Done Is Better Than Perfect: 10 Reasons Why

Many people strive for perfectionism, thinking that it will make them better people or more successful. However, research has shown that perfectionism has the opposite effect, leading to depression, anxiety, and a lack of productivity.

Instead of constantly striving for unattainable goals, aim just to get things done rather than needing them to be perfect.

This article will explore why done is better than perfect. We’ll examine why striving for perfection can be counterproductive and how simply doing your best can lead to greater happiness and success.

So if you’re a perfectionist, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But it’s time to start making changes so that you can live a happier and more productive life.

1. Done Is Better Than Perfect Because It Reduces Stress

Getting more things done in one day is better than getting one or two things perfect, as it helps to reduce your stress. Of course, you want everything done perfectly.

But focusing on getting five tasks completed in one day reduces your workload, which also reduces your stress.

You will feel less stressed the following day when you have completed more tasks in a single day. You can then return to the tasks you have completed for revision and ensure everything is perfect at a later stage.

Getting all the tasks on your to-do list done for the day is, therefore, better for your stress management than only perfecting one or two. 

2. Having It Done Helps You Feel Accomplished

Another reason having more tasks done is better than only having a few perfect is that it helps you feel more accomplished. 

For example, if there are five tasks on your list for the day, you will feel more satisfied if you complete them all. If you perfect only one or two of the five tasks, you will feel as if you failed for the day, even if you are sure those tasks are perfect.

As a team leader, you will have more satisfied workers if you focus on getting the tasks done rather than getting every aspect of every task perfect. 

Then, you can return to those tasks later to review and perfect them. But having all the listed tasks done first will make you feel more accomplished.

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3. Done Is Better Than Perfect As You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

Having something done is better than having it perfect because it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.

If you spend an entire day getting one or two tasks done perfectly, you may feel overwhelmed if you have five tasks to do that day. You will feel like you won’t ever finish all the tasks at hand if you focus on perfecting each one.

Instead, if you push yourself to get the tasks done instead of perfecting each one, you will feel like you are making real progress. 

In this case, you won’t feel overwhelmed because you will accomplish all the daily tasks. You will then have time to review and perfect them before the deadline.

4. It Leaves Time For Revision

As we’ve mentioned, if you focus on completing the tasks, you will have enough time to review and perfect them before the deadline. 

But, if you spend too much time on each task, trying to perfect it before moving on to the next, you won’t have time to go back to the tasks for revision.

If you have ten tasks to do in a five-day week, try to finish three tasks each day. Then, you will have almost two days left at the end of the week to review and perfect the tasks you completed earlier in the week.

This will help you feel motivated, and you can spot errors quickly. In contrast, you will struggle to review everything if you focus on perfection from the start.

As Mark Twain Said, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

5. Getting Things Done Helps With Time Management

Ensuring that you finish your daily tasks also helps with time management. For example, having ten tasks in a week may feel overwhelming.

Still, you will feel even more overwhelmed if you don’t complete the daily tasks according to your to-do list.

Writing down the number of tasks you want to complete each day and ensuring that those tasks are completed by the end of the day will help you feel like you have control of your time management.

Then, you have more time to take a quick break and review some older tasks than you would if you lose control of your time management because you are trying to perfect everything.

6. Done Is Better Than Perfect Because You Get Practice

Another reason done is better than perfect is because it gives you more chance to practice and perfect a skill.

For example, if you aren’t proficient in writing reports and have multiple reports to write in a day, you will do better if you focus on completing the reports rather than perfecting each one.

The more reports you write, the better you will become. Later, you will write the reports perfectly without even trying.

Then, you can review the older reports to see where you have made a mistake and perfect those reports.

7. It Builds Team Morale

When working in a team, keeping the team’s spirits high is essential.

If you are the team leader, encouraging the team to complete the tasks and rewarding them is more important than micromanaging them to ensure that each task is completed perfectly.

You can also establish a system where the team focuses on finishing their tasks, then take turns reviewing each other’s work to ensure everything is perfect.

This helps keep everyone motivated without hindering their progress with constant revision.

8. Done Is Better Than Perfect Because It Prevents Burnout

Having things done is better than perfecting them because it also helps prevent burnout. If you constantly focus on perfecting everything, you will lose focus on the bigger picture.

Then, when you see how many tasks are left to complete, you may feel overwhelmed and force yourself to work harder and take fewer breaks.

This leads to burnout, which results in you being unable to finish the tasks. Therefore, it’s better to focus on completing more tasks in a set time than perfecting each, as it will help prevent burnout.

9. Done Is Better Than Perfect Because It Keeps You Sharp

Another reason why having things done is better than having them perfect is that working on one task for too long can cause you to lose focus.

Spending multiple days focused on perfecting one task can have the opposite effect when you look over simple mistakes.

Instead, by focusing on completing more tasks in a certain time, you can ensure that every task is done with a fresh mind and perspective.

Then, when you review your previous tasks, your mind will still be sharp, and you can pick up on any mistakes easily.

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10. Done Is Better Than Perfect Because It’s More Realistic

Finally, having things done is better than having them perfect because it is a more realistic approach. While you may want everything done perfectly, it isn’t realistic if you have too much work.

In this case, the best thing is to focus on getting everything done to the best of your ability and leave some time for revision later in the day.

Then, you can spot any obvious mistakes which you can correct. Having things done is more realistic than trying to have everything done perfectly.

Final Thoughts On Avoiding Perfectionism Pitfalls

Adopting a “done is better than perfect” mindset can improve your life in many ways. It can reduce stress, help you feel accomplished, prevent feeling overwhelmed, and more. 

If you struggle with perfectionism, use these tips to help shift your perspective and utilize better productivity systems.

Remember that done is better than perfect – and that often good enough is just fine.

Why Done Is Better Than Perfect
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