75+ Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome is one of the most well-rounded browsers available today, with many fantastic features and shortcuts to boost your productivity.

However, many Chrome users are unfamiliar with the vast array of shortcuts that can be used to make browsing more efficient.

Regardless of which computer you’re using, these shortcuts will save you time when using Google Chrome.

Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome Address Bar Shortcuts 

Here are great Google Chrome address bar shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Windows/Linux Shortcut macOS Shortcut Action
Type a search term + EnterType a search term + Enter Search with your default Chrome search engine. 
Type a search engine name + Tab Type a search engine name + Tab Search using a different search engine. 
Type a site name + Ctrl + Enter Enter a site name + Control + Enter Adds www. And .com to a webpage name and opens it in the current tab. 
Type a search term + Alt + Enter N/AOpen a new tab for a Google search. 
Ctrl + L or Alt + DN/AJump to the Google Chrome address bar. 
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + EN/ASearch from anywhere on a webpage.
Down arrow + Shift + DeleteDown arrow + Shift + fn + DeleteRemove predictions from the Chrome search bar. 
Ctrl + F5Control + F5Move the cursor to the address bar. 

Google Chrome Webpage Shortcuts 

Here are handy Google Chrome webpage shortcuts to save you time.

Windows/Linux Shortcut macOS Shortcut Action
Ctrl + P⌘ + POpen the printing options for the current page. 
Ctrl + S⌘ + SOpen the saving options for the current page.
F5 ⌘ + RReload the current webpage.
Shift + F5⌘ + Shift + R Reload the current webpage ignoring any cached content.
Esc Esc Stop loading a webpage. 
Tab Tab Browse clickable items moving forward. 
Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Browse clickable items moving backward.
Ctrl + O + select file ⌘ + O + select file Open a computer file in a Chrome tab. 
Ctrl + U ⌘ + Option + U Display the current page’s HTML source code. 
Ctrl + D ⌘ + DSave the current tab as a bookmark.
Ctrl + Shift + D⌘ + Shift + D Save all open tabs as bookmarks. 
F11⌘ + Control + F Toggle full-screen mode on or off. 
Ctrl and +⌘ and + Make the webpage bigger. 
Ctrl and – ⌘ and – Make the webpage smaller. 
Ctrl + 0 ⌘ + 0 Return the webpage to the default size. 
SpaceSpace Scroll down a webpage. 
Shift + Space Shift + Space Scroll up a webpage on Chrome. 
Home N/AGo to the top of the page. 
End N/AGo to the bottom of the page.
Shift + scroll mouse wheel N/A Scroll horizontally. 
Ctrl + Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow Move the cursor to the beginning of a previous word in a text field. 
Ctrl + Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow Move your cursor to the next word in a text field.
Ctrl + Backspace Option + Delete Delete the previous word in the text field. 
Alt + Home ⌘ + Shift + H Open the Chrome homepage in the current tab. 

Google Chrome Mouse Shortcuts

Here are fantastic Google Chrome mouse shortcuts to get things done.

Windows/Linux Shortcut macOS Shortcut Action
Drag a link to a tab Drag a link to a tab. Open a link in the current Chrome tab. 
Ctrl + click a link⌘ + click a link Open a link in a background tab. 
Ctrl + Shift + click a link⌘ + Shift + click a link Jump to a new link. 
Drag your link to the blank area of the Chrome tab strip Drag your link to a blank area of the tab strip Open a link and jump to it. 
Shift + click a link Shift + click a link Open a link in a new window. 
Drag a tab out of the Chrome tab stripDrag a tab out of the Chrome tab strip Open a tab in a new window. 
Drag a tab into the existing windowDrag the tab into the existing window Move a tab to the current window. 
Press Esc while draggingPress Esc while dragging Move a tab to its original position.
Drag a web address to the Chrome bookmarks barDrag a web address to the Chrome bookmarks bar Save the current page as a bookmark. 
Shift + scroll with the mouse N/AScroll horizontally on a webpage. 
Alt + click a link Option + click a link Download the target of a Chrome link.
Right-click Back or Next Right-click Back or Next Show your browsing history. 
Double-click a blank area of the Chrome tab stripDouble-click a blank area of the Chrome tab stripSwitch between window modes. 
Ctrl + scroll up N/AZoom In (make elements bigger).
Ctrl + scroll down N/AZoom Out (make elements smaller).

