How To Make A Checklist In Notes

From time to time, it becomes necessary to make a checklist to help us keep track of important information.

Making a checklist keeps the most important aspects of a project, event, or shopping list at the forefront of our minds.

Here is how to make a checklist in Apple Notes.

How To Make A Checklist In Notes

Step 1 – Open The Notes App

Step one in creating a checklist in the Notes app is first to open the notes app. You can find the application on your iOS device or Mac in the app section.

The application icon looks like a small white legal pad with a yellow header. Tap the Notes app icon to open the Notes app.

Step 2 – Create A New Note

To create a new note, look for the icon that has a pencil inside a small box. Tapping this icon will instruct the Notes app that you are ready to create a new note.

All notes are saved separately every time you tap on this icon.

Step 3 – Select The Checklist Option

To create a checklist, you must tap the icon in the middle of your screen. You can find the checklist icon next to the camera icon.

The icon you are looking for has one dark dot with a checkmark, an empty dot, and two lines next to each respective dot.

Step 4 – Fill In Your Checklist

Now that you have made a checklist in the Notes app, you need to fill your list with all the relevant information that you wish to keep track of and check off as you complete each of the tasks, gather the items, or fulfill the requirements you have set for that item to be checked off.

Step 5 – Save Your Note

Once you have filled in all the items on your notes and are happy with the checklist, you will want to save your note for future reference. 

To protect your note, you back out of the note you have open.

Apple will automatically sync your new note to the Apple Cloud servers and will make it available for you to view on all your Apple devices.

How To Sort Items On Your Checklist Automatically In 3 Steps

Great, you have successfully made your first checklist in Apple Notes.

Now that you have become a check listing pro, you might consider organizing your lists. Apple has gratefully included an automated function to help you sort all your checklists.

To Organize your checklist automatically, follow these three steps.

Step 1 – Open The Notes App Settings

First, you need to open the Apple Note App’s settings. The application’s settings can be located at the top left of your Notes app.

The icon you are looking for looks like three dots and three lines. Each line has one dot and a line running next to it. Tapping this icon will open the app settings menu.

Step 2 – Find The Option

Next, you will need to scroll down the menu and look for the option labeled “Sort Ticked Items.”

Tapping this setting will take you to the following setting prompt screen.

Step 3 – Select The Option

Lastly, you need to tap on the option labeled “Automatically.”

Tapping this option will instruct Apple Notes to automatically sort all completed items to the bottom of your checklist.

How to Share Your Checklist With Other People In 3 Steps

So you have made a great checklist. But is it so great if no one is allowed to see it?

Follow these three steps to share your list with other people in your contacts.

Step 1 – Find The Share Option

Step one is to locate the share option inside the note you want to share.

This icon hides behind the three dots in your screen’s top corner. Tap the three icons and select the “Share Note” option.

Step 2 – Select The Intended Recipients

Next, you will be prompted to answer by which method you would like to share your note.

You have numerous options available to suit whatever form of communication you prefer.

Select the option that is most relevant to your needs.

Step 3 – Review Sharing Permissions

Always remember to review the note’s sharing permissions. If you want friends, family, or associates to be able to edit the note alongside you, then you must select the option “Can make changes.” If you don’t like other people to change your note, you must choose the option “View only.” 

How to Rearrange Your Checklist

Imagine that you have filled the Apple Notes app with every conceivable checklist you could ever want.

The only problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any order to your checklist. How do you fix this problem?

The solution is simple. All you need to do is tap and hold the items you want to move and then drag them up or down to rearrange your checklist.

Alternatively, you can highlight the section you want to move by tapping, holding, and selecting the cut option. Once the items have been cut, you can tap and hold where it needs to be and tap paste.

How to Indent Items On Your Checklist

If you want to step up your checklist game, consider creating subtasks for some items on your list.

To indent items on your checklist, you must swipe right on the line item you want. Swiping left will move the item back to its original location.

How To Check Off Items On Your Checklist

Now that you have organized and indented all the items on your checklist, you need to start checking them off.

To check off an article on your checklist, tap the circle next to that item.

Tapping the ring will change it from an empty outline to a filled circle with a checkmark.

4 Ways To Create A Better Checklist

Now that we have covered all the different ways you can make a checklist in the Notes app, let’s take a moment to discuss four ways to create a better checklist.

Getting better at making helpful checklists take time, do not be discouraged if your first attempt at making a checklist proves to be challenging.

1. Name Your Checklist

Start by naming your checklist appropriately. Name your checklists with key phrases like “Grocery List,” “To-Do List,” “Things To Remember,” “Holiday Prep,” etc. 

Indexing your checklists appropriately will save you time and frustration when you open the Notes app again to start checking things off your list.

2. Date Your Checklist

Remember to date your checklist. Dating your list will help you track when you created it and its original function.

Doing so will also ensure that you don’t accidentally check things off the wrong list in the future.

3. Split Your Tasks

You have already learned how to indent your checklist. Now put that knowledge to use and start subdividing your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Subdividing your task gives your brain slight dopamine hits every time you check things off.

This “chemical reward” helps keep you motivated when the tasks become more complex.

4. Stay Consistent

Lastly. Stay consistent.

If you create a checklist in your Notes app, check every item on the list or update the list to reflect the essential tasks that still need to be completed

 A checklist is only as valuable as far as the user uses it.

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