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Suppose you’ve undone an action in any of the Microsoft Office programs. Fear not as redo is a feature that can significantly assist you in getting rid of whatever work you don’t want.

This is because any actions previously undone using an undo action are reversed using the redo function. Furthermore, there is no need to go the long-winded route, as there is a shortcut to get you sorted in no time.

Redo Shortcuts

Use The Keyboard Ctrl + Y And Shift + Command + Z In Word

Here is how to use the redo shortcut in Word for Windows:

The last thing you feel like doing after the undo action is having to type everything back again. In Word on Windows, you must first press and hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then press Y. You will immediately see any words, pictures, etc., that had been previously undone will be removed again.

In most instances, the redo shortcut would also be the F4 button on the keyboard. All you need to do once the undo action has been carried out is press F4. There is no need to press and hold it in this case, as simply pushing on the button will complete the action. If your F4 doesn’t work, try pressing the Fn Key followed by F4.

Suppose there are multiple actions you want to redo. If you want to redo multiple changes, you must repeatedly press Ctrl + Y. Remember to press and hold Ctrl. At the same time, you continuously hit Y until you get to your desired point.

Furthermore, if you have a Word file that you have deleted, then carried out the undo action, the document can be deleted again by pressing Ctrl + Y. The document will go to the Recycle Bin again.

Here is how to use the redo shortcut in Word for Mac:

Completing the redo action in Word for Mac users is not the same as what Windows users do. Once the undo action has been carried out, but you realize that you don’t want to delete that text or picture, you will need to press Shift + Command + Z. this should restore the text or image without any hassles.

Use The Keys Ctrl + Y And Shift + Command + Z In A Browser

Regarding the internet, the shortcut Ctrl + Y has the same function it does in Word or any other Word Processor.

Any activity that has been undone will be redone in all popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera, by clicking Ctrl + Y.

The same can be said for Mac, as the shortcut Shift + Command + Z has the same function in web browsers to reverse an undo.

Use Keys Ctrl + Y And Shift + Command + Z In Spreadsheets

As with browsers, spreadsheets are the same.

The keyboard shortcut’s function is still redo. Ctrl + Y will redo the previous action in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and others that was undone.

Regarding the Mac shortcut, Shift + Command + Z also still represents redo.

Use The Keys Ctrl + Y And Shift + Command + Z In PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is no exception when it comes to the function of the keys Ctrl + Y.

The Ctrl + Y will reverse any previously undone operation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Shift + Command + Z keys in Mac also remain as redo shortcut keys.

When would Ctrl + Y and Shift + Command + Z not work?

This redo shortcut will not always work. Ctrl + Y is ineffective if the undo icon or Ctrl + Z shortcut has not been used because there is nothing to undo. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that the application where you just executed the undo command is open and the window is active. 

You cannot undo, close the application, then come back later and use the redo shortcut. Whatever undo changes were done have been saved. For example, suppose you open a Word document. In that case, you’ll notice that even the traditional undo and redo buttons are greyed out. 

If you were to try the redo shortcut before typing or inserting anything new, you’d see that nothing would happen. This is because only the content inside the document is saved, not the history. However, if you have a backup file, it may be possible to find the previous version of the document. 

These are often copies of the document prior to it being edited. The same can be said for the redo shortcut in Mac. Shift + Command + Z will not work if the documents are exited and closed. The work is saved, and any attempts to use the redo shortcut once opening the file again will be futile. 

As with Windows, the only slight chance that redo might work is if there are previous versions of the documents that have not yet been edited.

Where Are Ctrl + Y and Shift + Command + Z different?

Unlike other shortcut keys that differ in different apps, documents, etc., the redo shortcut is pretty much universal almost everywhere.

For example, there isn’t a different redo shortcut in Excel. As seen above, this redo shortcut works with any Microsoft Office program, whether Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It also remains a redo function in major browsers.

However, there are some instances where Ctrl + Y does not represent redo. Interestingly Ctrl + Y does not lead to a redo when it comes to Outlook. It has a completely different function. Pressing Ctrl + Y in Microsoft Outlook will take you to a folder. Which folder depends on what you select when they pop up.

Mac, on the other hand, stays the same. Therefore, in Outlook, Shift + Command + Z will still redo any actions that have been undone. Another place where the Windows redo shortcut is different is the command window. 

Instead of redoing what is undone, the Ctrl + Y keys do something different. Ctrl + Y in the edit command prompt delete the current line. This would be whichever line command is on display in the command prompt. In Mac, this isn’t the case.

Adobe Photoshop is another application that happens to be different. You can redo previously made edits using the Edit Menu, as with most applications. However, Shift + Control + Z for Windows is used when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. This differs from the usual Ctrl + Y redo shortcut in many of the above-mentioned applications. For Mac, the redo shortcut is still Shift + Command + Z.

What Is The Easiest Way To Do A Redo?

Although the keyboard shortcut to do a redo comes in handy, not everyone is tech-savvy, and some may forget what keys to use.

The easiest way to do a redo is the circle arrow icon at the top left corner of the screen in most applications. 

However, in browsers, the easiest way would be to right-click. This should give you a list of things like copy, paste, etc. redo is one of them. Simply click on it, and the undo will be reversed.

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