10 Best Evernote Alternatives

Upwards of 200 million people use Evernote to take notes, organize their thoughts, and boost their productivity.

From students to executives and creatives, countless people use this powerful cross-platform note-taking tool.

However, there are plenty of dynamic Evernote alternatives for you to consider.

Evernote Alternatives

Google Keep (Best Free Alternative)

Google Keep is the best free alternative to Evernote, with many comprehensive features for taking notes and capturing ideas.

Since Google Keep is a web-based application (with Android and iOS versions available), you can capture, edit, share, and collaborate on notes from any device you use. Your ideas will always be with you, wherever you happen to be.

You can effectively organize your notes using labels and color coding. You can even use Google Keep’s optical character recognition feature to extract text from images.

Google Keep can transcribe your voice recordings if you prefer making audio notes. There are also many great customization features for users.

Microsoft OneNote (Best Paid Alternative)

Microsoft OneNote is an all-in-one digital notebook – and one of the best Evernote alternatives! With this robust app, you can keep your life organized by using different digital notebooks, which can be divided into pages and sections.

OneNote also gives you the tools to revise your notes while typing, whether you simply highlight or draw your thoughts as annotations. You can also share ideas and collaborate on new ones.

Of course, you can also upload multimedia files to your notes, including audio notes, videos, and files.

All you need to start using OneNote is a Microsoft account! While all official versions of Microsoft OneNote are free to install and use, many premium features can only be accessed with a Microsoft Office license or a Microsoft 365 subscription.

With a free OneNote account, users will be capped at 5GB of storage.

Standard Notes (Best Web-Based Alternative)

If you’re looking for a web-based Evernote alternative, you’ll love what Standard Notes offers users! With this fantastic app, you can write like no one’s watching – especially with end-to-end encryption on your notes.

While this is a web-based app, you can keep an offline copy of your notes on your devices for easy access.

When you’re ready to create a note, you can choose a Note Type based on your note and what it should do – regardless of whether you’re working on a document, to-do list, or spreadsheet. Users can also customize their interface with unique themes.

While there are many fantastic features, this app isn’t overbearing, making it easy to capture ideas on any device.

Zoho Notebook (Best Android Alternative)

Zoho Notebook is one of the best (and most beautiful) Evernote alternatives for Android devices.

With this dynamic app, you can create seven different types of note cards: Text, Checklist, Audio, Photo, File, Sketch, and Smart. Ultimately, each note card is designed to complement the type of note or idea you’re capturing.

While this app is great for Android devices, the software is cross-platform. By installing Zoho Notebook on your other devices, you can ensure all notes are synced across your devices.

This app also allows users to securely share notes and collaborate with others. Zoho Notebook is free to download and completely ad-free.

Apple Notes (Best iOS Alternative)

One of the best Evernote alternatives for iOS devices is an app you don’t even need to download: Apple Notes. With this powerful note-taking app, you’ll be able to jot down quick ideas or work on longer notes.

You can even include checklists, web links, images, scanned documents, handwritten notes, and sketches in your notes! Of course, you’ll also be able to expertly organize your notes using folders, subfolders, and tags.

If you need to find a note quickly, you can search your notes for keywords that appear in the text, handwritten notes, and even scanned documents! Apple also allows users to expertly share notes with others for seamless collaboration.

Apple Notes is pre-installed on Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Your data will automatically be backed up with iCloud and synced across different devices.

Roam Research (Best Windows Alternative)

One of the best Evernote alternatives for Windows devices is Roam Research, a powerful note-taking tool for networked thought.

With this app, you start with an easy-to-use document and build from there, wherever your thoughts may take you.

If you’re ready to take your note-taking to the next level, you can install Roam Research on your Windows computer.

Roam Research is also available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux devices for a powerful cross-platform experience.

Bear (Best macOS Alternative)

Bear is a beautiful and flexible note-taking app for Apple devices, including MacBooks and iMacs! With this app, you can effectively capture your ideas whenever inspiration strikes.

There are also many fantastic organizational features that let you link notes and add hashtags to organize your thinking.

Whether you’re jotting down a quick idea or working on an in-depth essay, Bear lets you write your way! There’s even a nifty focus mode that helps you stay in the zone when capturing ideas.

If you need to work on any sensitive notes, you can use Face or Touch ID to protect your work! Users can customize the Bear platform with stunning themes and modes.

Dropbox Paper (Best Collaborative Alternative)

If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative that’s perfect for real-time collaboration, you’ll love what Dropbox Paper has to offer! This is more than a note-taking app; it’s a co-editing tool that allows for seamless creation and collaboration.

Dropbox Paper is used across many different industries, including Marketing, HR, IT, and Sales.

With this app, you can ensure every team member remains organized. Everyone will benefit from the dynamic task management features, including the ability to assign tasks, set due dates, and tag people.

With the annotation tool, team members can leave comments on notes to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Todoist (Best Productivity Alternative)

If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative that has fantastic productivity features, you’ll love what Todoist has to offer.

With this dynamic app, you have access to all the necessary tools to keep your life organized! Todoist lets you work on tasks, break tasks into subjects, turn tasks into projects, and more.

While Todoist has some note-taking and list-making features, you can also connect other note-taking apps to this productivity platform. For example, you can integrate your Evernote or Microsoft OneNote account into your Todoist platform.

Ultimately, you can customize Todoist to be as simple or as complex as you like, allowing you to work in your unique way.

Simplenote (Best Minimalist Alternative)

Regardless of which devices you’re using, Simplenote is the easiest way to keep notes – which is why it’s the best minimalist alternative to Evernote!

Since Simplenote syncs your notes across your devices, you can access your ideas and data from anywhere. You can also use Simplenote tags to organize your notes.

If you work with others, you can share tasks with others and even add helpful instructions for them! Since Notes are backed up when you make changes, you can always find older versions of notes.

Not only does this minimalist app have all the tools you need to organize your ideas, but it’s also free to use forever.

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