that has used Thrive though, the plugin can feel a bit heavy and can slow down your site, but if that slight drawback doesn’t deter you, it could be a great option to look into.

Key features

  • Advanced targeting
  • A/B Testing
  • 2-step opt-in form
  • Content lock
  • Multiple choice forms
  • Mobile-specific opt-in forms


Like most of the other pop-up plugins that are made by companies that also develop WordPress themes, Thrive Leads is available as a standalone WordPress plugin, or as a part of the entire Thrive suite, which is Thrives complete bundle.

The complete Thrive bundle is $299 annually, while the standalone plugin costs $99 annually.

The standalone plugin, however, can only be used on one website, whereas Thrive Suite can be used on up to five sites.

If you have multiple sites, then Thrive Suite would be a better option than the standalone plugin, but on the other hand, if you have multiple sites, I would recommend one of the other options that allow use on more sites, like Convert Pro.

7. LeadPages


LeadPages is more than just an opt-in and popup-creating tool. With LeadPages, you can create landing pages, websites, sales pages, and more.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one eCommerce solution that provides integrated popups, opt-ins, bars, and banners, then LeadPages is a great alternative to Optinmonster and most of the other tools mentioned here.

Key features

  • Exit Intent triggers
  • Drag and drop builder
  • All-in-one solution
  • Alert bars
  • Mobile-friendly


LeadPages comes with a 14-day free trial and has two plans available depending on your needs.

The Standard plan costs $49/month (or $444 when paying annually) and can be used on one website.

The Pro plan costs $99/month (or $888 when paying annually) and can be used on up to 3 websites.

8. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a standalone WordPress plugin that does one thing but does it very well.

If you have a WordPress website and are deterred by Optinmonster’s pricing, the affordable once-off fee of Ninja popups provides a great option.

Create popups, yes/no forms, slide-in forms, perform A/B tests, and more.

Key features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Exit Intent
  • Content locker
  • Social locker
  • Over 60 templates


Ninja Popups is available from Code Canyon and is one of the most affordable pop-up plugins on the market.

You can get the Ninja Popups plugin for $24 and can be used on one site. As you are hosting the plugin on your own site, you aren’t limited to a certain number of page views.

If you’re looking for an affordable and powerful popup plugin but don’t want to be drawn into lengthy subscriptions, then Ninja Popups is the plugin for you.

9. Getsitecontrol

Collect emails, conduct surveys, promote deals, upsell, and reduce cart abandonment with Getsitecontrol.

In particular, the survey features of Getsitecontrol make it an excellent alternative to not just Optinmonster, but also paid survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Typeform.

While the standard templates are quite basic looking, the style is can be used straight away if you have a minimalistic design.

Key features

  • Exit Intent triggers
  • Sticky buttons
  • Integrated surveys
  • Advanced targeting
  • Scheduling
  • Advanced upsell popups


Getsitecontrol comes with a free 7-day full feature trial so that you can test the software out for yourself. After that the are 3 plans available:

  • Creator – $9/month – 20,000 page views/month
  • Pro – $19/month – 100,000 page views/month
  • Pro Max – $29/month – Unlimited page views

All of the plans with Getsitecontrol are for one site, if you have multiple sites, you will need to add extra plans.

10. Bloom

Bloom By Elegant Themes

Bloom is a popup plugin created by Elegant themes, the team behind one of the most popular WordPress themes: Divi.

Bloom is purpose-made for collecting email addresses and for leading visitors to specific pages, like your special offers, or affiliate promotions.

You can create automatic opt-in popups, fly-ins, inline forms, below content forms, widget area forms, and use Bloom as a content lock so that visitors need to give you their email address in order to access the content.

While there are a lot we like about Bloom, the lack of an exit intent trigger really lets it down.

On the other hand, the after-commenting trigger can be a great way to entice readers to leave a comment in exchange for a special discount.

Key features

  • Advanced targeting
  • Over 100 templates
  • After commenting trigger


Bloom by Elegant Themes has a very straightforward price plan. You can get Bloom (as well as Divi, Extra, and Monarch) for $89 annually, or for $249 once-off.

Both licenses give you full access to all of the Elegant Theme and Bloom features and you can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

11. Gist

Gist is an all-in-one email marketing solution. While it may be overkill for your everyday blogger, if you’re running a SaaS business, consultancy, or agency, then Gist provides a lot of useful features to help convert your visitors into customers and clients.

With a healthy variety of popup types, like Exit intent popups, Fullscreen overlays, welcome mats, sticky bars, and slide-ins, Gist is a great B2B alternative to Optinmonster.

