10 Best Miro Alternatives

Miro is an online visual whiteboard that allows teams to collaborate and create projects remotely. The system allows teams to jointly work on a whiteboard to define workflows, produce project notes, and any other activities that benefit from a team’s input.

I use Miro mostly for website wireframing and planning, but it has many more useful features. While there are many features, it may not be the best tool for you, so what alternatives are there on the market to better fit your needs?

Miro Alternatives

Clickup – Best For Medium-Sized Businesses

Clickup is a digital whiteboard tool that claims to have functionality that can replace all the other apps. Like Miro, it has “drag and drop” functionality and a screen recording function that enables video recording, which may be used to detail how an action plan was developed or as a training tool for new employees.

Clickup has a powerful visual creation tool allowing users to map process workflows, mind maps, and free-form drawings.

Click Up Features 

The following lists some of the standard Clickup features.

  • The ability to annotate PDF documents and images.
  • Users can use and personalize a list of prebuilt automated processes.
  • The tool has full email functionality.
  • It allows the setting of reminders for each member of the team.
  • Each member of the team can edit the project in real-time.
  • YouTube videos, Google Docs, and Google Sheets,  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and  Slack, can be integrated.
  • There is an Offline Mode
  • Mobile apps are also offered.

Clickup Pricing

Prices range from “Free” to $19.00 per member per month for large teams.

Conceptboard – Best For Small Businesses

Conceptboard is a whiteboard app that is simple to use.

The product options include hosting on private and public servers and can even be installed on an in-house network.

Conceptboard Features

The features of this program include.

  • An infinite canvas size.
  • The ability for online moderation of participants.
  • Live cursors visualized.
  • It supports the import of several file formats.
  • The project history is maintained.
  • There is a library of project templates.
  • Meeting notes can be centralized.

The main disadvantages of Conceptboard are that it has no time tracker or calendar and no automated functions.

Conceptboard Pricing

The product has three price options

  • Free
  • Premium $6.00 Per user per month with annual billing.
  • Business $9.50 Per user per month with annual billing.

Explain Everything – Best For Teaching

Explain Everything is primarily a digital whiteboard tool that has the following features.

Explain Everything Features

  • It supports all platforms.
  • Projects can be moved, animated, and interacted with.
  • It supports the embedding of video, document, and audio files.
  • It allows replaying of the development of the board.
  • It offers a customizable clipart library.
  • It has an integrated voice chat feature.

Explain Everything Pricing

Four pricing plans are offered.

  • Free
  • Solo Teacher – $34.99 / year
  • Class – $129.99 / year (For up to 100 students)
  • School  – Custom pricing

Fibery – Best For Software Developers

Fibery is a flexible digital whiteboard that doubles as a data and response repository. Users have deployed Fibery to manage product development cycles, customer feedback, store research, manage clients, produce invoices, and receive and reconcile payments.

Fibery Features

Fibery includes the following features.

  • Workflow mapping.
  • Project management features include collaborative documents and Kanban boards.
  • Customizable views
  • Charts
  • Bi-directional links.
  • Text search
  • Full integration with Slack, GitLab, GitHub, Jira, Trello, Discourse, HubSpot, Braintree, Intercom, Integromat, and Zapier.

Fibery pricing

Fibery offers three payment options

  • Solo: free
  • Standard:  $10 per user per month.
  • Pro: $17 per user per month.

Google Jamboard – Best For Google Users

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard offered by Google for users who have a Google account.

Google Jamboard Features

The features of Google Jamboard are listed below.

  • For users which have a Google account, It is the simplest digital whiteboard to start with.
  • Integrates with Google apps, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Images can be imported from the web.
  • Google offers a 55-inch, 4k touchscreen display with a passive stylus and eraser for in person and remote use.

Google Jamboard Pricing

Google offers 6 pricing plans as follows. 

  • Free for personal.
  • Business Starter: $6 per user per month.
  • Business Standard: $per user per month.
  • Business Plus: $18 per user per month.
  • Google Workspace plans are available.
  • Jamboard screen Jamboard starts at $4,999 (includes 1 Jamboard display, 2 styluses, 1 eraser, and 1 wall mount) plus a $600 annual management and support fee.

