11 Best Calendly Alternatives

If you’re a person who finds yourself in meeting after meeting, keeping track of everything can prove challenging. Apps like Calendly allow you to plan your time and ensure you keep your clients and colleagues prioritized.

But, if Calendly itself doesn’t work for you, there are many alternatives to keep you well organized.

Best Calendly Alternatives

Acuity Scheduling: Best Simultaneous Payment Alternative

Acuity Scheduling is a brilliant tool that can be used for both scheduling meetings and processing payments through PayPal, Stripe, or Square. Therefore, it is especially beneficial for service businesses that offer consultations, workshops, or training for a fee.

This scheduling tool would be particularly useful for businesses requiring a lot of complex functionality and customization. Companies can offer discounts and memberships through Acuity Scheduling, allowing you to ask for tips.

Moreover, Acuity allows businesses to manage several outlets and employees. It also allows you to organize client information easily. It even can automatically adjust for time zones. Acuity Scheduling is also known for being easy to use and integrates well with social media.

Acuity boasts a mobile app available on Apple iOS and Android. There are various price tiers, depending on your needs. Although it doesn’t offer free plans, you can opt for a 7-day free trial to ensure that Acuity is right for you.

Setmore: Best Free Alternative

Setmore is a free alternative to Calendly, which even has a great mobile app. Although Setmore offers paid options, the free plan also offers much.

For example, it provides unlimited appointments, email reminders, and payments with Square.

If you want SMS reminders and more types of payment methods, you can go for one of the paid plans, but the free plan can work for most individuals and some businesses too. Integrations with social media platforms work particularly well through Setmore.

Doodle: Best Multi-Participant Alternative

Doodle works differently from Calendly. Instead of showing the user’s overall availability, the user can propose a few possible times from which the participant can choose one.

In the case of groups, Doodle allows polls where participants mark all the times that suit them. Then, the user can choose a time that suits everyone for the meeting.

You can set a deadline for the group poll and send automatic reminders to everyone involved before the meeting.

Doodle integrates well with other apps, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

A free plan is offered by Doodle, allowing unlimited group polls and one booking page. Various other paid plans offer no ads, unlimited booking polls, activity reports, and more.

Chili Piper: Best Alternative For Salespeople

Chili Piper is used by renowned companies like Spotify and Airbnb. The reason for this is a combination of its integration with many other valuable applications, the infused AI intelligence, and their Instant Booker extension.

The Instant Booker extension allows users to book meetings on whatever platform the user is currently utilizing.

In addition, Chili Piper simplifies the booking experience and focuses on helping salespeople book more appointments with potential clients.

Chili Piper allows you to book a demo if you want to see how the application functions. In addition, it has several paid products, including Instant Booker, Handoff, and Form Concierge.

OnceHub: Best Alternative For Small Teams

OnceHub, formerly known as ScheduleOnce, is terrific for small teams as it gives you great bang for your buck. Free plans are available for up to three users in an organization. The free plan offers scheduled meetings, instant meetings, and live chat.

More advanced features are available in the paid version of OnceHub. For example, OnceHub allows you to schedule paid meetings and set rescheduling and cancellation policies.

In addition, it integrates with several video conferencing, calendar, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

You can also book a demo of OnceHub. OnceHub is easy to use. It allows payment integrations and issues automatic invoices, which saves time and allows you to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler: Most Aesthetic Alternative

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler is an excellent alternative to Calendly. It allows users to eliminate hemming and hawing about meeting times and use their time more effectively.

HubSpot’s calendar can seamlessly be embedded into your website, and various calendars can be integrated into the app.

This scheduler is handy if you operate within the framework of other HubSpot products, like their CRM platform. You can also control your brand with HubSpot by displaying your logo and company colors on all HubSpot’s plans.

HubSpot has dozens of integrations with other applications that other apps usually have.

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler comes free, but if you want more advanced functionality, you need to pay for SalesHub. SalesHub offers premium features to help automate sales.

Appoint.ly: Most User-Friendly Alternative

Appoint.ly is an alternative to Calendly that can be used by big businesses and sole proprietorships alike.

Appoint.ly uses the availability of users to schedule meetings with clients and prospects. It integrates with Office 365, Google, and other applications.

Unfortunately, Appoint.ly does not have a mobile app. However, if you’re looking for something simple that is user-friendly, look no further. Appoint.ly boasts the ability to add custom fields like preferred contact method and recurring appointments.

Furthermore, on this tool, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly availability schedules. It has a free plan allowing one event type and one connected calendar. A 14-day free trial of the pro plan and an enterprise version is available on request.

Outreach: Best AI Assistance Alternative

A demo of Outreach is available if you want to test it out before you pay for it. You can request pricing by entering your details on the website.

In addition to the standard meeting scheduler, Outreach can also be used as a sales engagement tool. The scheduler uses AI to send reminders.

The integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 is fantastic, and there is time zone integration.

Outreach mainly targets sales teams, and its meetings functionality may be too complicated for non-sales users.

Salesloft: Best Sales Engagement Alternative

As a sales engagement platform, Salesloft offers much more than just a scheduling functionality. Instead, it has most of what you expect from a typical scheduler.

This includes integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 and automatic reminders.

If you’re already using Salesloft as a sales engagement platform, it’s almost a no-brainer to use this scheduler. Unfortunately, there is no free plan, but you can request a quote if you want to know how much it would cost. Additionally, there is a mobile app and over 160 integrations.

Salesloft works through availability sharing. For example, you can include your schedule or that of a colleague in an email to someone you would like to meet with.

Drift: Most Unique Alternative

Another alternative that provides a free plan is Drift. Drift Meetings, however, is a part of Drift subscriptions and can’t be purchased separately.

The gist of Drift is that it schedules meetings via chatbots. It adjusts scheduling for time zone differences and integrates with Google and Microsoft Calendar. Drift also provides booking notifications.

Booking through chatbots is the only method of booking it offers. Unfortunately, sharing links to allow prospects to book appointments is not possible, and it doesn’t provide booking pages.

Lead routing ensures incoming leads are spread efficiently among sales representatives. This is only available with the paid plans. Although Drift has very little scheduling functionality, scheduling automation by the chatbots could be advantageous.

Google Calendar: Best Overall Alternative

Google Workspace has introduced appointment scheduling finally to Google Calendar.

You will need a paid account to access it, but at just about $90 a year (including a TB of storage and more meeting possibilities) it can be a more affordable option to Calendly.

If you already pay for Google Drive (like myself), it may be a pain to know that even though you are already a paying customer, you will need to splurge extra to access calendar scheduling through Google Workspace.

Overall though, it’s a great alternative to Calendly.

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