Google Chrome Tab/Window Shortcuts 

Here are some nifty Google Chrome tabs and window shortcuts to keep an overview of your work.

Windows/Linux Shortcut macOS Shortcut Action
Ctrl + N ⌘ + N Open a new Google Chrome window. 
Ctrl + Shift + N ⌘ + Shift + N Open incognito mode in Chrome. 
Ctrl + T ⌘ + T Open a new Google Chrome tab. 
Ctrl + Shift + T⌘ + Shift + T Reopen previously closed tabs. 
Ctrl + Tab ⌘ + Option + Right Arrow Jump to the next open Chrome tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab ⌘ + Option + Left Arrow Jump to the previous open Chrome tab. 
Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8⌘ + 1 to ⌘ + 8 Jump to a specific Google Chrome tab. 
Ctrl + 9 ⌘ + 9 Jump to the rightmost Google Chrome tab. 
Alt + Home N/AOpen your home page in the current Google Chrome tab. 
Alt + Left Arrow ⌘ + Left Arrow Open the previous tab from your browsing history. 
Alt + Right Arrow ⌘ + Right Arrow Open the next tab from your browsing history. 
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 ⌘ + WClose the current Google Chrome tab. 
Alt + F4 ⌘ + Shift + W Close the current Google Chrome window.
Alt + Space + N ⌘ + M Minimize the current Chrome window. 
Alt + Space + XN/AMaximize the current Chrome window. 
Alt + F + X ⌘ + Q Quit Google Chrome. 
Ctrl + Shift + PgDn/PgUpCtrl + Shift + PgUp/PgDn Move Google Chrome tabs right/left. 

Google Chrome Feature Shortcuts 

Here are helpful Google Chrome feature shortcuts to make the most of your web browser.

Windows/Linux Shortcut macOS Shortcut Action
Alt + F or Alt + EControl + F2 Open the Google Chrome menu.  
Ctrl + Shift + B⌘ + Shift + B Show/hide the Chrome Bookmarks bar. 
Ctrl + Shift + O⌘ + Option + B Open the Google Chrome Bookmarks Manager. 
Ctrl + H⌘ + Y Open the Google Chrome History Page in the new tab. 
Ctrl + J ⌘ + Y Open the Google Chrome Downloads Page in the new tab.
Shift + Esc N/AOpen the Google Chrome Task Manager. 
Shift + Alt + TN/ASet focus to the first item in the Google Chrome toolbar. 
F10N/ASet focus to the rightmost item in the Google Chrome toolbar. 
F6N/ASwitch focus to unfocused dialog and all toolbars. 
F3 or Ctrl + F ⌘ + FOpen the Find Bar on the current page. 
Ctrl + G⌘ + G Jump to the next match when using the Find Bar search. 
Ctrl + Shift + G⌘ + Shift + GJump to the previous match when using the Find Bar search. 
F12 or Ctrl + Shift + J⌘ + Option + I Open Google Chrome developer tools. 
Ctrl + Shift + Delete ⌘ + Shift + Delete Open the Clear Browsing Data popup.
F1 N/AOpen Google Chrome Help Center in a new tab. 
Ctrl + Shift + M⌘ + Shift + M Browse as a Guest or log in as a different Chrome user. 
Alt + Shift + I ⌘ + Option + Shift + I Open a Google Chrome feedback form. 
F7F7 Turn on caret browsing on Google Chrome. 
Ctrl + F6 N/ASkip to web content on Google Chrome. 
Alt + Shift + A ⌘ + Option + Shift + A Focus on inactive Google Chrome dialogs. 
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