10 Best Notion Alternatives

There is no doubt that Notion is one of the best note-taking and project management platforms out there. However, there might be a tool better suited for you.

Read on if you are looking for something more affordable, with somewhat different features, or something easier to use.

Notion Alternatives

Best Note-taking Alternatives

One of Notion’s primary functions is note-taking. If you are considering Notion alternatives, this is one of the functions to consider.

Although Notion aims to be an all-in-one app, it may be helpful to use a separate app if you, for instance, are a student and only need to take notes.


Evernote is a fantastic note-taking platform that can be utilized by both individuals and teams. In addition, Evernote offers students a discount with valid .edu and .ac email addresses.

One of the great things about Evernote is that it has a mobile app compatible with Android and iPhone.

Organization is another key aspect of Evernote. You can arrange your notes in any way that suits you, and Evernote offers a great search function. Evernote also has app integrations with Zapier, Google, MS Teams, Outlook, and Slack.

You can add scanned documents or even voice texts to your virtual notebook. You can also get a collaborative package so everyone on the team can access and edit notes. Evernote allows you to take notes offline.

The Evernote Web Clipper extension allows you to save and annotate PDFs, images, and web pages. The search function is so advanced that it will enable you to find notes that are handwritten or that appear in photos.

It is suitably versatile to meet your every note-taking need.

A free version of Evernote is available that limits maximum note size, monthly uploads, and devices. Personal and professional paid plans are available for increased storage space and many more premium features. Team plans come at a higher price per month than all individual plans.


Notejoy is yet another note-taking app available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. It integrates with popular apps like Office 365, Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, and Trello.

It is a collaborative application that is user-friendly and customizable. 

This tool also includes a checklist for tasks, and font, themes, sidebar, and pane widths are customizable. A free version is available with limited features.

Still, various paid options are also available with more features like offline access.

Best Project Management Alternatives

Project management is at the center of what Notion does.  


One of the project management alternatives to Notion is nTask. As a bonus, it also does task management.

nTask allows you to track tasks and ensure everything is done on time without missing any priorities.

The app offers Kanban tools and Gantt charts to allow users a better understanding of their projects. Big names like MIT, Google, Walmart, and McLaren use the tool.

nTask offers a basic free plan, but they have various paid plans to suit your needs if you need more functionality


Airtable is another project management application that allows you to organize your production schedule.

It is also useful for other structured data like inventory and invoices. In addition, Airtable will enable you to integrate with your already-used apps.

Airtable uses spreadsheets to organize data. For example, you can manage your task table by importance, department, assignee, or deadline.

A free plan is available under Airtable, as well as paid plans for more features.


Asana is another invaluable project management tool that allows you to organize and assign tasks. It allows you to set task dependencies so that one task cannot be completed before another.

You can also approve, reject or request alterations to a task description. 

Asana integrates with cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. In addition, there is a chat function from which tasks can be assigned.

Again, there are both free and paid plans that you can engage with, depending on your needs.

Best Task Management Alternatives

Again, consider some to-do list apps if you want to hone in on one aspect of Notion’s capabilities.


Todoist is a premier task manager and to-do list app. Like Notion, it is aimed at increasing productivity. The app is used to create to-do lists for each day.

You can set the priority of the tasks, color code them, and set recurring tasks.

The app is straightforward and easy to use. A free plan is available with limited uploads and activity history. Pro and business plans are also available for people who need more functionality.

Todoist offers filters so that you can easily see all your tasks for a specific project, assignee, or with a specific due date. The app is used by, among others, NASA, Facebook, Netflix, and Apple.


Any.do is used by various organizations like RE/MAX, WeWork, and Uber. It is a daily planner that can also be used for project management.

They have over 30 million users, and its aim is to make tasks manageable. Any.do is easy to use and is integrated with many other apps, like calendar apps.

Upgrading from the free version allows users to use advanced recurring tasks simultaneously.

It is available on App Store and Google Play. It also allows you to migrate your data from other apps on this list, like Asana and Todoist.

Remember The Milk

“Remember The Milk” is another to-do list application that had its origins in 2004. It can be used on the web browser or mobile via Android or iOS.

It is a simple application that can be used without having much technical knowledge.

You can use it for free or pay a yearly fee. The paid pro version allows for breaking tasks into subtasks, color coding, reminders, and attaching files to your assignment.

You can also sync with Microsoft Outlook; with pro, there is unlimited storage.

Best Team Wiki Alternatives

Another function of Notion is the creation of internal wikis, where companies can add, edit or remove ideas, discussions, projects, and other team knowledge.


One of the best sites for building your internal wiki is Slite. This application is used by Spotify and AngloAmerican. It uses collaborative cursors to show who is editing what and allows you to drag and drop items, as are some of its many features.

Slite offers an efficient team collaboration process but does have some limitations in that it does not have Kanban boards. Otherwise, it provides a decent alternative to Notion.

Demos are available for this product, and a limited free version is available. In addition, there are paid plans with unlimited documents available and advanced doc permissions.

Best All-in-one Alternatives

Some apps, like Notion, aim to satisfy all of your productivity application needs. 


ClickUp is another app that aims to “replace them all.” ClickUp is used by Samsung, Booking.com, and IBM and allows for serious customization relating to project management. In addition, the app will enable you to separate its functions into the various departments of your business. 

With each task you create on ClickUp, you can add files or notes about the task and break it into more manageable subtasks. Many integrations are available for this application, and the tool offers Kanban Boards, Docs, and more.

Each task shared in a team has a comments section where users can chat with their teammates about the project. From there, assigning tasks related to the main task is easy; every time one is completed, all team members will receive a notification. 

ClickUp offers a free plan with extensive features. However, the free option has limited storage and unlimited business. On the other hand, the business plus and enterprise plans provide much more features and storage.

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