Limnu – Best For Lecturers

Limnu is a full-featured digital whiteboard suited for educators and college students.

The product has several features which make it ideal for remote lecturing.

Limnu Features

  • Collaboration features.
  • Real-time or recorded lectures.
  • Freehand sketching with solo drawing mode.
  • Simple controls.
  • Video conferencing with up to eight participants.
  • Visual presenting features.
  • Multiple platform support.
  • Students join for free.
  • Integration with worksheets, images of textbooks.

Limnu Pricing

Limnu offers three pricing plans.

  • Free.
  • Pro – $ 5.00 Month.
  • Team $ 8.00 Per Month, Per Team Member.

Lucidspark – Best For Project Management

Lucidpark is a digital whiteboard with several unique features.

Lucidspark Features

  • Lucid Spark allows board segments to be extracted, worked on independently, and then reintegrated back into the main project.
  • The product enables all collaborators to be assembled at the same point on the board.
  • A timer (countdown) is provided to show collaborators how much time they have left to complete a task.
  • Votes can be tallied and sorted.
  • Templates are included.
  • Other integrated programs include Canvas, Slack, MS Teams, Jira, and Lucid chart.
  • Emoji reactions.
  • In-program chat feature between collaborators.
  • project management features.

Lucidspark Pricing

Lucidspark offers four pricing models.

  • Free
  • Individual – $7.95 per person per month
  • Team – Starting At $9.00 per user per month (3 User Minimum.)
  • Enterprise – Individual quotes

Microsoft Whiteboard – Best Free Alternative

For Microsoft users, this is an excellent product. A free Microsoft account provides full access to the Microsoft Whiteboard tool. The subscription provides access to Windows, Mac, and mobile devices (iOS & Android) access.

On non-Microsoft devices, some features are not offered.

Microsoft Whiteboard provides full functionality for remote team sessions and has the ability to incorporate different shapes, workflow connections, and freeform text, which has no limit on the project size.

Microsoft Whiteboard Features

The app has the following tools and benefits.

  • Sticky notes can be added to the whiteboard.
  • Documents can be added to the screen.
  • Images and videos can be incorporated.
  • 40 templates can be used as starting points for projects.
  • The real-time movement of online collaborators is shown on the board.
  • A roster system shows who else is working on the board.
  • The whiteboard can be added to a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • All other Microsoft programs can be incorporated.

Microsoft Whiteboard Pricing

Microsoft Whiteboard is included in every Microsoft 365 subscription.

Mural – Most Intuitive

Mural is a feature-rich whiteboard app where participants can work in real-time.

Mural Features

Features of Mural include the following.

  • Mural allows users to draw freehand.
  • There is a large library of icons.
  • Includes both process flowcharts and workflow visualization.
  • Enables the creation of mind maps. 
  • Enables integration with multiple communication protocols, including voice calls, sharing, commenting, and text chat.
  • Mural allows seamless integration with Azure DevOps, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, Airtable, Butter, Confluence, Microsoft (Word, Email, Excel), Dropbox, Embedly,  Giphy, GitHub, Google (Calendar, Docs, Drive), and many others.

Mural Pricing

There are three pricing options

  • Free
  • Team+ $9.99 per member per month 
  • Business $17.99 per member per month

Ziteboard – Best For Designers

Ziteboard has several features which make it suitable for designers.

Ziteboard Features:

The main features of this tool include:

  • Wireframe drawing.
  • Online collaboration.
  • Embed images and videos
  • Embed WordPress.
  • Export to PDF and Illustrator.
  • Voice and Video Chat.
  • Text chat.
  • Graph Plotter.
  • Sticky notes.
  • Navigation boxes that allow jumping to specific parts of the whiteboard.
  • JSON-based API

Ziteboard Pricing

Ziteboard offers four price plans:

  • Free.
  • One Week Pro – $5.00 (one-off payment.)
  • Monthly Pro – $9.00.
  • Annual Pro – $85.00.
  • Enterprise – Quote in request.
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