What Does CF Mean On Instagram?

Every day it seems like new acronyms are made on the internet, and Instagram is no different! Instagram is known for its acronyms and slang, such as smt. For even the most clued-up social media users, it could become challenging to stay on top of things, but we are here to help. So, what does CF mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, CF means “close friends.” It is a private setting you can manage on your story, allowing you to create a specific Instagram story for only a group of individuals. This enables users to choose only their closest group of friends to see their story instead of their entire follower list.

CF is one of the best and most helpful settings for Instagram users, and knowing what it means and how you can use this feature to its fullest will significantly improve your Instagram experience.

What Does Cf Mean On Instagram

What is the point of using CF on Instagram?

The CF story feature, also known as the close friends setting, allows only your closest friends to view your most intimate content without you having to share it with them separately or individually. 

This also means that the rest of your Instagram followers won’t be overwhelmed with all your stories. 

The best thing about the CF setting is that you can add and remove people from your close friend’s list anytime.

Instagram used to have an app called Threads, designed explicitly for messaging between you and your close friends. 

The app was, however, shut down in December 2021, with more features being migrated to the native Instagram app. Such as being able to respond to time-specific messages and delete individual messages from conversations on Instagram.

How to know if you are on somebody’s CF list

If green appears around the circle in a friend’s Instagram story, it indicates that you are a member of their CF list.

However, you can choose to leave somebody’s close friends list if you no longer want to be a part of it. 

How to add close friends on your Instagram

It could be challenging to get the hang of a new feature on any social media platform. However, by following the instructions below, you will get acquainted with this useful Instagram feature:

  • Go to your Instagram app and open it, logging in if necessary.
  • Tap on your profile picture, which can be found in the bottom right corner. This will take you to your profile.
Select Your Instagram Profile
  • Click on three lines icon (hamburger menu) at the top of your profile and tap on “Close Friends.”
Select Close Friends From The Main Menu
  • You will then be on a screen with a button named “Get Started.” When you tap on this button, you will see a list of suggestions, providing you with people to add to your close friends. You will also be provided with a choice to find more information about how this feature works.
  • Choose the people you want specifically to see your stories and tap on the “Create List” button.
  • Once you have selected your “Close Friends,” you will see your current list.
Select People To Add To Your Close Friends List On Instagram
  • If you want to add somebody, you must click on the top right, type in the Instagram username of the person you want to add and tap the check box on the right of their name. You can simply uncheck the box if you want to remove someone.

After you have added your closest friends, it’s time to share an Instagram Story.

If you prefer only your “Close Friends” to view it, an option will be available in the bottom left corner.

Share A Story To Your Close Friends List

When you have selected this option, those in your close friend list will see a green badge if they view your stories.

Final thoughts on Instagram’s Close Friends feature

Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature is a great way to share intimate stories with only the people you choose. By following the instructions above, you can easily add people to your close friend’s list and share stories with just them.

This feature helps avoid overwhelm on Instagram, as it prevents all of your followers from seeing every story that you post.

Remember that you can always leave somebody’s close friends list if you no longer want to be a part of it.

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