10 Best RescueTime Alternatives

In this day and age, punching the clock in is a thing of the past. However, this does not mean time tracking is a thing of the past.

On the contrary, it has simply gone digital courtesy of the new technological advancements that pop up regularly. Suppose you’re looking for Resuetime alternatives.

In that case, here are some other options to choose from that will work wonders for you.

Rescuetime Alternatives

Here are two popular RescueTime alternatives that are considered some of the best.


Harvest is undoubtedly the most popular time-tracking tool on the web, and with good reason.

This isn’t surprising as it integrates with an insane amount of other valuable tools while providing users with simple time tracking and reporting.

As if that isn’t enough, this app is free to use but only for up to two projects. Fear not, as there is a paid version available for workplaces where teams have bigger plans.

Furthermore, the addition of a browser extension makes it incredibly easy for individuals to start and stop the time.


Like its name hints, this is another popular and well-known timesheet app. Clockify is incredibly popular for the number of perks it provides for teams. This allows a wide range of companies to use their free version to their benefit.

Furthermore, Clockify can help managers gain a little insight as it offers several useful features that come in handy, like backend dashboards and reporting.

This is particularly great as managers will be able to have visuals showing where the time went as well as to see how much time is devoted by each team member to different projects.  

Best Report Producing RescueTime Alternatives

Here are 2 reports producing RescueTime alternatives that are considered some of the best.


Timely is a time-tracking application that is particularly popular among those who enjoy visualization to go along with reports.

This app offers incredible visualizations that are useful in helping you see a team’s progress across various projects as they are ongoing. Not only that, but it also gives timelines.

Timely was mainly developed to help lessen the workload involved in scheduling and invoicing. In addition to the above, one can create client reports.

All of the above makes it a great alternative to RescueTime in terms of report production in a time-tracking app.


A tool called HourStack offers assistance with everything concerning business hours.

Using a digital calendar, managers may assign shifts to their staff and add time-tracking tools to particular activities and projects. This also entails planning schedules every week. 

Even more interesting about this app is that the hours can instantly be transformed into a billing report after they have been clocked.

Best Free RescueTime Alternatives

Here are three free RescueTime alternatives that are considered some of the best.

Toggle Track

This app is, for many, one of the first-time tracking apps they use. Formally known as Toggle, this standalone app is a work hours tracker that also has not only project features but also management features. It is one of the best, especially since it is free. 

However, keep in mind that there is a pricing plan if the user plans on using it for a team. The system itself has a fair amount of features that can be used. Still, there are certain limitations regarding what users get for free. 

However, fear not, as several great integrations can exist in the free mode. For example, there is a Google calendar integration where Google calendar events can be viewed on the toggle timer track page.

This makes it easier to add them as time entries. Therefore, as can be seen, what most users need is available and free unless it is a team.


A time-tracking app with staff monitoring capabilities is called Hubstaff. The free plan Hubstaff provides makes this app one of the best.

Its features include but are not limited to the ability to manually enter time, track time spent working on an activity, and create reports. 

On top of that, compared to other time-tracking apps, Hubstaff has a lightweight desktop app as well as a mobile app, so you can track everything from anywhere instead of being confined to a desktop.

Despite certain restrictions, users can access various excellent monitoring options, including screenshots and simple time-tracking tools. 

Similar to Toggle, teams must switch to a paid plan to access additional services like application tracking.

Interestingly, this app can integrate with more than 30 applications and is considered the best when it comes to employee time tracking for remote and fieldwork. 

This is because it has a comprehensive list of features that focus mainly on productivity. Overall, this app is appropriate for a range of people and groups.


This web-based software is considered the best employee time tracking that can only be accessed on the web.

A free forever plan is offered but only for 3 users. It isn’t surprising that it is one of the most well-liked time-tracking software in businesses. This is because it features website blocking to ensure employees don’t waste office hours.

This software is excellent at tracking productivity, directory integration, and application monitoring. Furthermore, it is excellent at detecting threats and even illegally stolen files.

In addition, this software can track how much time individual employees have spent on a certain application. A built-in alarm will also alert employees when they are using blocked websites. If you thought that was all, you thought wrong.

Best Employee Monitoring RescueTime Alternatives

Here are three employee-monitoring RescueTime alternatives considered some of the best.


This is unsurprisingly not only one of the easiest to use but also the best employee monitoring time tracking app. This program has robust analytics and worker productivity features.

This is due to the fact that it records which websites employees view while on the clock. 

Random screenshots are taken throughout that time. Additionally, mouse and keyboard actions are tracked as well. The app’s automated time mapping feature makes it possible for managers to stay on top of projects and other tasks. 

This app’s primary goal is to increase productivity and boost efficiency at work. The ability to generate thorough reports and the simplicity with which work may be organized using a Kanban board are additional benefits worth mentioning.


This app is great as it not only offers essential time-tracking features but also employee monitoring and invoicing.

Interestingly, Time Camp allows users to track time as they work on an activity, to add time manually, and to also automate time tracking.

Time entries can also be edited at a later stage, and reports can be generated. There are other features that make it particularly interesting, like unlimited projects, exporting options, user groups, etc.

This app is suitable for businesses that focus more on employee monitoring and invoicing.


This is an automatic time-tracking app that is most suitable for small teams and freelancers. This is software that is completely automatic to track the activities of employees.

This way, it is able to automatically calculate the salaries of employees that work on an hourly basis.

Desktime isn’t only useful for time tracking, but it also generates invoices and does a great job at reminding clients about the invoice’s due date.

Furthermore, it has an option where integration with other popular work apps is possible, like Google calendar. In addition, custom reports can be generated at any time. App and URL tracking is also possible.

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