10 Best Bitrix24 Alternatives

Let’s face it if you’re looking for the perfect project management tool, in some ways, Bitrix24 may need to be improved at times.

For many, Bitrix24 can be too complicated to use, and Customer Support tends to leave more to be desired. Bitrix24 also usually suffers from a few snags when it comes to improving CRM, which is an area that really shouldn’t be overlooked!

So, you might be on the hunt for some alternatives, which can be quite a challenge considering the hundreds of options on the market.

Bitrix24 Alternatives

3 Most User-Friendly Alternatives


Try Slack for a remarkably ergonomic interface that makes community engagement a dream! With Slack, you can create various channels according to your needs as a group which lets you organize your projects and so much more!

With the function of channels, you can interact publicly and privately with group members and, as a bonus, create an archive of your discussions which allows you to track progress, set goals and gain an understanding of group dynamics.

In addition, Slack’s Workflow Builder gives you peace of mind with its features that allow you to automate your and your teammates’ daily work routines. The Workflow Builder does all of the tedious aspects of work, such as checking up on the completion of tasks in chat, for you with just a few clicks!


Basecamp is a nifty project management platform that incorporates hundreds of related tasks into one slick and innovative program. Basecamp lets you keep track of deadlines, communicate efficiently, and improve efficiency through its numerous features, such as the message board.

With Basecamp, you can stay ahead of the curve with its deadline reminders and milestone markers to ensure that you’re aware of your growth. You can also post graphs, audio files, images, documents, and much more on the message boards to help you and your teammates stay coordinated.

You can make schedule checklists to ensure that you complete all of your tasks without worrying about falling behind. In addition, with their helpful Lineup feature, you can create a detailed timeline of your upcoming projects, meetings, and events to help you manage your time effectively!


Monday.com is a fun and well-designed O.S. with tons of design features that make work a dream! In addition, Monday.com lets you easily handle big tasks with its task progress tracker and Quarterly Roadmap monthly planner, which displays your level of completion for each task you have coming up.

If you’re a visual learner, then Monday.com is truly the work-management program for you! Monday.com has an innovative Campaigns Dashboard feature that displays your campaign deadlines and the individual to-do lists for each campaign member, which is also represented graphically.

Monday.com is an excellent tool for those who want to improve workplace efficiency in C.R.M., Software Development, H.R., and so many more fields! With real-time notifications, strategic planning, and seamless automation of tasks, you’ll definitely experience a boost in workplace productivity!

4 Most Affordable Alternatives


Wrike is a well-priced and easily customizable platform that allows you to manage task interactions with its design elements like Project Resource Planning, Task Dashboards, and Cross-Tagging. Using Wrike means you can schedule request forms, allocate tasks, and visualize project goals in just one place!

Get peace of mind and reach your peak performance when you use Wrike’s Gantt Charts which let you oversee project goals, set timelines, and alter the finest details of every task. You can create a Gantt Chart by simply importing data to make deadlines and adjusting it through the drag-and-drop feature.

Wrike’s commendable design means that you can use pre-set templates created for several different uses, such as their Complex Project With Phrases, Project Risk Analysis Template, Project Schedule Template, and Daily Task Tracker.


Avaza is next level when it comes to handling customer interactions, organizing invoices, quoting, project management, allocating task resources, and tracking expenses to assist with financial management. You’ll find that you’ll get things done much quicker and easier with Avaza!

Avaza also lets you use timesheets that are optimized with personal schedules and workflows, and you can use one-click time-tracking on every screen. With Avaza, you can keep track of your expenses by digitizing your receipts, creating expense approvals, and analyzing recurring costs.

You can even convert emails into tasks, along with scheduling project resources according to team availability. Avaza’s chat function also lets you have direct one-to-one conversations as well as public conversations through a group chat. You can also share videos, slides, and audio recordings in chat!


Now, if you’re using ClickUp, you are really doing yourself a favor with its priority-based task reminders that get you to where you need to be! In addition, you can create discussion boards and chats to compartmentalize interactions and communicate deadlines. As a bonus, you can also manage over 20 real-time views!

ClickUp’s flexible interface also lets you incorporate and synchronize various external platforms and tools into its primary structure. This allows you to have a central platform to manage cloud storage, messaging, and calendars through other app extensions like Zoom, Outlook, Teams, Zapier, and Chrome.


Jira is a fantastic alternative to the usual mainstream project-management programs as it’s free, offers excellent customer support, and has up to 2 G.B. of data storage. In addition, Jira is great for software developers as it features a tailored programming language and can support thousands of third-party systems.

When you use Jira, you can create visually interactive Roadmaps to track your team’s development and reports which analyze project engagement. Jira’s unique Kanban template centralizes all of your tasks for you, and the program is also incredibly adept at bug tracking.

3 Most Comprehensive Alternatives

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is the perfect project management platform for improving collaboration and communication while not sacrificing usability! With Cisco Jabber, you have many communication features at your fingertips, like instant messaging, voice messaging, and online web conferences.

This program also enables you to create various chats to discuss projects and use the screen-sharing feature to improve understanding. Cisco Jabber is also adapted to almost every device operating system, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, so you’ll never have to miss out!

Google Workspace

Of course, no list of Bitrix24 alternatives would be complete without mentioning the classic Google Workspace! And it’s a classic for a good reason since it allows you to merge various aspects of communication into just one interface with features like shared calendars, chats, and Gmail.

You’ll be able to access all aspects of a Gmail account in a professional setting, such as Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Slides, which archives all files and allows you to share and present them to your project members.

In addition, Google Workspace is incredibly quick and easy to set up.


With Scoro, you’ll be able to tailor your project management experience to your team’s needs and preferences. For example, with Scoro’s time management strategies and templates, you’ll be able to take note of overlapping deadlines, monitor billable hours, share calendars, and devote enough time to each task.

You can also ensure that you allocate project resources to each member correctly and evaluate previous and current allocations to inform future planning and organizing of project requirements. Scoro also lets you eliminate unnecessary time expenditures by using the automated task feature.

Scoro is also ideal for monitoring CRM as you can build individual profiles for customers that keep track of project and communication details and previous billing amounts. Scoro also lets you create customizable billing forms and keeps you aware of your business’s profits and losses visually.

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