7 Best True Crime YouTubers To Watch

Although true crime shows are insanely morbid, there is something equally as fascinating about them. YouTube is a great treasure trove of true crime content, and these YouTubers cover what the main broadcasting channels do but with a few unique twists.

If you’re looking for some quality true crime videos, which channels are then worth your time?

1. Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian Is One Of The Most Popular True Crime Youtubers

Those who enjoy true crime shows particularly enjoy Bailey’s Murder, Mystery & Makeup series. Your mood improves, and you feel better watching this true crime YouTuber.

That may sound crazy. However, this is primarily because seeing the videos makes you feel like you’re getting ready with a friend while they tell you all kinds of crazy stories.

She used to post regular cosmetic tutorials and reviews to counterbalance the tough subjects of true crime. However, now her entire channel focuses on eerie, upsetting, and serious subjects, namely the podcast Dark History.

Bailey is ideal for those who don’t want actual crime on all the time. She does some entertaining makeup styles that somehow lessen the heavy feelings associated with horrible crimes.

This YouTuber is credited for creating the YouTube video genre known as true crime makeup.

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2. Stephanie Harlowe

Stephanie Harlowe's Youtube Channel

Not only does this true crime YouTuber have the catchiest theme tune at the start of her videos, but she also covers a wide range of true crime content.

Stephanie is excellent at telling the story and is comprehensive in her detailing.

She performs deep dives, consisting of five or six segments, and another segment called Coffee and Crime Time, which are straightforward watches.

She’s very comfortable in front of the camera and injects a lot of her personality into her videos. She is well-known for telling viewers exactly what she thinks.

Many people adore the way she describes the background and history of the people in the cases. She also thoroughly investigates the cases.

Even if you are an expert in true crime and conduct your study, Stephanie manages to unearth information you are probably unaware of.

I don’t know about you, but it’s always exciting to learn new unknown information about a case.

3. Georgia Marie

Georgia Marie's Youtube Channel

Most true crime YouTubers are from America. However, this crime YouTuber is from England. Although you may have a personal preference or like a certain kind of true crime, there is no way you wouldn’t appreciate this true crime YouTuber.

For most people, Georgia Marie is the YouTuber who got many properly started watching true crime shows. Georgia does in-depth, concise, and respectful true crime content.

Her setting is simple, just her with a camera showing us her face. She is one of the nicest YouTubers to listen to, as she has a soothing voice.

So much so that some people listen to her to help them sleep.

She hosts a weekly program called Midweek Mystery, a deep dive into true crime with a UK focus but it has since expanded to cover a variety of well-known case studies from around the world.

Georgia takes on every case, from Madeleine McCann’s disappearance to many other horrific atrocities and the unsolved Bible John killings in 1960s Glasgow, with thorough research and the curiously endearing, girl-next-door demeanor of an experienced web professional.

4. That Chapter By Mike

That Chapters Youtube Channel

That Chapter By Mike throws a unique twist onto true crime by injecting humor into his crime videos.

This is especially impressive as many of the cases he covers are severe and morbid. Typically speaking, humor in those situations does not work well.

However, he has a personality that makes it work and makes one not feel as heavy after watching the shows as you would with other true crime shows.

The host, Mike, narrates the tales in a humorous way to his audience while being respectful to the family. You can await brand-new episodes twice a week.

5. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale's Youtube Channel

Eleanor Neale typically focuses her shows on western cases that don’t receive much media attention. Her videos are slightly longer than the average true crime YouTuber’s videos.

Nevertheless, they are entirely worth it, and she is a favorite YouTuber for many.

Eleanor Neale is popular because she doesn’t just tell you the story or convey the information to viewers.

She has a bubbly personality and is very informative. She ensures that bits and pieces of her personality sneak in, making her crime videos stand out.

6. Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae's Youtube Channel

It’s incredibly admirable how much effort and thought Kendall Rae puts into true crime shows.

She treats the cases with the utmost care and never discusses them as if they were merely a tale with no connection to reality.

She not only takes care to thoroughly study and verify facts, but she also works with the victims’ families to get first-hand accounts and comments.

Kendall is extraordinary because she attempts to involve loved ones in the case and deliberately focuses on cases that haven’t received public attention.

Anyone can submit a genuine crime case for her to examine using a link she has.

She also constantly provides resources for supporting family members, such as a GoFundMe link.

In terms of spreading awareness and frequently giving the victims’ families all the proceeds from her videos, Kendall is quite outstanding. More so than nearly any other true crime YouTuber.

7. Cayleigh Elise

Lastly, we have Cayleigh Elise, who many consider the best of this genre. Her research is excellent, and her editing and production of the videos are by far the best and have yet to be surpassed.

With other true crime YouTubers, it is as if they are seemingly unrelated to the subject matter they seem to be covering.

Occasionally, many get the impression that some of them only tell the victims’ stories to garner attention. Not in Cayleigh’s case; she seems to truly care about the victims she has covered.

She’s no longer on YouTube as she has had to focus on getting healthy instead of covering more true crimes.

Given how much effort she put into her work, it is evident that she is the type of person on whom this kind of full-time work might have a significant negative impact.

Although she shut down her channel around a year ago, HazyFellow, another YouTuber, has now re-uploaded all of her videos, making them all still accessible.

Honorable Mentions

  • Excellent Canadian crime YouTuber Sherrilyn Dale. She recently welcomed a baby, so she isn’t uploading as frequently right now, but she’s sure to start up soon again.
  • Danielle Hallen works on many cases involving missing persons and other cases.
  • Emma Kenny is a British television personality. Every Sunday, she does deep dives. The stories contain a lot of facts as well as a lot of her preconceived notions.
  • Danielle Kristy is a well-known YouTuber, but many are just discovering her actual crime and makeup content.

Final Thoughts On The Best True Crime YouTubers

When it comes to true crime, there’s no shortage of content on YouTube.

However, not all channels are created equal. The best true crime YouTubers provide well-researched and engaging content that keeps you hooked.

Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned pro, these channels are definitely worth checking out.

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