10 Best Google Calendar Alternatives

Google Calendar is a good calendar application, but it can be lacking in some aspects and might not be what you are looking for.

Because there are so many calendars available today, we have gathered 10 alternatives you can use instead of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Alternatives

Zoho Calendar (Best All-Round Calendar)

Numerous Google Calendar alternatives exist, but some argue that Zoho Calendar is the best.

This scheduling app makes your life easier by allowing you to keep track of your hectic schedule and share it with your team so that everyone is on the same page. In addition, the calendar is simple to use and incorporate into your daily routine.

One of the many built-in features is the ability to sync and share appointments with calendars on other websites. Given this feature, it’s an excellent option to consider if you want to use the calendar to schedule meetings or communicate with coworkers.

Zoho Calendar Features:

  • Event scheduling from any timezone
  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Group Calendar
  • Makes importing and exporting easy
  • Can access it from your phone with the app

Teamup Calendar (Best For People Who Work In Teams)

Teamup Calendar is a simple digital shared calendar app that will improve the effectiveness of your team’s collaboration and communication.

Teamup Calendar allows you to keep track of your team, materials, and schedule in one place. Thousands of organizations, both large and small, use and rely on it around the world.

Teamup’s calendar can be tailored to your specific requirements or those of your team. For example, you can color-code your calendars to separate them into sections for your projects, groups, teams, jobs, resources, and so on.

Because the platform is centrally managed, you have complete control over who has access to it. However, unlike Google Calendar, your employees will not require individual logins to participate.

Teamup Calendar Features:

  • Group calendar
  • Centrally managed
  • Customizable
  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Can communicate within the calendar website

Time Blocks Calendar (Best For Organization)

TimeBlocks is a cross-platform calendar app that helps you stick to your plans and schedules by allowing you to create structured agendas for team discussions and meetings.

In TimeBlocks, the calendar can be viewed in a variety of ways. For example, you can change the calendar’s layout by color-coating different events, making it a valuable tool for quickly keeping track of commitments and upcoming activities.

In addition, TimeBlock has a “sticker” feature that takes organization to a new level. Applying stickers to the various events in your calendar will help you navigate the app quickly and easily.

Time Blocks Calendar Features:

  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Has a to-do list
  • Customizable
  • Group Calendar
  • Great organization tools

DigiCal Calendar Agenda (Best For Family Scheduling)

Look no further than DigiCal if you’re looking for a great calendar app that can replace Google Calendar.

Aside from the aesthetics, this calendar app is highly user-friendly. Both customizable widgets and built-in weather forecasts are included to make it easy for you to customize it to your needs. Try using the DigiCal Calendar Agenda to make your daily planning more manageable and enjoyable.

To transfer data, you can sync the DigiCal calendar with your other calendars, such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Exchange Calendar.

DigiCal Calendar Features:

  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Access to the weather forecast
  • You can search for locations
  • Easy to use
  • Color Coded Customization

Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Best For Microsoft Users)

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is an excellent alternative to Google Calendar because it includes all the features most people require to keep track of their schedules and appointments.

In addition, with its clean and uncluttered user interface, this free program outperforms many paid alternatives available on the Windows Store.

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar desktop client has numerous applications. You can use the calendar to keep your essential data in one place, from emails and notes to tasks and contacts.

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is an excellent tool for team members to use when making plans and coordinating with one another because of its superb sharing features. Team members can subscribe to each other’s schedules using individual Exchange server accounts.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Features:

  • Group calendar
  • It can be integrated with emails
  • Customizable
  • Organize meetings
  • Multiple calendar viewing

Apple Calendar (Best For Apple Users)

Apple Calendar is the default app for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. As a result, you are guaranteed a simple, straightforward, and dependable user experience when you use an Apple product.

In addition, the Apple Calendar can sync with calendars from Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Exchange services.

However, the calendar’s synchronization features do not stop there. iCloud calendars can also be used to keep your schedules up to date and accessible from any Apple device.

Because of its clean design, Apple’s calendar app makes it easy to focus on your appointments instead of the app itself. In addition, it is simple to learn and use because it is compatible with Apple’s standard drag-and-drop interface.

The app also has Siri integration, so you can set reminders or appointments just by asking, and they will appear in the app.

Apple Calendar Features:

  • Manage events
  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Can video call for events
  • East to use
  • Voice command integration

Edo Agenda (Best For Freelancers)

Edo Agenda, which can be used as a replacement for Google Calendar, allows you to organize your workday best. This web-based calendar app makes it easier to keep track of appointments, tasks, and other commitments.

The target audience for this app is primarily freelance creatives; it analyzes their current productivity and advises on how to improve it.

Use your phone’s alarm to ensure that nothing important is forgotten, and go over your day’s to-do list to see what else needs to be done. Most features are free, with only a few reserved for premium subscribers.

Edo Agenda Features:

  • Manage events
  • Can organize ideas and notes
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Can set up reminders

Jorte Calendar (Best For Keeping Up With What’s Important)

Jorte is a mobile application that allows users to customize their schedules in various ways. For example, you can customize the application’s appearance by changing the themes and colors. You can also specify what events can be added to your calendar.

You can, for example, customize your calendar to keep track of religious or national holidays. In addition, this category includes new music releases, international sports competitions, and worldwide festivals.

You can also provide weather updates and highlight important dates and events. The app can even include content from third-party websites, such as news websites.

The app’s interface can sometimes become cluttered due to the abundance of personalization options. However, the Play Store’s editorial team has recognized it as a top pick, as evidenced by the Editors’ Choice badge.

Jorte Calendar Features:

  • Group calendar
  • Can create widgets on android devices
  • Customizable
  • Keeps you updated with media

Fantastical Calendar (Best For Busy People)

Fantastical is an app with everything a busy person could want. It is equal parts smart, convenient, and flexible. For example, once installed, you can manage your Mac’s calendar by clicking the app’s icon in the menu. It’s also been optimized for lower-resolution displays.

The application keeps you updated by notifying you of upcoming events and presenting them in an easy-to-use interface. Users of Apple’s software will recognize its sleek, uncluttered design as a trademark.

Fantastical Features:

  • Can schedule appointments
  • Can sync with other calendar websites
  • Can set email reminders
  • Manage tasks
  • Group calendar

Nextcloud Calendar (Best Private Calendar)

Nextcloud is a self-hosted productivity platform, and you have complete control over your information.

You can use Nextcloud for various things like sending emails, scheduling, file and document sharing and collaboration, and video conferencing, none of which jeopardize the confidentiality of your data.

Nextcloud users can organize their professional lives by sharing files, sending invitations, and creating calendar events.

In addition, you can monitor all of the company’s data and communication with the help of this open-source and free software. The compliance features of this software and its security and adaptability make it ideal for use in various industries.

Nextcloud Calendar Features:

  • Complete privacy
  • Can send emails
  • Event scheduling
  • Share files
  • Can video call for events
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