25 Fun Video Ideas For YouTube

If you have a channel on YouTube and want to keep your channel interesting, showcase your personality, and/or have some fun (but you don’t know how) then this article is for you. We’re going to look at the best fun video ideas for YouTube.

As a creator making the same type of content over and over again, it can start feeling mundane.

As a business, if you’re only posting tutorials or product videos, your audience is not going to be engaged and you’re losing out on a valuable (and free) marketing resource: YouTube’s algorithm.

If you’re a creator, making fun videos can be a great way to keep things interesting for both yourself and your viewers and showcase a little bit more of your personality to your viewers.

The same goes for businesses, by being more fun, or interesting, you’re showcasing more of your business (or the employees) personality which makes your brand more relatable and you could start to leverage the power of YouTube to reach millions of new customers, instead of spending tens of thousands on ads every month.

You don’t have to wrap your head around this any longer, below I’ve compiled the ultimate list of fun video ideas for YouTube.

25 Fun Video Ideas for YouTube

Fun Video Ideas For Youtube

1. A day in the life of

A day in the life of a baker, a day in the life of a road worker, a day in the life of an Archaeology student… People are interested in what people do and what goes into a specific job/past-time. And for you as a creator, all you need to do is record a day in your life and throw on some narration for context.

If you’re a business, there are probably many different positions people occupy, which can open up a variety of different content possibilities. Once completed, it can be used for so many different things.

  • YouTube “day in the life of…” videos
  • Employee recruitment videos
  • Brand quality videos
  • Introduction videos
  • “How we work” videos

And so on.

2. Outtakes/Bloopers

Everyone loves watching behind-the-scenes footage to see what really happens when during a shoot or production. YouTube is no different.

If you’ve made some videos recently, you surely have some messed-up lines and humorous content that can be stitched together to show your less serious side and have a good laugh with your audience.

3. Challenge videos

Trending challenges on YouTube are great in that they can be fun to do, but you can also latch onto current trends and attract new viewers to your YouTube channel.

Like everything on this list though, you want to try and take a niche approach to it. This means making a “challenge” video but making it still relevant to your existing content.

Here’s an example:

If JCB were to take part in the bottle cap challenge from a while ago, they could’ve showcased how they knocked off the bottle cap with one of their diggers/excavators. This is not only surprising, but it also paints their product in a positive light.

…turns out they actually did make one. They should’ve done a much better job, JCB you should’ve called me up.

Here’s another example:

As a creator in any niche, you can find funny related videos or pictures. You can then make a quick compilation (or get someone you know/your audience to send you some links… or visit Reddit) and then make a “try not to laugh” challenge video.

There are endless possibilities, even if you run a very serious brand/channel.

4. What’s in my bag

Quite self-explanatory, this type of video showcases what gear and accessories you carry around with you on a daily basis.

While these video types are very popular in the tech and make-up niche. It can be used for just about anything and the unique nature of the video could cause higher click-through rates, resulting in the video being massively promoted by YouTube.

5. What’s in my closet

Another “what’s in my…” type video. This is focused more on what type of clothes, shoes, etc. you have in your closet and organization…

It’s basically a great excuse to finally clean out your closet while making content at the same time. Win-win.

6. What’s on my phone

This type of video could go in the simple direction of what type of apps you have on your phone, but it could also be more specific to what you do or your hobbies.

I.e. Best Mobile Apps for Plumbers, X essential apps for training your dog, What’s on my phone (Software Engineer Edition), etc.

7. What’s on my computer

This type of video is almost identical in concept to the “what’s on my phone” video, but it could go more into detail on “how I do XYZ”, this may seem like a tutorial at first, but it should be more about showing how you do things, rather than teaching people how to achieve a certain goal.

8. Your favorite XYZ

  • List of your favorite movies
  • List of your favorite books
  • List of your favorite artists
  • List of your favorite songs
  • List of your favorite actors
  • List of your favorite programs
  • List your favorite food

This type of video may call for some creativity to execute to make it relatable to your channel/brand, but if you put some thought into it, it can be a really fun video to make.

Alternatively, you can do a Q&A YouTube video and connect with your audience like that.

9. Comedy

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that this may not be the best idea for everyone. But, if done right and sprinkled in at the right time, adding comedy to your videos, or making videos with the intent of comedy can be a great video idea.

The easiest way to start off with comedy is by making skits touching on cliches within your niche. This can be great as a creator, or as a brand, with many brands finding viral success this way.

