Samson Q2U vs Blue Yeti

Samson and Blue Microphones are some of the top choices when looking for a high-quality USB microphone for your professional audio endeavors. But when we compare these brands’ top products – the Samson Q2U and the Blue Yeti, which one is best?

While both professional microphone options are high-quality with convenient features for podcasters, streamers, and other users, the main difference is that Samson offers greater device compatibility. Further, the Yeti microphone has special software to use with it.

Keep reading as we compare these two microphones, including relative performance, computer compatibility, modes, ease of use, and more. You’ll find out why we rank the Blue Yeti as the overall better option.

Samson Q2U vs. Blue Yeti – Overview

To get a more comprehensive understanding of how these two microphones stack up against one another, we’ll look at the following comparison factors:

  • Pattern modes
  • Special effects 
  • Ease of assembly and use 
  • System compatibility 
  • Performance 
  • Customer ratings and reviews 

Pattern Modes

Samson Q2U

SAMSON Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack

With the Samson Q2U microphone, users access a cardioid pattern, a unidirectional polar pattern.

Advantages of this method include blocking unwanted audio from the sides and rear and reducing ambient noise. 

However, this is, unfortunately, the only pickup pattern, so we give it a score of 7/10 for patterns.

Blue Yeti

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming, Streaming,

Unlike the Samson Q2U, the Blue Yeti has four pickup patterns – bidirectional, cardioid mode, omnidirectional mode, and stereo mode. 

This range of patterns lets users accommodate different recordings, from podcasts to music, interviews, and much more. We give it a score of 10/10 for patterns. 

How They Compare

While the Q2U microphone has a high-quality cardioid pattern that only picks up the sounds that matter, it lacks the multi-pattern capability of the Yeti microphone.

Therefore, the Yeti is preferable in terms of patterns. 

Special Effects

Samson Q2U

The Samson Q2U microphone is more primitive in terms of its special effects. You really just get the basics for a podcast, music, and interview recording. 

For that, we give it a score of 6/10 for special effects. 

Blue Yeti

The new and enhanced Blue VO!CE software lets users broadcast vocal effects. You also can use advanced voice modulation and get audio samples in HD. 

We give the Yeti a score of 9/10 for special effects. 

How They Compare

Because the Yeti microphone offers special effects options, and the Q2U doesn’t, we feel that the Yeti is yet again a better option. 

Ease of Assembly and Use

Samson Q2U

This microphone is well-rated for its beginner-friendliness.

It also requires only minimal setup and has a 3.5mm headphone output option to monitor recordings and audio.

Although it does come with several moving parts – tripod stand, windscreen, and cables – these are pretty intuitive. 

We give the Q2U microphone a score of 9/10 for ease of assembly and use. 

Blue Yeti

The Yeti microphone has easy-to-read pattern setting symbols, simple pivot and adjustment settings, portability, and mic stand mounting.

It takes just a few seconds to assemble.

We give the Yeti a score of 10/10 for ease of assembly and use.

How They Compare

Both microphones are beginner-friendly and have quick assembly times.

However, we still think that the Yeti wins over the Q2U by a hair in this category because of its added portability and adjustment options.

System Compatibility 

Samson Q2U

The Q2U microphone is mobile-compatible with iPhones and iPads with an Apple lightning-to-USB camera adapter.

It also works with Android mobile devices if you have a Host OTG cable. And the USB output cable will connect to all Macs and PCs.

Because it is compatible with most devices, we give the Q2U a 10/10 for system compatibility.

Blue Yeti

The Yeti microphone’s Plug ‘n Play feature makes it compatible with PCs (Windows 10 or higher) and Mac computers (macOS 10.14 or later).

You can also use OTG and Lightning USB adapter technology for mobile use. 

We give the Yeti a score of 9/10 for system compatibility. 

How They Compare

Because each microphone can pair up with the same systems, they deserve close scores.

However, the Yeti is limited to specific operating systems, so it falls slightly short of the Q2U.


Samson Q2U

SAMSON Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack

The Q2U mic is dynamic with 50Hz-15kHz freq. response, 148dB SPL Max. SPL, and a sample rate of 44.1kHz/48kHz. 

The Q2U mic has a greater max SPL but a fairly similar sample rate. We give it a score of 8/10 for performance. 

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti mic has a 20Hz-20kHz frequency. response, 120dB Max. SPL, and a 48 kHz sample rate. 

Since the Yeti has a greater range for frequency response but a lower SPL max, we give it a score of 8/10 for performance. 

How They Compare

Both mics have some advantages and downsides in terms of performance, so they receive equal scores.

Customer Ratings and Reviews 

Samson Q2U

The Q2U microphone has an average customer rating of 4.7/5.0 stars (from over 600 people).

It also has garnered high ratings for value, sound quality, volume control, quality, and beginner-friendliness. 

We give it a score of 9/10 for customer ratings. 

Blue Yeti

The Yeti microphone has earned a PC Gamer Readers Award, the 2021 Wirecutter Pick, and 2020 Best of Gizmodo Award.

It also has an average rating of 4.7/5.0 stars from thousands of happy customers. 

We give the Yeti a score of 10/10 for customer ratings. 

How They Compare

When compared, we feel that the Yeti is the better option when we look at the customer satisfaction level and the awards. 

The Breakdown

Let’s tally up and determine which microphone won overall from the comparison factors. 

Samson Q2UBlue Yeti
Pattern Modes7/1010/10
Special Effects6/109/10
Ease of Assembly and Use9/1010/10
System Compatibility10/109/10
Performance 8/108/10
Customer Ratings and Reviews9/1010/10
Total Score4956

The Winner – Blue Yeti

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming, Streaming,

After comparing these two microphones over various product categories, we found that the Blue Yeti is the better option. 

Although each microphone is convenient for handheld mic users such as podcasters and musicians, the Yeti offers more pattern modes and special effects.

The Yeti also features more positive customer reviews, super easy assembly, and great functionality. 

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