How To Search Filters On Instagram

Instagram’s story filters help us get one step closer to that “perfect” photo we’re all after. Filters are a great way to enhance your photos and make them look their best. But with thousands of Instagram filters, how do you search for the one you want?

This is how to search filters on Instagram: 

  1. Open your story section by swiping left on your homepage.
  2. Scroll right on the filters till you reach the end and select “Browse effects.”
  3. Press the search icon and write down any keyword to describe your desired filter.

You can then choose the filter you want and apply it to your content.

In this article, we’ll show you how to search for filters from your story, or same them from other stories, so that you can find the perfect one.

How to search for filters from Instagram stories

If you are looking for a specific filter that doesn’t appear in the defaults, you can browse the large archive on Instagram and save them for easy use.

Here is how to search for filters:

Step 1: Open Instagram 

Open your Instagram app and go to your homepage. 

Open The Instagram App

Step 2: Open your Instagram story

Swipe left on your IG homepage, and your story camera will open.

Swipe Left To Open Your Story

Step 3: Scroll right on the filter reel 

At the bottom of the camera, there will be several circular icons. Scroll right on those until you reach the end.

Step 4. Choose “Browse effects” 

Select the icon at the end labeled “Browse effects.” This will show you all the available effects on Instagram.

Scroll Through The Filter Options

Step 5. Search for filters

Press the search icon in the top right corner of your screen. Search any keyword for the kind of filters you are looking for, i.e. “aesthetic” or “beauty.”

Use The Search Button To Find Filters

Step 6. Save the filter

Once you find a filter you like, tap on it and press the “Save” icon. This filter is now added to your saved filters allowing you to access it easily. 

Save A Filter You Like

Note: If you think the Instagram filters you saved are missing, they may have been removed, or your Instagram app may updating.

How to save filters from other users’ stories

If you’re scrolling through Instagram and see a story with a filter you like, you do not have to go around searching for it. 

You can automatically save it directly from the story. Some filters are also harder to find in the browsing option, so this shortcut will help you save time.

Here is how you can save a filter from someone else’s story:

Step 1. Open the Story

Open the IG story with the filter you want to save. 

Step 2. Tap the filter name

Tap the filter’s name; it will be on the screen’s top left corner, under the account’s username.

Select The Filter

Step 3. Select “Save effect” 

A pop-up menu of options will appear, select the “Save effect” option; this will now add the filter to your saved filters. You can easily access it from there.

Select Save Effect To Save The Instagram Story Filter

Note: Some Instagram filters are not supported by all phones. So if a filter someone else uses is glitching or unavailable, it may be because you have a phone that doesn’t support it.

Final thoughts on searching for IG story filters

Now that you know how to search for filters on Instagram, it’s time to experiment with a few and see which ones work best for your photos. Remember, not all filters will look good on every photo, so be sure to try out different combinations until you find the perfect one. And if you ever get stuck, don’t hesitate to use our guide above to find some more.


Is the process of saving and searching for Instagram filters the same on iOs and android?

The interface of Instagram varies from iOS to Android, but the options and placement are the same on both. If you follow the abovementioned steps, you can save filters on both your iPhone and Android devices. 

How many Instagram preset filters are there?

Currently, there are 25 preset filters given by Instagram. These include classic Instagram filters. You can find thousands of effects on Instagram that other people have shared and use those instead, though.

Can you make your own Instagram effect?

Yes, you can; regular users and professional designers make most Instagram effects. Anyone can create and publish their unique filter and effect. The process takes 10 minutes, and you’ll have a published Instagram effect with your name.

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