10. Parodies

Parody videos are basically the pinnacle of YouTube comedy. The key to them, however, is putting a lot of thought into the production and to have a unique concept.

I could probably write an entire article on how to make parodies work for your brand/channel… But the best advice would be to make your humor in the video easily understandable.

No one want’s to be explaining what jokes mean on Twitter after all.

11. Music videos

Delivering your content in the form of a music video can be a fun and catchy way of capturing viewers’ attention.

Music videos also give you some freedom in what you’re creating as these can be more outlandish without them really seeming outlandish.

12. Singing videos

Like music videos, singing, or lip-syncing videos can be a good way of delivering your content in a different form.

Lip syncing could also be a part of a challenge, and this is something that can really help in increasing your channel/brand relatability.

13. Cute/funny baby videos

Who doesn’t love baby videos? Do I even need to say anything further?

14. Cute/funny animal videos

See above.

15. Movie/TV show review

This is another interesting topic that you can cover in a fun way. You can either go for the straight and narrow movie review, or you can take the niche approach.

I definitely recommend the niche approach.

If you’re a business, this means reviewing movies or TV shows that have actors playing specific jobs that are related to yours. I.e. Plumber reviews a plumbing show.

16. Book review

This can follow the same blueprint as the movie review above. Book reviews can be a fun video to create and can lead to a variety of other ideas from this list. Like skits, parodies, challenges, etc.

17. Game review

Again, this type of video is a great way to have some fun while creating content. There are plenty of games, both on PC, console, or smartphone, that you can review that could be related to your industry.

With these types of reviews though, you need to make them as related to your channel’s focus as possible though.

18. Reaction video

Reaction videos are very popular on YouTube these days, with channels built entirely around just reacting.

You can react to just about anything, but try to either have the content you’re reacting to within your niche or take a “your industry” approach to what you cover in the reaction.

19. Response video

This is the same as the reaction video idea above, except you’re making a direct response to the video.

This means you’re more talking to the video you’re responding to, as opposed to talking about the video if you were making a reaction video

20. Callout video

And the callout video is another weapon in your arsenal to use with caution. But if done correctly, you can generate a good amount of buzz around your channel or brand.

Here it’s important to be aware of what type of confrontation you’re looking for and to choose the right person or brand to call out. If you go too high, it may be that you’re just ignored and it can be quite embarrassing, but no risk = no fun right?

21. Speedrun video

A speedrun is typically a type of video where a person records themselves completing a game in the fastest time possible.

But you can make a variant of this and adapt it to real-life situations, parodies, or even showcase your products.

It’s become quite a popular meme format and is definitely something to try out while the hype is still there.

The great thing about these videos is, by definition, they shouldn’t take long to make.

22. Highlight reel

Showcase your “best of”. Regardless of what it is.

While bloopers and outtakes are what went wrong, your highlight reel can showcase everything that went right that year, month, on a project, etc.

23. Collection video

If you have an interesting or extensive collection of something, show it off.

This could be related to your niche, or it could be used as a quirky easter egg that catches the attention.

People love to see large collections, regardless of what they are.

24. Unboxing video

Unboxing videos are great because they pique people’s interests (generally people looking to purchase a product, so excellent for affiliate income or for your business) and they are fairly simple to make.

Plus, you’re unboxing something brand new, and as a techie, definitely a lot of fun. Or maybe that’s the nerd side coming out… let’s move on.

25. Shopping haul video

What could be considered a variant of the unboxing video is a “shopping haul video”. The first thing that may spring to mind is fashion/make-up channels, but this type of video can be made by just about any type of channel.

You could do an amazon haul, you could purchase a mystery box, you could send customers a mystery box and ask them to record and send in a video.

These types of videos cater to viewers’ intrigue mostly, but can also look at people interested in value, comparisons, etc. Basically buyers.

Final Thoughts on these fun video ideas for YouTube

With all of these ideas, you’ll want to make sure that it’s something you’re passionate about and/or a topic closely related to your niche. If not, these videos could end up doing the opposite of what you want which is to turn off viewers from watching more content or return back to your channel.

Just remember these 3 rules:

  1. Make videos YOU want to make.
  2. Focus on quality, not quantity
  3. Have fun.

This shouldn’t replace the staple content on your channel, but it should serve to show more of your personality and allow you to spread your creative wings a little.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful and keep on creating.

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