How To Message Someone On YouTube

Contacting a YouTuber, or the manager of a YouTube channel may seem quite difficult at first glance. But, if you want to reach out to a fellow creator for a collaboration, or you want to contact a YouTuber regarding your business, there are many ways for you to get in touch.

Even if you only want to show your appreciation, in this article, we’re covering how to message someone on YouTube.

Now, if you don’t have much time, here’s the short answer:

You can contact a YouTube channel via the business email available on the About page. If the channel doesn’t have an email attached, you can contact them via their linked social media accounts or their website. And if that also doesn’t work, you can leave a comment on an older video in order to get their attention.

That’s the short answer, here’s the longer one. And you may be asking yourself, doesn’t YouTube have a private

Has YouTube removed the option to send private messages?

Yes. As of September 2019, YouTube has removed the functionality to send a private message. This applies to both YouTube on desktop and the mobile version of YouTube in both the iOS and Android apps.

While you cannot send private messages anymore on YouTube, you can still send public messages in the form of comments on videos or community posts. Many YouTubers also have an email address visible in the about section of their profile that allows you to get in touch with them, their manager, or their team.

Why did YouTube remove private messages?

YouTube removed private messaging on September 18, 2019. They announced this in a support post with the reason being that they want to focus more on public conversations with updates to comments, posts, and stories.

With YouTube now also allowing creators with only 500 subscribers to be able to create posts and tag other YouTubers in them (albeit 2 years later) they do seem to be working on more ways to communicate publicly on the platform.

Private conversations can still be had, however, and you can still contact YouTubers and their channel managers using the 4 different methods below.

How to message someone on YouTube in 2022: 4 Methods

Even though YouTube has removed private messaging on the platform, you can still contact creators for business or personal reasons using one of these 4 methods.

1. How to message someone on YouTube via email

The most straightforward method of contacting a YouTuber is to email them directly. Not all creators have an email set, but most that are doing YouTube professionally will have an email address for you to contact them on.

To find the email address of a YouTube channel, follow these steps:

Open in a browser and navigate to the YouTube channel you want to connect with.

On the channel home page, select “About” from the menu at the top.

If the channel has a public business email address you will see the option “For business inquiries: View Email Address” under the “Details” section.

How To Message Someone On Youtube

Click the “View Email Address” button and then you will most likely need to confirm that you’re not a robot. If you are not a robot, go ahead.

Once completed you can copy the email address and contact the YouTube channel privately.

This is generally the best way to contact a YouTube channel, but if they do not have a public email, then you can try the following options.

2. How to message someone on YouTube via social media

Most YouTubers are active on at least one other social network, with all of the large ones having a way of direct messaging a creator privately.

The easiest way to find the social networks the YouTuber is active on is to see which social networks they have linked in their About section or linked in their video descriptions.

This also helps you avoid messaging scammers and impersonators if you go searching for the creator on the social platform directly.

To find the linked social networks in the creator’s About section, open YouTube in a browser or in the mobile app, and navigate to the YouTube channel. Select the About tab at the top and under the “Links” section you will find any social networks they have linked.

How To Message Someone On Youtube

You can then head over to their social network and send them a direct message.

Alternatively, many YouTubers also leave social media links in their video descriptions. To find these, head to one of their videos and expand the video description. If they have these links, you will normally find them towards the bottom of the description.

P.s. sometimes YouTubers also leave an email address in their descriptions as well.

3. How to message someone on YouTube via their own website

If the first two options fail, you may have some luck messaging the YouTube channel via their linked website.

To find their website, if they have one linked, you can navigate to their YouTube channel and then open the About tab like before. Under the “Links” tab they may then have their website linked there.

P.s. the first 5 links in the about section appear in the YouTube channel banner above the subscribe button when viewing a channel on a desktop device.

Once you find the website of the YouTube channel or YouTuber, use their navigation to find a contact/work with me page for a contact form or an email address.

If they don’t have one of these forms, you can download and use the free browser extension to see if there are any public email addresses associated with the domain.

4. How to message someone on YouTube when all else fails

When all else fails, you’re going to have to let the YouTuber know publicly you want to chat.

This can be done easily by commenting on one of their videos or in the community tab if they have any public posts.

If you want it to be seen by as few people as possible, you can sort the videos of the creator by oldest first and then leave a comment on the second oldest video. People tend to watch the first video they have uploaded to see how they started, but the second one, unless it has performed well in the first place, won’t gather many views later on.

How To Contact Youtubers In The Comments Without Attracting Attention

Final thoughts on how to message someone on YouTube

Even though YouTube has removed the private messaging feature, there are plenty of ways for you to get in touch with your favorite creators on the platform.

Whether that’s to collab, reach out for a business proposal, or say thanks for an awesome video, these 4 methods on how to message someone on YouTube will hopefully help you get in touch.

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