How to Make Money with Google Ads Certification

As Google continues to expand, they also continue to expand the ways their viewers can make money online.

Google has created an education platform where you can learn the foundation of online advertising. If you’re looking for a free way to take courses and make money online, then Google Ads certification might be for you.

In this article, we’re going to cover what you need to know to get started, the different types of Google Ads certification, and how to make money with Google Ads certification.

Let’s get started.

What is a Google Ads Certification? 

Google Ads certification is Google’s professional accreditation. They offer this to the public to show their proficiency in basic and advanced Google Ads skills.

Six different certifications are offered: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping ads, Google Ads Apps, and Google Ads Measurement. 

A Google Ads certification allows someone to show that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

To get Google Ads certified, you must create a Skillshop account.

You can sign up for your Skillshop account here. 

What are the benefits of Google Ads certification?

These certifications show your current and future clients that you’re a certified expert by Google in the professional advertising space. With the certification, Google gives you a certificate that you can print.

How To Make Money With Google Ads Certification

How Google Ads Certification Works

After you set up your Skillshop account, you’ll have access to the free certifications that are available.

To become certified in the Google Ads product portion, you have to pass the product area assessment (which is available in Skillshop). 

To pass the certification, you will have to pass a test with a score of 80% or higher.

The tests are 75 minutes long, and if you do not pass, you can take them again one day later.

The timer begins a countdown when you start the test. You cannot pause the timer, and if you leave the browser your test will automatically expire.

Google Ads certifications are valid for one year. Once it expires, you’ll have to retake and pass the certification again to renew the certification. 

How to Use Your Certification

Since your certification shows that you are an online advertising professional, you will use this to show your expertise.

To explain your certification to current and prospective clients, you can give them information based on the following statements (per Google). 

  • Your Google Ads certification recognizes that you’re a certified online advertising professional
  • You received this accreditation after successfully passing the Google Ads certification assessment administered by Skillshop

Here is an example of a statement given to a client (per Google):

“Google has recognized me as a Google Ads certified professional, meaning that I’ve passed multiple assessments that assess my product expertise. I’m qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.” 

These are additional guidelines given by Google about communication and your certification: 

  • You may only refer to yourself as certified if you, personally, have passed the certification assessments. It’s not enough for a co-worker to be certified or for your agency to be badged.
  • You can refer to yourself as “certified” as long as your certification remains in effect. After the expiration date, you won’t be able to refer to yourself as “certified” until you pass the assessments again.
  • You’re allowed to mention your certification on your resume, business cards, LinkedIn profile, and other social media profiles. Note that Google Partners logos can only be used in accordance with Google’s usage guidelines.

The Best Free Google Ads Certifications

All of the certifications below are available in Skillshop, Google’s online education platform.

These courses are free to take and allow you to become certified in each area of advertising. 

With Google Ads Search, you will become certified and show your expertise in building and optimizing Google Search campaigns.

This certification allows you to use automations such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to boost overall campaign performance. 

You can get started with this course here.

Google Ads Display

The Google Ads Display certification allows you to become certified in Google Display, which is used in display advertising.

The certified professional will develop Display strategies and advertising campaigns based on their personalized marketing goals. 

You can get started with this course here.

Google Ads Video

The Google Ads Video certification shows your ability to get results from your ad with YouTube and Google Video advertising.

As a certified professional, you will show how you understand telling stories through video can reach someone throughout the entire purchasing journey. 

You can get started with this course here. 

Shopping Ads

The Shopping Ads certification allows you to show your proficiency with setting up, using, and optimizing shopping ads.

You will promote online and local inventory, use these ads to drive online and in-store traffic, and show retailers how to boost their business with these ads. 

You can get started with this course here. 

Google Ads Apps

The Google Ads Apps certification allows you to show your skill in creating Google App campaigns.

You will explain to clients how App campaigns can be successful by helping the desired audience discover the business.

You will also be educated in creating App campaigns for specific marketing goals, learn advanced strategies to improve each ad, and enhance overall app quality. 

You can get started with this course here. 

Google Ads Measurement 

The Google Ads Measurement certification shows your ability to measure, optimize, and collect data from the campaign performance.

This is the course that helps you understand metrics and shows you how to improve the ad based on your metric analysis. 

You can get started with this course here. 

Final thoughts on how to make money with Google Ads Certification

Becoming a certified professional from Google can increase your income if you want to work from home.

With this being a highly specialized and valued skill, there is less competition and more work in the digital marketing space.

Whether you want to work for clients or run your own ads, these free courses offered directly from Google are a great place to learn the ins and out’s of Google Advertising.

If you’re interested in getting your Google Ads certification, click here to get started today.


How much money can I make with a Google Ads certification?

You can make money with Google Ads certifications because you have demonstrated you have a highly valuable skill.
The budgets for online marketing are typically large, so you can make anywhere from $60-$300 an hour as a freelance ads manager. 
You can sign up for freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and other websites in this category and market your Google expertise to business owners.
You can search for other freelancers on these websites and see their hourly rates and expertise to get an idea. 

Are Google ads display certification worth it? 

If you plan on advertising your business (or someone else’s) with ads, then yes, it is definitely worth getting certified.
With these courses, you’re able to know from the source itself (Google) exactly what they look for to target the correct audience.
This allows you to learn all of the basics and have a foundation for any ads you (or your clients) would like to run in the future. 
You learn business metrics: engagement, leads, orders, as well as optimizing campaigns to maximize profit. Knowing the ins and outs of Google Ads can be beneficial for any business.
Having the knowledge to track these metrics will allow you to monitor and change the campaign to see where the sales process is failing.
The best way to make money in online marketing is to tie your skillset directly to a revenue generator, and nothing is quite as directly involved as online advertising.

Can you make money with Google Adsense without a website? 

Google Adsense is a program used by people of all ranges of traffic on their websites and blogs to earn an income.
Ads are placed on a website and you are paid based on the views of your ad. The advertisers benefit from your traffic, and you get to make passive income.
So, what if you don’t have a website?
You can make money with Google Adsense if you choose to have a YouTube channel.
Since Google owns YouTube, all ads that are on these videos come from Google Adsense.
As your YouTube subscribers and views grow, you can make money from Adsense without a website.

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