Multi-step popup funnels help you increase conversions and get to know your readers better, and automated chatbots can automatically qualify your leads while they’re on your page. Not quite the same as a popup, but nonetheless a great feature to engage and convert.

Key features

  • Exit-intent triggers
  • Multi-step popups
  • Built-in email automation
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Surveys


Gist offers a lot more than just popups and therefore comes with many pricing options. Popups and lead generation tools can be found in their Marketing section and there are three plans available here:

  • Free – $0 – Up to 200 contacts
  • Professional – $19/month – Up to 1,000 contacts
  • Premium – $29/month – Up to 1,000 contacts

The pricing increases as your number of contacts increases. If you have 5,000 contacts, for example, the professional plan will increase to $59/month and the Premium plan will cost $79/month.

12. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is another tool that offers a lot more than popups. As this tool was designed mainly for email list building, this tool doesn’t offer many redirection Call To Action, but if you’ve been using Optinmonster for building your list, then ConvertKit is a great alternative and has many more features for managing your email list and monetizing it.

If you’re a blogger, and most of your popups are designed to get people to sign up for your email list, then ConvertKit is one of the best tools on the market.

Designed for bloggers, you get access to a wide range of templates designed to convert visitors to email subscribers, and you can also use the software to sell your own digital products, monetize a newsletter, or just accept tips for a job well done.

The popup and landing page creator is not drag-and-drop, which means you’re quite limited to the design, but this also means you can create good-looking opt-ins fairly quickly.

Key features

  • Exit intent targeting
  • Custom landing pages
  • Sell digital product
  • Automated email funnels
  • Mobile optimized


ConvertKit has three plans available, and the pricing is dependent on how many subscribers you have on your email list.

The free plan is limited to 1,000 subscribers.

The Creator plan starts at $15/month (or $108 annually) for up to 300 subscribers, and then $29/month (or $290 annually) for up to 1,000 subscribers, and it continues from there.

With the highest plan, Creator Pro, the pricing starts at $29/month (or $290 annually) for up to 300 subscribers and then increases to $59/month (or $590 annually) for up to 1,000 subscribers. It increases again when reaching 3,000 subscribers, and so on.

A free trial is available for 14 days on either of the paid plans to test out the extra features.

13. Icegram

Icegram lets you catch your visitor’s attention, convert them to subscribers, and lead them to the right pages that matter the most to them (and you).

You’ll find great templates to get you started, even if you’re not a natural marketer. Simply swap out the content for your own, or start from scratch.

Key features

  • Exit intent
  • Behaviors triggers
  • Retargeting
  • A/B testing
  • Geo-targeting
  • 120+ templates
  • 12 different message types


Icegram has three plans available, Free, Pro, and Max.

All plans are only for use on one site. The free plan has limited popup options, while the Pro gives you access to Exit intent and user behavior targeting. The Max plan adds the ability to do A/B testing and geographical targeting (and more).

Icegram pricing is broken down as follows:

  • Free plan – $0
  • Pro plan – $97 annually
  • Max – $147 annually

14. Wisepops

Wisepops is a great alternative to Optinmonster when all you are looking for is a well-designed popup creator with powerful targeting features that are very easy to use.

It may not have the extra bells and whistles of some of the other tools we’ve mentioned here, but if you want a popup plugin that does the job well, then Wisepops is definitely one of the top contenders.

Wisepops is especially good for eCommerce stores, with useful upsell features that can provide an almost immediate ROI if your site is already generating an income.

Key features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Exit-intent targeting (and mobile exit)
  • Location-based targeting
  • 30+ advanced targeting options
  • A/B Testing
  • Easily adapt to mobile devices


Wisepops pricing is based on the monthly page views you receive. They have five plans available:

  • 100,000 – $49/month – 1 website
  • 250,000 – $99/month – 2 websites
  • 500,000 – $149/month – 3 websites
  • 1,000,000 – $249/month – 5 websites
  • Enterprise – Starting at $250/month – 5 websites and upwards of 1,000,000 page views

There is a 14-day free trial for you to see if Wisepops is a good fit for your site.

Best Optinmonster Alternatives

Final Thoughts

There are many different alternatives to Optinmonster and that is what makes it so difficult to choose the right one.

The best alternative is ConvertBox, which is why we also use it on this site and all our other projects as well.

Other viable options include Ninja popups for those who need an affordable long-term solution, while ConvertBox is a great mix of affordability, website integrations, and functionality.

If all you need is a tool to collect email addresses, then ConvertKit provides the best value with their additional email marketing-centered product.

Ultimately, the best Optinmonster alternative will come down to your personal needs and what you are looking for in an opt-in form tool.

We hope this guide has helped you to decide which tool is best for you.

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